Model Y - 7 Seater - Prepare for Delivery

Model Y - 7 Seater - Prepare for Delivery


I see my Model Y AWS 7 seater in "Prepare for Delivery" status in my Tesla account. I don't mind waiting until 2021, surprised to see the current status though. Any one have similar status now with the 7 seat config?

thomas.hitchcock | 27/02/2020

Yep, I have that status now for my 7 seater, white interor, white exterior, performance plus reservation. I am not going to prepare anytime soon for delivery.

JCE | 27/02/2020

I have that status in my 7-seater as well. Also had a phone call about trying to convert that over to a 5-seater yesterday to get the car next month.

Hope the demand for the 7-seater is high enough to get production going up sooner?

cmdo | 27/02/2020

I have same in my RWD LR 5 seater Y reservation. Maybe they updated all the reservation status's to Prepare for Delivery. They can't possibly deliver them all....Although I will take mine in March if it is indeed ready :)

DuckDuckEv | 27/02/2020

My friend ordered his 7 seater on the same day with FSD and the regular wheels haven't seen this update in his account yet.

here's mine:
Model Y
Long Range All-Wheel Drive
Pearl White Paint
20’’ Induction Wheels
All Black Premium Interior
Seven Seat Interior

scherer326 | 27/02/2020

People who ordered yesterday are seeing Prepare for Delivery. Don’t mean anything specific

Coastal Cruiser. | 27/02/2020

BTW - If anyone gets a notice to take delivery in say March and needs to delay delivery, could you please post how easy this goes for you?

From the sample screenshots posted in the online articles for people who got notice of March delivery, there does not seem to be a "delay" or "reschedule" choice obvious.

The ability to delay the order without falling to the back of the line has of course been a question since Day 1. I think we are now close to getting the question answered!

vmulla | 27/02/2020

RWD 7 seater too?!! I should get ready :)

Coastal Cruiser. | 27/02/2020

Guess it al depends on what the meaning of "prepare for delivery." is.

Maybe we should ask Bill Clinton.

(ps - Hi vmulla)

vmulla | 27/02/2020

@Coastal Cruiser.

I miss emojis on this forum

LikeEVs | 27/02/2020

A bug in their backend? A publicity stunt?
I did not get the memo!

DuckDuckEv | 27/02/2020

could be a bug, will be disappointed if it is.

vmulla | 27/02/2020

@wilber reports a bug in the ordering system
Read his comments in this thread:

TeslaYVR | 27/02/2020

My 5 seater, LR AWD is also asking me to confirm my delivery area code and also has a prepare for delivery blue button I can click. I will click it in a few weeks.

thomas.hitchcock | 01/03/2020

Do we know if the third row of seats will be removable? Are the third row of the Model X removable?

greathighway | 05/03/2020

7-seaters will not be available in Q1

jassal.harman | 14/03/2020

If anyone does not want to take ModelY 7 seat delivery then I can take that, if thats allowed

inconel | 14/03/2020

The third row seats in the X is not removable. It folds down flat.
I imagine it will be the same in the Y.

kadari12 | 20/03/2020

I have ordered in Nov 2019. changed from 7 seater to 5 seater on march 5th. I just checked it was showing prepare for delivery. took all the license,address details, also submitted application for tesla finance. Does it means that they are really preparing for delivery? or is it due to COVID 19 that they are collecting all the details? Please let me know. Thank you...

sethi.narendra | 22/03/2020

I had ordered 7 seater Awd with FSD, i noticed Tesla is asking for Registration, is there anything to be excited about or it is just Tesla IT playing with the page?

Tronguy | 22/03/2020

Um. Yesterday a mobile service tech came by and fixed a sticky door handle. The SO asked him if the Springfield, NJ crowd were delivering Model Y's. Answer: Yes, they are.
So, based upon this guy, looks like some people in NJ are getting their Model Y's.

nsajjad | 22/03/2020

I also saw the option to fill out the registration information, upload DL and Insurance. Ordered Long Range RWD 7 seater. Cannot get any official information from Tesla. If anyone has insider info, please do share! With Model 3, the delivery was arranged within a month of filling out that info. With Model Y 7 seat config, NOT SURE!

Orthopod | 22/03/2020


i’m Searching the info too

pieromontas | 22/03/2020

looks like every model y got the same update call tesla before do any credit application since is only valid for 30 days is going to hit your credit if is not ready and you will have to do the application multiple times.

DuckDuckEv | 02/04/2020

same with me, asking for delivered location, registration and payment info now for my 7 seater.

lenachen83 | 08/04/2020

I also completed everything and agreed to the loan terms offered. Is delivery happening soon? If i have to reapply and have it ding my credit again, that would not be ideal.
I ordered the 7 seater long range with FSD

DuckDuckEv | 08/04/2020

did you go through Tesla financing?

lenachen83 | 08/04/2020

DuckDuckEV - Yes, I did go through Tesla Financing. They offered me loan terms with US Bank. I have finished everything they needed, the online says today that they are drafting up my contract and will contact me to make my final payment. I have no trade-in vehicle.

DuckDuckEv | 09/04/2020

That's interesting. They cannot pull credit report until unless they are ready to deliver the vehicle. Hope they are doing the pre-order 7seat deliveries soon.