Panic stops when cars pass in path

Panic stops when cars pass in path

Whenever I am using cruse control or Autosteer and a car pulls into my lane or crosses across my lane way ahead of my position, my M3 does a panic stop and will throw the occupants almost out of their seats. This happens even though the offending car may be 50 yards or more away in 35mph driving. I am afraid I am going to get rear ended. I do not find a setting to adjust this. It is the same on highway driving. I could maybe understand slowing down but not the panic stop. If I push on the gas, it will drive on normally. The car pulling out in front is never the type of issue where I would need to even slow down in most cases if I was driving. Any thoughts?

Geico | 13/03/2020

FUD. Flagged as Inappropriate. Go sell you car if you think it's unsafe. Tesla cars are the safest on the road.

andy.connor.e | 13/03/2020

Is it your car length setting?

jimglas | 13/03/2020

change to a less aggresive setting

stingray.don | 13/03/2020

I’ve had it happen a couple of times. A car turns across my path and the car brakes. The AP didn’t seem to account for the fact that the car would be gone before I got there. I think the AP is absolutely amazing and I marvel at it everyday. We just need to keep in mind that although it isn’t perfect, it is always getting better. Just make sure you submit a bug report when things like that happen.

FISHEV | 13/03/2020

" This happens even though the offending car may be 50 yards or more away in 35mph driving"

Tesla has a surprising dumb adaptive cruise, very jerky controls. With the 2015 Subaru's adaptive cruise, if a car cut in front after passing but was going faster, the Subaru would slow slightly to allow the set following distance then back up to speed.

I think the problem with the Tesla is there is no co-ordination between the adaptive cruise and the regen so cruise is likely trying to do with the Subaru does but lift of the accel kicks in the regen which slows the car fast...then following distance goes up and car speeds up.

PrescottRichard | 13/03/2020

This is not my experience with a 2016 S.

More bait. Or maybe your system needs calibration. Prolly bait.

Lariardo | 14/03/2020

Thanks for the input. I'll call service and see what they say.

Yodrak. | 15/03/2020

I also find my Model S to be overly cautious when an opposing car turns left in front of me, or when the car in front of me slows and makes a right hand turn. In addition to the sharp braking for the car turning across my path, my Model S waits excessively long after the turning cars are no longer in my path before resuming speed.

Hopefully the software behind this behavior will be improved with experience. In the meantime, when you recognize what the other cars are going to do, have your foot ready to hit the accelerator.