POWERWALL & 2 MODEL 3: is it possible to charge when PW is full

POWERWALL & 2 MODEL 3: is it possible to charge when PW is full

Is it possible to automate the start of the car charging when the Powerwall2 reached the 100% of the charge?

I live in a city where the electricity company doesn't pay 1 to 1 for the excess of solar energy, so I want to fully charge the powerwalls and then immediately start charging my car.

Is it possible through any APIs or IFTTT or some 3rd party app to automate such combination?

bp | 24/02/2020

Even if you can detect when the PowerWall(s) are near fully charged, not sure if you can start charging.

Another factor to consider - the PowerWalls hold much less charge than S/3/X vehicles, and a single PowerWall can only sustain a maximum of around 22A of vehicle charging (assuming nothing else is using power).

We have 4 PowerWalls and have our Tesla HPWCs connected directly to the grid - not to our PowerWalls.

During installation of the PowerWalls, we added a 14-50 outlet connected to the PowerWalls, and plan to manually use that outlet only during an extended power outage or if we have a string of very sunny days fully charging the PowerWalls, and we want to avoid sending excess solar energy back to the grid.

Atom12 | 24/02/2020


Remotely in real-time:

- You can read the TEG and see when PW's are charged.
- You can read your home consumption.
- You can read your solar generation.
- You can turn on/off Model 3 charging.
- You can set Model 3 charge level.

What you can’t do, and this is a shame, is remotely set the Model 3 charge current. This is the missing piece to allow one to write a simple script that, when used with the above mentioned features, will remotely start charging the Model 3 from rooftop solar avoiding the grid and just as importantly, avoiding the round-trip Powerwall loss and cycles.

This is discussed on other Tesla boards. I do not know why Elon did not give us an API end-point for Model 3 charge current.