"App For Tesla" Forum App Update

"App For Tesla" Forum App Update

A new update has been posted for
App For Tesla.

New features include:
- better support for the new Model 3 forum
- login fix
- better font support for new posts

The update is awaiting review and should be available shortly.
Thanks everyone for your feedback !

eric.zucker | 14/03/2016

Nice idea - but I am worried about my putting Tesla login and password in 3rd party apps. After all you might gain access to the car itself and drive away with it.

Also you need to allow smaller fonts.

NTech | 14/03/2016

Your login is fully encrypted and never leaves the app other than directly to Tesla, same as using a regular web browser.

You can also use the app without logging in at all.

Silver2K | 15/03/2016

80% of the market is android based and no based android based version. I call that intelligence 101.

Silver2K | 15/03/2016

-1 based and +1 for editing por favor!

Earl and Nagin ... | 15/03/2016

@SilverP85plus, 80% of those with enough disposable income for a Model III use IOS. There's no sense wasting too much time developing an Android app. I call that marketing 101 ;-)
My apologies to NTech but, unfortunately, I'm with eric.zucker. There's no way of knowing what will happen to your log in details if you give them to a 3rd party app. We really don't know who you are. That's just a sad fact of reality.

Silver2K | 15/03/2016

Earl and Nagin ...

no comment

f3rretus | 16/03/2016

@SilverP85plus - FYI, android is open source and easily hacked. They're 80% of the market because they're cheap and if there's one thing people want is cheap!

f3rretus | 16/03/2016

@Earl and Nagin - I'm with you. I won't use anything unless it comes from Tesla. I would never go through a third party to get access to my car.

Captain_Zap | 16/03/2016


I agree. No third party apps. Tesla only.

Ruby110 | 16/03/2016

Anybody else unable to connect to TMC through the app?

NTech | 16/03/2016

A couple comments on the 3rd party debate:
- I do agree one has to be careful about where you put your login info, but I also think that there's a fine line between due diligence and undue paranoia. The one helps, the other prevents one from enjoying the rich benefits of the excellent 3rd party development community out there. For this particular case in question, (hate to do this, but here goes...), its very apparent and very easy to see, Ndili Technologies, Inc is an established corporation, a major mobile app developer, and has been for many years, with over 80 titles in many categories. Been on the iPad app store from the very beginning with some global/ground level hits eg:
So also is the other major Tesla app developer (Rego Apps). No such established developer would risk their entire company over security compromise of one of their apps.
Other valid and reasonable data-points: a Tesla is inherently much safer than other vehicles - being trackable and traceable from the factory.

If it helps, Ndili Technologies and Rego Apps's owner are both Tesla owners. The primary driving factor for creation of this app in question was personal - driven by a personal need. Being an owner makes one double motivated to secure their apps.

On a last note: the app does not even require you to login to use it. And the initial login used was the forum 'nickname' login. However as mentioned above, where one draws that 'line' (between due diligence and paranoia) determines what benefits you enjoy or what things you must live without.

NTech | 16/03/2016

@ Ruby110: TMC just went through a major forum server software change.
The app has been updated to support the new TMC forum (as it was for the new Tesla forum).
This update is pending, and should be available anyday now.

Ruby110 | 17/03/2016

@NTech, thanks.

sbeggs | 16/09/2017

Are you around? Apple iPad Mini version reverts to main screen suddenly, after pulling up a thread showing half the text or blank thread content. Help!

NTech | 16/09/2017

Hi Claudia:
I am around ! Sounds like a low memory issue. Taking a close look at it now...

sbeggs | 16/09/2017

Hi @NTech,
I can't do without your app!
Even my authored threads have disappeared. Some have reappeared, but not the older ones.
I even deleted google search to free up iPad Mini memory, but to no avail!!!
@NTech to the rescue!

Xerogas | 16/09/2017

If Tesla were interested in resolving the security concerns around 3rd-party apps (unfortunately I think they're not), they could easily implement a revokable token based system that gives apps limited permissions without giving the app your master Tesla password.

Until then, your only other hope is open-source software, which allows outside developers to vet the code to ensure it's not doing anything nasty.

pnajar | 19/12/2017

I can read and log on with your latest update again but I can’t save forum posts. It appears the post are sent but they never appear in the forum.

sbeggs | 20/12/2017


For the past week, I cannot get my posts to show up on threads on forum. Help!

sbeggs | 25/12/2017


Any new updates?

NTech | 26/12/2017

Apologies for missing this thread - I haven’t been up to date on the forums!
Yes, a new update is on its way. This update contains a fix for missing posts, and also enabled creating new threads. Fix is being uploaded today, awaiting Apple review and release.

NTech | 26/12/2017

Posting this comment from the updated version. Apple review resumes tomorrow (27th) so hopefully this update should be reviewed and released this week.

NTech | 31/12/2017

The newest update with this fix is now in the App Store

wiboater4 | 18/09/2018

How do you know if you have the latest update for the Tesla App? i'm on 3.5.0 It say's on my android phone. Can't find anything at the app store about what version they have there but it does say I have it installed.