HW3 Upgrade

HW3 Upgrade

Thought the board might enjoy my experience w/ the HW3 upgrade.

Purchased my M3 AWD 11/2018.

I had not received a notification but thought I would try and schedule a visit for HW3 with my local Tesla dealer, fully expecting to get turned down.

I used the service scheduling function in the Tesla phone app. Under the section Accessories is an option for 'Upgrades & installations'. I also free-texted that I needed to upgrade to HW3. Within 12hrs I received confirmation of the appointment and the reason was changed to 'hardware retrofit'

When I came in I was told that it would take 24hrs and was given a model S loaner. (I like my M3 better). Within 3 hrs I received notification that the car was ready for pickup.

As I was driving off the lot my visualizations had changed. I lost autopilot and autosteer. I pulled over and did a cold reboot w/o change. Next I enabled 'full self drive visualization-beta' in the autopilot section. Still no change. 30' after leaving the dealer a pop up message said the 'camera calibration' had completed. Bingo! now I had the traffic light, stop sign, cones and trash can visualization. Pretty cool.

I think they are getting better. 3 hrs soup to nuts. They may be getting close to mobile installs.

GHammer | 17/03/2020

"They may be getting close to mobile installs."

They've been doing mobile installs, I had mine done mobile a month ago.

RES IPSA | 17/03/2020

I am eligible for HW3 upgrade. I scheduled a mobile appointment here in San Diego for 3/20/2020. They moved my appointment to the Mira Mesa service center and said the upgrade cannot be done via mobile service.

chadbobb | 17/03/2020

On Jan 8 I tried to setup an appointment received this message in response:

"Hi Chad, this is John with Tesla Service. Hardware 3 retrofits are being shipped to us in waves for specific customers in queue and yours is not currently available. Once we receive yours you will be contacted to schedule installation. Feel free to check in with us in the coming weeks/months by making another appointment. I'll go ahead and cancel your appointment at this time, thanks!"

EVRider | 18/03/2020

@RES IPSA: The ability to get mobile installation of HW3 probably varies by location.

drchris3 | 18/03/2020

Oh yeah, one last item. The center set back my software from 8.1 to 4.1.

EVRider | 18/03/2020

@drchris3: Same for me, but I got 2020.12 a few days later.

SteveWin1 | 18/03/2020

I've got a battery issue and tried to add HW3 retrofit to the battery issue. They said they're out of them and to try back in a month. :/

spuzzz123 | 18/03/2020

I think y’all should all just forget about hw3 until this shit passes.

M3phan | 18/03/2020

HW3 installed in 11 hours...

djhayes745 | 18/03/2020

Got my HW3 installed last week in Santa Barbara. Took 4.5 hrs with several cars in que in front of mine. All settings transferred except my home internet, which I reinstalled. So far am disappointed with results. Surrounding car images have stabilized and a few more traffic cones. No following car images and no stop lights.

drchris3 | 19/03/2020

djhayes745: Did you enable 'full self drive visualization-beta' in the autopilot section? Camera calibration took about 30' of continuous driving.

Seth2020 | 19/03/2020

>> I also free-texted

How do you do this? I've had a service appointment for weeks, but there is no way to contact anyone about it except through the app, and I am afraid to mess around with editing the appointment in the app for fear of losing it

RES IPSA | 19/03/2020

@Seth.... Tesla reached out to me via email and text a few days before my appointment to get the HW3 upgrade and informed me that my requested mobile service was being automatically switched to a service center. Texts from Tesla to me always come from a 970 area code.

EVRider | 19/03/2020

@RES IPSA: The West Palm Beach FL service center uses an automated system to text appointment reminders before service and status updates during service. The texts always come from the same number (different for each location). You can reply to those texts and a service advisor might see your reply and respond, but it depends on your service advisor. Once your service ends, that text number will no longer accept incoming texts from you.

bpatter123 | 19/03/2020

I took your lead & scheduled the 'Upgrades & installations' via the app for 100 next week. 10 minutes later the fellow at the Oxnard SS called to say they have one and can do it at 1:00 today.. Whole deal took two hours for to door, including Firmware install 2020.12.
Drove home on 101 north & noticed alert ~3 miles up the road that the cameras were now happy. This is SO much better than before- it had always bellied out on Right curves to a scary level. The transition to Hwy 33 has been terrifying with loud swearing & fist pounding 29 of 30 attempts. Today- it stayed in the lane right in the middle. This is dramatically better

bruryan | 19/03/2020

hmm, I just got the 3 computer, can't say it changed the driving experience. I would tell people there is no benefit with foreseeable software.

M3phan | 19/03/2020

@ bruryan, kindly disagree, I would describe my driving experience after my fsd retrofit today as noticeably different from the moment I drove away from the service center. There was a “certainty“ to the feel, and I know that’s not a good way to describe it. So it’s not exactly a heaviness per se but there was a sense of weight, of stability that I noticed in the driving experience that I had not before. Autopilot and navigate on autopilot were also better, and I wasn’t a big complainer of it before, used it quite a bit previously on 2.5, but on HW3 these features felt very stable and centered. Of course there’s also the new visualizations which are a precursor to Nav on autopilot for city streets, which I’m confident we will see by midyear (my guess).

It took the SC 4 hours to do my retrofit.

Whdame | 20/03/2020

M3phan- about time. I need you to keep up with me.

M3phan | 20/03/2020

@ Whdame, yep. Waiting for the fsd testing now. : ). Been quiet in that front for a while it seems.

I held off on retrofit till I had a couple other service items to check off. Glad it’s done!

