Vampire drain greatly increased after last software update

Vampire drain greatly increased after last software update

After the v10.2 update a few days ago, my battery is losing 10-12 miles overnight, parked in the garage. Before this update it was 1-2. Anyone else notice this? I have checked all my settings that I know about, especially sentry mode and that is not on. | 25/06/2020

There are at least three settings. Sentry mode (you checked), Cabin overheat protection, and Smart summon standby mode. I suspect the last option is now on. All three will use some power while the car is parked.

h-lui | 25/06/2020

I have the same problem. Car not going to sleep after most recent software update. All functions as mentioned above by have been turned off, yet the vampire drain still goes on. I end up trying a hard reboot (press the brake, and two scroll buttons on the steering wheel at the same time) and that fixed the problem. Also when the car refused to go to sleep, you can tell by feeling out the rear camera. It was hot to the touch. It also cooled down after the reboot. Hope that helps with your situation as well. | 26/06/2020

@h-lui - Reboot is always a great suggestion. Sorry, I forgot to suggest that as it often fixes oddities.

h-lui | 26/06/2020, Nothing to be sorry about. In fact, what you suggested were the most logical of all possible causes. Those were actually the few things that came to mind when this happened to me. It took me two days to remember, hmmm...., maybe a reset will work when all else fails ;-)

michaelvolksr | 26/06/2020

Thanks for the replies. Sentry and Cabin overheat have been off. I don't have smart summon. I noticed an update was just released today-maybe that will include a fix. I just checked the rear camera and its hot. Thanks. Will do reboot

michaelvolksr | 27/06/2020

There was another update last night. I did that, then did the hard reboot with the brake and scroll wheels. Camera this morning is cool. Hopefully that fixed it.

michaelvolksr | 28/06/2020

The reboot worked perfectly. I lost one mile in the last 24 while in the garage.