Why I Pulled the Plug on My Model X Reservation

Why I Pulled the Plug on My Model X Reservation

Today, after nearly 3 years into my reservation, I pulled the plug. I would feel sad, but I've been happily driving my Model S for almost 2 years and a bit more than 42,000 enjoyable miles. Therein lies my reason for foregoing my Model X reservation. Although my Model S weighs in at about 4,500 pounds, it is a spirited car with more than enough get-up-and-go for someone of my years. My Model S has delivered all I really wanted, including incredible interior room, save for one feature. With the Model S you must stoop down slightly to get in and boost slightly to get out. I guess I will have to continue to work out at the gym in order to be able to handle these very mild acrobatics. With the Model X, you just slide in and slide out. Very nice.

I drove the Model X recently. A fine car. If you are on the fence over the Model X, you should not be. It is surprisingly agile, but the Model S is even more so. After all, the Model X weighs about 1,000 more pounds than the Model S. Coming out of a Model S, you can quickly feel the weight difference.

Tesla makes wonderful cars. In a few years -- after Autopilot hardware 2.0 is standard equipment -- I will surely be looking to move up to a new Tesla. Perhaps a Model 3, but maybe a then-revised Model S. Probably not a Model X. May my foregone reservation go to one of you ...

Red Sage ca us | 16/02/2016

Thanks for letting us all know, and enjoy your Model S until the NEXT Tesla Motors product joins your fleet!

ian | 16/02/2016

Glad to hear you've got an S to enjoy! We'll be doing some test driving the next couple of weeks as well and hopefully come to an S or X decision as well.


carlk | 17/02/2016

Sounds like a reasonable decision. Just want to comment on the weight difference which is more like 500lb than 1,000lb. X also has wider tires which should help closing the handling gap somewhat. BTW what S model you are comparing the X with?

NumberOne | 17/02/2016

I am sorry you decided not to move to the Model X, but understand your point of view. What I am more sorry about is that I had an earlier reservation than you. At this point I actually have my car on order. The getting in and out thing is a very important reason for me to get the Model X vs the Model S. My mother in law, who will soon be 90, already has a difficult enough time already getting in and out of a car, so the S is really off the table for me.

Haggy | 17/02/2016

I don't have a reservation and was waiting until I could get a test drive, but I agree with the above. I can get in and out of the Model S just fine, but my father finds it difficult. Nevertheless he likes the car, but he wouldn't buy one.

I used to have a minivan that mostly just sat there and got a couple of thousand miles of use per year at most. It was good for transporting a 4 by 8 sheet of plywood if I needed to, and it held lots of luggage. But it turned out the the Model S holds just as much luggage comfortably. Ironically it's because I got mine right before the D announcement, the minivan was an AWD, and the drought meant that it had been so many years since I've gone skiing that so far AWD wouldn't have been a requirement.

So the Model S has been far more versatile than I expected. That's fine for a car that people argue so much about, and can't decide whether it's a luxury car, sports car, super car, family sedan, or some combination. It's a great sedan with bits and pieces of all the others, and if I owned a Model X, I doubt I'd buy the S. But I own a Model S, and doubt I'd get a Model X at this point. That's another irony because I wouldn't have thought of them as competing vehicles. Also, I'm assuming that without a folding second row, I wouldn't be able to use a car with a price tag in the six figures to haul big stuff from Home Depot.

Given a choice between a sedan with the storage space of many SUVs or an SUV that presumably has better performance, handling and comfort than many sedans, deliberating between the two isn't as strange as it might seem.

Big T | 17/02/2016

I assume that the S will outperform the X when both have the same configuration. If greatest performance is your top priority then I imagine the Model S will be your choice. You pick the Model X for great performance and utility/versatility.

MyXinTx | 17/02/2016

To each his/her own....Nobody would expect the MX to outperform an similarly-equipped MS, but I suspect it will outperform almost any other crossover or SUV. The MX undoubtedly will seat more passengers comfortably, except for the 5-seat option where comfort will be enhanced.

