Is the Earth flat

Is the Earth flat

NKYTA | 23/02/2020

Gravity is a bitch.

Yodrak. | 23/02/2020

"Gravity is a bitch."

So is losing the parachute promptly after leaving the launch pad. Not a good sign for how things are going to end.

upend | 23/02/2020

Ironically killed by the gravity that he would have denied

rxlawdude | 23/02/2020

Clearly he didn't appreciate the gravity of the situation. (Is Trump going to have someone else to call "Rocket Man?")

No, I'm not making light of this guy's death, but it does prove Darwin was right.

Tesla-David | 23/02/2020

Yep, Darwin was right! Sad that he did not see the error in his thinking before gravity interceded!

SCCRENDO | 23/02/2020

It is ironic that he he will end up getting the award from the same Darwin he denies.

johncrab | 23/02/2020

It is not flat but it is hard.

rob | 23/02/2020

That is hilariously sad...

rob | 23/02/2020

... and I'm still laughing.

Tesla2018 | 23/02/2020

That guy got flattened when he landed.

Mike83 | 23/02/2020

His theory proved incorrect.
Similar to other conspiracy nuts who don't believe in the greenhouse effect and climate change caused by fossil fuel burning, the moon landing, and so on. The uneducated seem to have a knack for making really stupid decisions.

Orthopod | 24/02/2020

I was waiting for a deceptikon to save him at the last second.

Unfortunately, they belong in the same universe as the flat earth.

GHammer | 24/02/2020

As they say, he was no rocket scientist.

Xerogas | 25/02/2020

But why a steam-powered rocket? Seems so...antiquated.

Orthopod | 25/02/2020

Why a removable parachute

rob | 25/02/2020

Reminded me of Evil Knievel’s jump.

GHammer | 25/02/2020

+1 rob

jimglas | 25/02/2020

Gravity is just a theory

Xerogas | 25/02/2020

A lot of flat earthers don’t believe in gravity either

SCCRENDO | 25/02/2020

I guess he learnt about gravity. But he never got to evaluate the shape of the earth. Perhaps he could see it from heaven.

David N | 25/02/2020

There are some strange people out there.

TabascoGuy | 26/02/2020

I'm guessing that at the apex of his flight, one of his last thoughts was "Wow, it isn't flat".

Zeus140 | 26/02/2020

Sorry he died when he could have taken any commercial airline up to 35,000 feet for under $100. Or sent a camera in an high altitude balloon to 60-80 kfeet. This just shows that what is news is that which is unusual, bizarre, rare, odd, salacious or just plain weird.

derotam | 26/02/2020

@zeus140, but camera lens manufacturers are in on it by only developing lenses that cause distortion to make it look like the earth is not flat. Come on, catch up on your conspiracy theories!

TabascoGuy | 26/02/2020

@derotam - my optometrist is in on it too...

Orthopod | 26/02/2020

Je probably thought plane windows were TVs showing a distopian reality

Orthopod | 26/02/2020


jimglas | 26/02/2020

next time try a test flight witout a human in it

andy.connor.e | 26/02/2020

dont give away the secret jim. flat earthers are doing it right

SCCRENDO | 26/02/2020

Indeed Jimgals. Let Darwin apply his laws of natural selection

hcwhy | 01/03/2020

Not only is the earth flat, but reality actually exists only on smartphones.