Whdame | 20/03/2020

I'm sure everything is going to be a quiet for a while. Maybe the AP team can work from home and continue the updates.

M3phan | 20/03/2020

...reverse street NoAP...I’m ready.

kaffine | 20/03/2020

Whdame | March 20, 2020
I'm sure everything is going to be a quiet for a while. Maybe the AP team can work from home and continue the updates.


I'm hoping the AP team is making use of the shelter in place and doing some testing on the mostly empty roads. Just as long as they stay isolated themselves. :)

fcanozo | 21/03/2020

I got my HW3 upgrade last week, the cameras calibrated but still getting a "please drive your vehicle to calibrate smart summon" message. I already drove over 700 miles since the computer swap.

Anybody else?

M3phan | 21/03/2020

If it’s convenient (close to where you are), I’d go back to the SC to fix.

M3phan | 21/03/2020

Or maybe they can remote diagnose and fix?

Magic 8 Ball | 21/03/2020

@fcanozo Try rebooting the car.

RES IPSA | 21/03/2020

I got my M3 back from the service center today after the HW3 retrofit. Went smoothly. Had to reestablish my bluetooth connection for my phone and my wifi at home, but everything else transferred over. Pretty smooth transition.

RES IPSA | 21/03/2020

Also, EAP worked right away... no delay due to calibration.

tjk476 | 22/03/2020

I picked up my Tesla 3 "Long Range, Dual Motor,AWD on 1/20/2020 in Devon,Pa. Do I need to have HW3 installed in my new vehicle or is it equipped with it?

M3phan | 22/03/2020

If new (or used post April ‘19), it’s already equipped. Ultimately only functional if you purchased FSD option.

EVRider | 22/03/2020

@tjk476: You most like have HW3 already, though some cars built after April 19 do not, even though they're supposed to. On the Controls > Software screen, the "Additional vehicle details" link near the top of the page will show which AP computer you have, among other things. It will say "Full self driving computer" if you have HW3.

tjk476 | 23/03/2020

Thanks for the info ,will check it out!!

tjk476 | 23/03/2020

Yes do have HW3, but i only see Stop signs,traffic lights , an other things at times. Dose not come up all the time?

MisterL99 | 23/03/2020

My Model 3 Dual Motor long range was upgraded to HW 3 on 3/5/20. Had to redo all settings, my Come To Me is no longer present and i've not gotten anywhere near 325 miles on a full charge in well over 6 months, full charge for me is around 285/287 when setting the charge to 100%

bruryan | 23/03/2020

Misterl99, you might have an issue, I doubt it though, the car's software guesses at mileage based on a number of calculations it makes from historical data. I switched to percentage instead of mileage and am a much more contented guy.

EVRider | 23/03/2020

@tjk476: The car should be showing you those objects all the time. Are you saying that sometimes when you're stopped at a traffic light there's no traffic light in the visualization, but it's there at other times? If that's the case, try rebooting and make sure the windshield in front of the cameras is clean. If neither of those help, you might need to have service check it out.

jkamphuis | 30/03/2020

Getting my HW3 tomorrow!

M3phan | 30/03/2020

Check here for great tips on how to prepare for the upgrade, what to check immediately after, and what to check when you get home:

Magic 8 Ball | 30/03/2020

I am curious why anyone would take any extra risk to get an upgrade that is not really essential at this point in time?

Magic 8 Ball | 30/03/2020

BTW, I am not attempting to slam anyone for doing it, especially since Tesla is accommodating it, but it just seems weird to me.

spuzzz123 | 30/03/2020

I dunno either, unless owner is also having something more pressing done, at the same time.

sarkiss40 | 30/03/2020

I just paid the extra $4k for the full-self driving and scheduled a mobile appointment for upgrade to HW3. I got this via email:
The hardware for full-self driving is not yet available for your vin. This is released in stages and unfortunately a different department determines the order in which this is released not the service centers. You might try to contact customer support from your Tesla account to see if they are able to provide additional information.
I couldn't find any email for customer service in my account .

sarkiss40 | 30/03/2020

The "" email address is no longer monitored, i was told.

Magic 8 Ball | 31/03/2020

Who told you that, was that in the email?

yudansha™ | 31/03/2020

I just got mine yesterday. Business as usual at the service center. They taped some rectangles on the floor for people to stay some distance away from each other, iPad and hand sanitizer. They gave me a loaner.

EVRider | 31/03/2020

@Magic 8 Ball: Most owners don’t have any issues with the HW3 upgrade, so it’s not that risky. We had our Model S snd Model 3 upgraded, and didn’t lose any settings except for WiFi and Bluetooth phone pairing (not phone key), and that was only on the Model 3.

The customer support e-mail address isn’t monitored, and you’ll get an automated reply if you send something there. They want you to use the Contact Us link on the Tesla Support page instead.

Magic 8 Ball | 31/03/2020

I was referring to the risk of just being out and about unnecessarily. I have not been contacted yet and am on the fence of what I will do if contacted during this time of shelter in place.

yudansha™ | 31/03/2020

I scheduled mine two weeks ago. Since they didn’t cancel it or caution of any problems I went ahead. If you are in the risk group then stay home.

RES IPSA | 31/03/2020

@Magic... If you are in the high risk population, don't do it right now. But realize people in the high risk population are going to need to be careful for at least the next 2-3 months. Hospitalizations are expected to reach their apex here in CA until middle to end of May.

Tesla has set up lots of social distancing procedures. Just bring some cleaning items so that you can wipe down the loaner before you drive it and wipe down your car when you get it back.

Magic 8 Ball | 31/03/2020

Who is in "high risk" and how is that being determined?