"No Tesla Killer"

"No Tesla Killer"

Breathe easy, folks:

bak_phy | 29/02/2016

Their car reminds me of the car that Homer Simpson designed for his brother. Kinda cool but not really.

Plugged In | 29/02/2016

Batman would be so proud!

JAD | 29/02/2016

Too bad. Really looking forward to competition. To date, the Chevy Bolt is the best of the rest and it isn't real yet. Only been 4 years since the MS completely proved a viable long range EV could be built, and the Roadster basically did it 10 years ago (Roadster didn't completely convince me).

Still waiting for something beyond the "tesla killer" headline I continually see...

Tropopause | 29/02/2016

Faraday Future was too good to be true. I don't see the point to their actions, wasting money. I think FF is now RIP.

carlk | 29/02/2016

I said from the begining I did not believe the hype. I also said that the Chinese investor will never see his billion again. That's really a lousy way to waste your billion $$$ even if you have several of them.

EdwardG.NO2CO2 | 29/02/2016

Aston Martin, Faraday Future Sign Electric Vehicle Deal!

How silly does this deal maker look now!

Silver2K | 29/02/2016

uh... didn't aston martin partner up with them?

Silver2K | 29/02/2016

beat me by a few seconds!

NomoDinos | 02/03/2016

JAD - completely agree. I was hoping FF was the start of an epic rivalry between dedicated electric car makers, forcing even more innovation and amazing choices. Not looking good...

carlk - yeah, I remember you saying that. Guess we'll have to see what the Mission E can offer!

SamO | 02/03/2016

Faraday Futures does not accelerate the advent of sustainable transport. Neither did Solyndra.

(Sad face)