How many model3s would you like to order?

How many model3s would you like to order?

If Tesla Motors allows multiple model 3 orders at their stores on March 31st...How many will you order? For yourself? Coworkers/family/friends?

jbunn | 16/03/2016

3 or 4. One for myself, and up to three for family and friends. I'm the designated "stand in line guy".

AlMc | 16/03/2016

I am also the 'line guy'...,Coukd be as many as 5 for me, if TM allows.

I do wonder if they will have a limit....

PhillyGal | 16/03/2016

Ugh, this makes my head hurt. What it really mean is that the friends of current owners who order 5 could get theirs before other current owners get their 1.

Really, how the heck are they going to prioritize someone's 3, 5, 8! vs. another owner's only 1?

inconel | 16/03/2016

Maybe only one order is prioritized per owner?

inconel | 16/03/2016

And if an owner has two Teslas then two orders are prioritized

PhillyGal | 16/03/2016

That makes the most sense but we shall see. I would hope that priority to owners mean a car they plan to register and own themselves (same household) gets priority, not just deposits they plunk down. What would stop people from plunking down a ton and selling them for profit?

barb@duke | 16/03/2016

We called the Raleigh SC today and they will only accept 2 orders per customer for in the person event- also they will only accept credit cards for the deposit. Any additional orders will have to be online.

AlMc | 16/03/2016

@phillygal: I agree that someone, like me, with 5 orders should not get all of them before you.
The other poster who suggested that one priority order per S or X or Roadster in the household makes sense/ fair | 16/03/2016

2 is the number and the number shall be 2.
And now a reading from the book of armaments.....

Nexxus | 17/03/2016

How many model3s would you like to order? And, oh by the way, do you want fries with that?

Actually, I want one, real bad.

Red Sage ca us | 17/03/2016

PhillyGal: Perhaps we should just let Roamer or Pungoteague_Dave put in our deposits for us...?

landude | 17/03/2016

The wife's birthday is that day, so of coarse I have to order one for her as well.

NKYTA | 17/03/2016

@Red, now that a was a funny. ;-)

Looks like the model 3 drugged AIMc back. Here's to hoping. :-)

Hi_Tech | 18/03/2016

The more I'm chatting with the good folks on Tesla forums, the more excited I'm getting... my orders may go from 1 to 2 if this keeps up. hahaha....
After all, my current Model S 85 is about 2.5 years old, therefore doesn't have the auto-pilot, which I really really want!
.... and my 12.5 year old son will get to a driving age soon as well.... it would be a crime to not have him in a safe vehicle when he starts to drive...... hahahaha....

I'm going to be doing slave labor 20 hours a day to pay for my wants! :-(

Gayatrikr | 18/03/2016

2 one each for my 2 daughters | 18/03/2016

As these are only reservations as differentiated from orders, I plan to reserve as many as I can. But I may only order one when that option is presented. But the buzz over a jillion (very large number) reservations is doing wonders for my TSLA.:-))

Red Sage ca us | 18/03/2016

It is nice to have seen TSLA rebound as well as it has from the February 11, 2016 doldrums, isn't it? Now, imagine the gains if there are about a dozen prototypes of Model ≡ on hand on March 31, 2016 for test drives...

JeffreyR | 19/03/2016

I hope this guy shorted the stock in February:
[SINKING ANCHOR] Tesla Is A Sucker's Bet by Boris Marjanovic from Mar. 18, 2016.