What a bad timing

What a bad timing

I've been waiting for that day for 4 years and I will be boarding a plane with the crew staff asking me to go into airplane mode when the reservation opens.

Really bad timing.

On the top of that I sold my stocks at $178 to invest in a local stock and now I see TSLA@$230.

Really bad timing.

I think I've got a situation.

Red Sage ca us | 18/03/2016

Allow me to say with glee and venom, "I TOLD YOU SO!"



Orthopod | 18/03/2016

Why do you keep saying FLAGGED in every post you make?

sp_tesla | 18/03/2016

How many shares?

Orthopod | 18/03/2016


KP in NPT | 18/03/2016

Who are you flying?? Maybe they have wifi. ;)

danCE | 19/03/2016

Or maybe you'll get "lucky" and the flight will be late.

b8schris | 04/08/2017

yes bad timing.. I bought your shares I guess :)