Hands on Steering wheel - still got a "NAG"

Hands on Steering wheel - still got a "NAG"

Was driving home city streets, about 9pm, turned on FSD, doing fine, except for unusually hard breaking at stop signs, set speed to 20mph, accelerated to 30 with pedal. Take foot off accelerator about 50 yards from stop sign, car continues to stop sign with no de-acceleration - then HARD stop at stop sign. Touched accelerator to proceed, that's when I got the first NAG - my hands were on the steering wheel, never took hands off steering wheel. Continued to next stop sign then I got a really hard nasty NAG and the car shuts down FSD for remainder of my trip home. WTF!! I am just learning I assume the car is 'just learning' too. Mind you, my hands were ALWAYS on the steering wheel, never took them off. When I got home parked in the garage, I did a HARD Re-boot. So we'll see what happens tomorrow. I expected even a BETA release to be better than this. Crazy stuff.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 28/05/2020

“ Continued to next stop sign then I got a really hard nasty NAG ”

What’s that? I’ve never been Nagged other than visually.

andre | 28/05/2020

First suspicion: what does it mean to you to "have your hands on the wheel"? Merely touching the wheel is insufficient. The car is looking for a little torque on the wheel. When the first message comes up to remind you, you need to apply a little turning force to the wheel. Not a lot, as the car will interpret that as you wanting to take over control. As soon as it sees enough, the message will go away. If the car doesn't feel that turning force after a while (I don't know how long, I've never let it get that far), then you'll get kicked out of FSD.

If you are slightly resisting the car adjusting the path, then it will not get to the point where it needs to nag you.

vmulla | 29/05/2020

+1 @andre

And ease your explanations, the FSD software is in the first few iterations since shadow mode.

M3phan | 29/05/2020

Also, two hands on wheel often cancel each other out as it relates to the light rotational force. Not sure how long you’ve had your car, apologies for the assumption, but have you tried learning to rest one hand on the lower part of the wheel. That is usually sufficient for the wheel to detect rotational force and not nag. I can drive on AP and Nav on AP for hours nag free.

HummerMan3 | 29/05/2020

I've been curious about whether others have had this issue too. I have been getting a lot more nags for the past 2 months, no change in my "hands on the steering wheel" habits. Not sure if it's a sensor issue, but I did notice it started right after the software update that gave me the orange cone visuals on the screen. I have 2.5 hardware and EAP.

WW_spb | 29/05/2020

If I keep hands in 11 and 2 o'clock position I don't get any nags or warnings on Autopilot with Autosteer being on.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 29/05/2020

Also, note you can just rock the thumbwheels (either one) up or down a tick rather than turning the wheel.

hokiegir1 | 29/05/2020

Also, if the car loses the lines (poorly marked area, confusing intersection, etc), it will ask you to take over as well.

M3phan | 29/05/2020

I rest left hand on bottom inside of wheel. Never nags me.

EVRider | 29/05/2020

I keep my hands on the wheel but still get nagged once in a while. I just give the wheel a little tug and I'm good until the next nag. :-)

pb75 | 30/05/2020

Put your hands on the steering wheel like this and it will not nag:

Tronguy | 30/05/2020

Long distance driving, I do it with one hand on the left side of the steering wheel. That torque is enough to keep the car happy. When both hands are on, they tend to balance, the car doesn't see the torque, and Nags R Us.
The other stuff works (wiggling ye hands, hitting the button, etc.), but the gentle pull with one hand does the job.