Check your Email! Reveal Invite

Check your Email! Reveal Invite

On TMC, someone just posted an email regarding entering a lottery for a reveal invite. Note where it says owners will be placed ahead of non-owners. Is this for real?!

Muzzman1 | 15/03/2016

Yes it's real. I just got it as well.

SamO | 04/04/2017

This is the oldest Model 3 thread. Basically. Hi @KP.

Old timers ;-)

KP in NPT | 04/04/2017

Really?! I have the oldest Model 3 thread?! I'm honored ;-)

4fishtankz | 04/04/2017

OMG you got me, I was all excited and checking my inbox, didn't see anything, getting disappointed then looked at the date of the post, LOL.

KP in NPT | 04/04/2017

Lol! Yeah that would have been fun. ;-)


Red Sage ca us | 04/04/2017

Yeah, you got me! Special!

Bighorn | 04/04/2017

But what about the 2015 threads you've been bumping?! Eagles said.

mntlvr23 | 04/04/2017

and KP adds another peak and valley on my roller-coaster Model 3 waiting experience.

KP in NPT | 04/04/2017

It's all SamO's fault. ;-)

Red Sage ca us | 04/04/2017

Wow. Something that ISN'T my fault! I feel honored. Thank you.