What’s the Max speed you have ever driven at?

What’s the Max speed you have ever driven at?

Tesla Model 3 from Milan to Munich on autobahn
Following flowing traffic on the left lane at 130MPH 208km/h
At this speed 10% of battery consumed in 2 minutes.
Incredibly stable at that speed.

SalisburySam | 08/03/2020

186 mph, Daytona Speedway. Does that count?

JAD | 08/03/2020

Not the fastest, but I love this picture from the oval at autoclub speedway with the family in the car...

No one noticed as the car was so quiet.

kevin_rf | 08/03/2020

I may have hit 108 in chill in the same spot a former state lieutenant governor total a state vehicle doing a 100 plus...

Sarah R | 08/03/2020

Ever? On the advice of counsel I assert my Fifth Amendment privilege.

rxlawdude | 08/03/2020

"Following flowing traffic on the left lane at 130MPH 208km/h
At this speed 10% of battery consumed in 2 minutes."

So about 43 miles of range at that speed. No thanks.

Tesla2018 | 08/03/2020

I once went on a charity Road Rally a with a police escort. I was doing about 110 and the cops doing the rolling roadblock flew by me. Later on I ran into the Sheriff and asked him how fast they were going when they passed us. He just smiled and said,, "We were all just doing the speed limit sir."

jwins | 08/03/2020

@Tesla2018 Love it!

FISHEV | 08/03/2020

Caught myself doing 115 mph down I15 in SLC one day. But that was in an X which masks the speed a bit more than the 3.

Brian | 08/03/2020

At least 145 overtaking a C5 corvette in my 1982 Buick Regal station wagon. Not saying where.

rxlawdude | 08/03/2020

When floored, Teslas reach speeds exceeding most US limits in a couple of seconds.

That's all I have to say about that.

jamilworm | 08/03/2020

I got to 120 once late at night in my mid range Model 3 when I was the only car on that stretch of highway.

gballant4570 | 08/03/2020

I have driven my Model 3 at 130 mph on one occasion for a couple of miles, on an empty interstate stretch one night. Indeed, it felt completely rock solid at that speed. I did not pay attention to the power usage involved.

I've driven other cars a little faster when I was younger, into the 140-145 range, but none of them felt rock solid at those speeds, except for a Mercedes 450SL back in 1977 or so, which reached 145. The Model 3 seemed to feel better, although the two experiences were separated by a few decades.

I might one day see how fast my Model 3 can go, or I might not. It's not a goal for me.....

Atoms | 08/03/2020

Always the speed limit... always. ;)
Wish we had an autobahn in the USA! Would love to test out the full capability of the car.

Orthopod | 08/03/2020

The driving ethics on the German autobahns are out of average US drivers comprehension

Big_Ed | 08/03/2020


And two key rules are enforced: yield the left lane to faster vehicles, and never pass on the right.

Earl and Nagin ... | 08/03/2020

The faster I've ever driven was a T-38 at 300 mph in a dive.
In a Mercedes, on the autobahn, I've exceeded 200 kph (124 mph).
As far as driving a Tesla: The speed limit on the interstates in some places is 80 mph -- that's all I'm saying ;-)

Shesmyne2 | 08/03/2020

We got up to 134. Once.
Lost count over 100, usually passing or, well, just launching.

Still Grinning ;-)

coselectric | 08/03/2020

110 mph in a '93 Saturn. That was scary. Not all mph are created equal, and a Saturn traveling at 110 mph will nearly tear a hole in the fabric of space-time.

hokiegir1 | 08/03/2020

I refuse to answer on the grounds I may incriminate myself.

Mash | 08/03/2020

German roads:
330kph 205mph on Porsche turbo s (310kph 193mph with roof down - you can't talk at that speed, though)
265kph 165mph on M3P+ - it clearly can go a bit higher, but it doesn't.

I tried to chase agera on turbo s, but it looks like it was close to 400kph.

Just don't do it, anyway. It makes total sense that Tesla is single gear and goes out of power early enough to stop people from disintegrating to pieces even faster. If you want to go faster - but any airplane ticket - can't beat that.

