We need more to do, so we will write a story: Mustang and Model 3. An experiment in teamwork.

We need more to do, so we will write a story: Mustang and Model 3. An experiment in teamwork.

Here is a challenge: something to do while we self isolate from each other.
What I want you to do is intersperse 3-line chapters into the story. You can put them anywhere, but when we read the story there should be some continuity and sense. My inspiration is from Mr Fish. Keep true.
Once upon a time, there was a little car born to its proud parent: Ford Motor Company.
He was not the firstborn, nor the most famous: Model T was the most famous.
But this little car was still to become very famous. Its name was Mustang.

your turn..

Mustang was beautiful. Mustang was clever. Mustang was fast.
Mustang felt he could hold his own to anyone.
Mustang especially enjoyed his iteration as a V8.

your turn , etc.

Mustang was so jealous. Mustang was so envious.
Mustang despised those blacked out trims on Model 3.
Mustang said: I am shiny. I am relevant. Model 3, you are nothing in our world

Mustang said: I have Range. I have the looks.
Mustang thought to himself: this upstart Model 3 has another thing coming.
I will show Model 3 what a real Electric Vehicle can do.

your turn: just write the chapters (3 lines) that you are motivated to enjoy.

FISHEV | 28/05/2020

You need to stop posting boring stuff just because you are BORED.

Why don't you go buy a Tesla or something then you won't be bored and you can talk about the car. | 28/05/2020

FISH - You need to stop posting lies just because you are paid to trash Tesla and owners.

Why don't you go buy a Taycan or something? Then you can complain on their forums how their leaders are incompetent fools, the cars are worse than every other car in existence, and owners are all stupid.

Wilber | 28/05/2020

Roos1 - not clear on what you are requesting. You have written 4 sets of 3 lines interspersed with 3 'your turns'. are you asking us to reply with three lines to replace one of the 'your turns'?

posinator | 28/05/2020

500 Trillion pounds of pollution
That didn't have to be spewed
From a single car model - rude

Ross1 | 29/05/2020

This is an exercise in team work.

Just write part of the story. Insert where you can.

mottsnanns | 29/05/2020

Let me write the last chapter...slight change in that Mustang is a character metaphor (you can pick if it is "you" or not).

Mustang lay in the grave. His/Her Soul departed to eternal Hell. Mustang would say "I should have listened to
what the Bible said about "How to go to Heaven" but I had free will (like every single person in the world) and
chose not to heed and my wages for my sins I received "Death" for eternity"

THE END (not really as eternal is never ending just either in Heaven or in Hell)

Hi Everyone,

But this does not have to be yours...More important question than Anything is

"If you were to DIE today, are you 100% sure you will go to Heaven?" [...Pause for your answer...] If you want to know how you can be 100% sure (not 80% or 99% as they will not cut it), pay attention to what the BIBLE (only inspired/inerrant word of God- KJV) is saying via the presenter in this video-

Curious about why there are so many versions of BIBLE?...check this

If not interested, God has given free will to everyone and looks like you have already made up your mind.

Have a good day! I like my Model 3...great Car!

Ross1 | 05/06/2020

OK, I have of course read of Mustangs in Heaven.
Horses, most translations say.
In The Revelation.