Reasons to choose an MX over an MS are many...for some the GVWR over 6K offers a nice $25K tax deduction for qualified owners, towing plus the obvious gimmicky features (FWD, Pano Windshield, etc).

As Haggy pointed out, the lack of folding 2nd row seats in the MX ironically does give the MS more flat storage space, but I am getting over that, slowly accepting that the FWD design precluded the standard pillar-based seatbelt attachment site and thus risking the 5-Star safety rating if folding was possible with the seat-based seatbelt design.

Red Sage ca us | 18/02/2016

Haggy wrote, "Given a choice between a sedan with the storage space of many SUVs or an SUV that presumably has better performance, handling and comfort than many sedans, deliberating between the two isn't as strange as it might seem."

+42! Agreed.

carlk | 18/02/2016

Many people choose SUV because they like the high sitting position. Many choose a sedan because they prefer to sit low. I think Elon said something like that too. | 18/02/2016

Grandchildren=7 seat transport required to be able to use a single, safe car to go places. Nod goes to the X.

Here's a drag strip comparison between a ludicrous S and a similar X:

madodel | 18/02/2016

I seriously considered changing my Sig X to a Model S because of the delays, the added costs and the non-folding seats, but decided in the end that the better seating and room was worth the downsides. Everyone has to make their own decision. I'm happy with my beautiful X (and my wife hasn't divorced me yet so she is my beautiful non-ex).

aesculus | 19/02/2016

I would buy and MS in a second over a MS if it was not for the seating and ease of ingress/egress plus the windshield.

If you can fit in the MS it's an amazing car.

aesculus | 19/02/2016

Second MS should be a MX.

elguapo | 22/02/2016

I didn't know where else to post and didn't want to create a new thread. I am taking delivery (at some point), because I confirmed and have a VIN, so I don't want to lose the money. BUT...

I personally am beginning to get concerned they've built a car that, once they figure out how to build more than 250/week without QC issues, won't be reliable because it is so complex. I never, ever thought I'd say this, especially with a VIN and this close to the finish, but I may end up selling mine (at cost, not a flipper), because I need a reliable car for kid transport and can't have it be at the SC all the time. I've been waiting close to 3 years, the X is still ideal for all of my needs and I really, really want it, but it seems like the complexity may be tough on reliability.

I am fine being an early adopter - I always am. But I can't have the next Jag from the 80s.

Since we are all about speculation here - any thoughts on reliability of the FWDs, second row seats, third row folding, etc?

NumberOne | 22/02/2016

Thus far I have only heard of one or two cases of third row seats where one of the seats did not fold. The doors will not be an issue by the time you get yours. In a number of cases people who were having issues had those because they were still learning how to use the car. I reserved in 2012, and ordered as fast I could. Sure, it is a very complex car, but it is very solidly built. I personally ordered a 90D rather than a sig, because I did not want to be among the first, While I am an early adopter, I try not to get things that I do not need. If I reserved much later, I may have gone for the performance version too, just to get car earlier, but I configured early enough for that not to make too much of a difference. I would not worry too much about reliability until you have had the car for a while.

carlk | 22/02/2016


I hear you but I have zero concern for that. Sometimes it's misleading to put everything under the same "reliability" umbrella. The difference between window rattling and engine knock, for example, can be day and night. The way I see it the chassis, battery, drive unit, electronics, software,..., those that could cause major issues, are all adopted from the S platform and pretty much tried and true. FWD, seats and fit and finish of the new body could have some teething pain but those are easily addressed and would not cause any drivability issues. I'm pretty sure the SC will take care of any problems I might have and there will be little hardship on my part.

eric.zucker | 22/02/2016

I would add that in my experience Tesla SCs provide exceptional service. I had a loaner Model S for 5 days while they were working on my Roadster Sport Sig, so any inconvenience would be minimized. They even were so generous as to bring me my Roadster back to my workplace, and leave with the loaner! Incredible!

I'm wholly confident the service issues are dwindling fast - Tesla has limited resources and can't afford to spend loads of time detailing and fixing MX's as they are produced. Thus they have a strong incentive to get them right from day 1.