ODWms | 08/03/2020

I’ve driven a Jag Vanden Plas, a Mercedes SLK, 2 BMW 3 series and a Lexus at 140s/150s or so before. I’ve only gotten my P3D up to about 130 once since I’ve had it. I don’t know if I’ll ever have it up to the ~165 it can do now. Then again. Probably not. Lol!

rxlawdude | 08/03/2020

If you want a scary high speed drive, try a 1974 Opel 1900 at 100mph on US-395 N heading to a board exam in Reno.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 08/03/2020

I think I hit 170 in my GT3 once between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Trekman | 08/03/2020

140 miles per, on a MOTORCYCLE! As a PASSENGER!! (while on the freeway in Holland, south of Amsterdam. Couldn't walk steady for 3 hours afterwards.

dwejr99 | 09/03/2020

143 mph on a back country road. In my 3.

bryan.whitton | 09/03/2020

Well, on any vehicle, that would be 172 MPH on my Suzuki TL1000 road racer's data acquisition unit at Texas Motor Speedway. On the street on my RF900R 164 by the Speedometer so probably 10 MPH slower. In the Model 3 105 indicated. Just wanting to see how it did. Not much of a sensation of speed. Smooth and reasonably quiet. I tend to use the cruise control to keep me at a reasonable speed.

plugzin | 09/03/2020

200 knots in a Piper Arrow with a decent tailwind.

jefjes | 09/03/2020

I'll limit this to my Model 3 which I hit 105 mph this past weekend on I 80 in the Sierras on the way back to Reno. When my wife woke up and asked me why I was going over 100, I thought about how bald my tires were getting and slowed down to 80 for a while before returning to my usual 5 over which is 70 mph along there. The car still amazes me on how quickly it will hit those speeds even in Chill mode and how often after 21 months of ownership, I still lose my mind and drive like that. Bought new tires today on my 66th birthday so hopefully, I'll live long enough to wear them out without driving crazy. I've driven other cars and motorcycles at faster speeds but those were in my younger days when my reflexes were better and my judgment even worse than it is now.

eztider | 10/03/2020

Hm okay, Mach 1.1 in a T-38, 120mph on a Kawasaki GPZ1100, and 100 plus some change passing a knucklehead on I-10 in my M3 LR AWD. Not near the limits of any of the three.

Sarah R | 10/03/2020

I'm waiting for the SR-71 pilot to chime in.

NorthValley | 10/03/2020

Just over Mach 2 on Concorde, about 180 on a Fireblade (that was scary!), 120 in my M3P and only 45 in a Countach!

cmh95628 | 10/03/2020

151 MPH in a friend's C5 Corvette, per the HUD. No one around but me and the cattle (safely behind fences). It really hunkered down and was solid, but the sweeping curves really piled on the G-forces at that speed, as is to be expected.

113 in my AWD M3 (pre acceleration boost). Have not really had much of a chance to open it up safely. I seem to recall it tops out at 145 MPH anyways. | 10/03/2020

Got just over 160 KPH in a Smart 2-4 (yes, a 4-door Smart car) between Milan and Verona some time ago before I remembered how to convert to mph. Just about as fast as that roller skate should ever go. Of course, I was getting passed by 1973 Fiat Puntos, but still.

I've gotten over 110 a few times in the M3P. Sometimes accidently.

AWDTesla | 10/03/2020
AWDTesla | 10/03/2020

Guys in corvettes at that event were complaining the road was steady, now granted they were trapping about 50km/hr higher than me but the model 3 felt very well planted at those speeds.

AWDTesla | 10/03/2020

*wasnt steady

AWDTesla | 10/03/2020

Or 131mph for those too lazy to covert.

Cclcal | 10/03/2020

165+ @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Nakid | 10/03/2020

In the Tesla, about 115 or so. On my bike, 152 indicated.

rob | 10/03/2020

wow, 152 mph. Were you Nakid?

Nakid | 10/03/2020

Hahahaha, no, but my bike is (Ducati Monster)

andy | 10/03/2020

140mph on the autobahn in an Audi. Slowed to 125mph as the car was more stable cruising at that speed. Was overtaken - several times.

Travel above 70mph not an option in the UK if you want to keep your licence.

andy | 10/03/2020

140mph on the autobahn in an Audi. Slowed to 125mph as the car was more stable cruising at that speed. Was overtaken - several times.

Travel above 70mph not an option in the UK if you want to keep your licence.

Scrannel | 10/03/2020

150 mph + on my K1200R BMW bike.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 10/03/2020

Waiting for a space shuttle pilot to chime in.

Sarah R | 10/03/2020

This thread reminds me of this story:

jimglas | 10/03/2020

faster than I was ever on skis
by a bit

NorthValley | 11/03/2020

@andy...when I lived in UK there was no problem driving around 80-85mph on the motorways as there was almost never any police! The only roads you had to be careful were A roads where some bored plod would sneak out behind a bush.

teslu3 | 11/03/2020

My max speed is boring. But a friend was doing Mach 2.2 when an SR-71 passed her (Swedish AF) .

Ross1 | 12/03/2020

women drivers!