Seriously - when is Tesla putting up a Model Y forum?

Seriously - when is Tesla putting up a Model Y forum?

Deliveries have started - what's the wait???

spuzzz123 | 14/03/2020

I know, weird. It’s like they’ve completely gone hands off on this forum. Maybe at least Howard will be happy that they aren’t spending valuable IT resources on frivolous things like user forums and more time to work on FSD. Although we know he won’t see it that way

jimglas | 14/03/2020

a good question
probalby Elon time
Early, Late Or Never | 14/03/2020

There have been strong rumors for months of a major forum overhaul. I suspect they were waiting for that to happen, but obviously it is taking longer than expected.

ExBMET | 14/03/2020

I know I won't be getting my LR RWD (I hope I get it!) anytime soon, but I'd really like on place to read about users and their experiences that have gotten theirs.

sbeggs | 15/03/2020

It is much more complex to rework the forum than to program the software that works with the hardware systems required for Full Self Driving!!!!!

Orthopod | 15/03/2020

These forums was we know them will disappear

jordanrichard | 15/03/2020

There are changes coming, to include a search function. So, I can only imagine there will then be a Model Y forum.