In the end it's Tesla's absolute dedication to customer satisfaction that really tips the balance - I'm willing to take the risk of buying a first model year knowing that if there are issues they will be dealt with promptly and fully.

jjs | 22/02/2016

@elguapo - I own an early Model S. It is the best car, but also the most issue prone car I have ever owned. It went if for service a lot (6 times in the first 12 months). However, nothing, other than routine maint. after that. The car never left me stranded. I just had the normal issues at the time. Cracked windshield, pano roof leak, etc.

My advice would be, if you need a very reliable drive train. No worries. If you need a car that cannot go to the SC often in its first year. Sell and buy later. You most likely will be frustrated. I say this both from personal experience and from what I have read on the forum.

The problem is, once you drive the X you will not want to give it up. Best of luck with your decision.

Darryl | 22/02/2016

I too am concerned about the reliability of the Model X. Especially the early ones. Mine is probably in the first 50 of production cars. Mine had already been produced before they shut down production to fix problems. It arrived at the dealer ten days ago since which time they have been fighting issues. They have now targeted Thursday for delivery.

I live 65 miles from the SC and I will only have the one car. I am sure once they have built 1000-2000 cars quality will be fine. I just hope I am not plagued with contact issues.

elguapo | 22/02/2016

Thanks all for the support and advice - it is greatly appreciated. I am taking delivery regardless as I am not going to eat the $. My gut says I will keep it because once I get in, I won't want to give it up. Reliability still concerns me, but good points were made here about the fact that the underlying platform is solid and reliable.

My early 2013 Model S has been awesome, as has TM's service, so I guess I am "all in" here.

vperl | 22/02/2016

Just went to roving Tesla viewing event. Six MX, and a party. 15 Tesla employees feeding us wine and fancy snacks.

Please everyone cancel your order, you are not worthy to own one.

I support all that cancel their MX.

Buy a KIA, be happy®

rossRallen | 23/02/2016

+1 vperl on this one.

madodel | 23/02/2016

There is no other car as great as the Model X, even with its few flaws. I'm glad I risked divorce and didn't cancel. ;-)

Triggerplz | 23/02/2016

Soon as I get my MX home and charge it when it's finished charging I'll be pulling the plug too

Ankit Mishra | 23/02/2016

You will be extremely sorry if you sell your car.
Disclosure- no skin in game.

Darryl | 23/02/2016

The new 2017 Maserati Levante SUV was announced a few days ago. A fully loaded Levante should be about $140k.

vperl | 23/02/2016

Stinky euro trash

carlk | 23/02/2016

Buick could actually make a believable commercial to have people mistaken a Buick for a Maerati.

vandacca | 23/02/2016

@Triggerplz is going to pull the plug, because how else are you going to disconnect the HWPC from the Model-X???

Triggerplz | 23/02/2016

@Vandacca that was my point have you ever heard of sarcasm?

vandacca | 23/02/2016

@Triggerplz, I have heard of sarcasm and can actually spot it in the wild. My comment above was in response to Bagdad Bob's statement, "You will be extremely sorry if you sell your car." Sarcasm doesn't always translate well. :-)

vandacca | 23/02/2016

...Technically, though, it was more of a "pun" than "sarcasm"...

vperl | 23/02/2016

As the "real" Bagdad Bob, theMX is perfect the delivery is ongoing and all is right with the X delivery.

My five seat option will be delivered in June/July.

If not, all disbeliever's need to:

Buy a KIA and be Happy®

Triggerplz | 23/02/2016

@vandacca yea Bobdad Bob with "no skin in the game" always coming up with something. :-)

elguapo | 23/02/2016

I think @Ankit was referring to my earlier post. I had a moment of weakness, but have recovered. I just want my car. Now. Seriously.

Triggerplz | 23/02/2016

@Elguapo you almost went astray, glad to hear u came back around and will be a proud owner of a MX shortly.

madodel | 24/02/2016

@elguapo Don't know if everyone here has been where you are at, but I have. Hang in there if you can. It is worth it in the end.