Let's do a spreadsheet for the 31st!

Let's do a spreadsheet for the 31st!

I would like to start a spreadsheet so everyone can plan their day with others on 3/31/2016.

Would you care to fill in the info?

anirudhduggal | 21/03/2016

Tâm | 21/03/2016

Thanks for participating!

Now, the fever is forming:

Location Tally
Montreal-Ferrier, Canada 200
Cleveland also called Lyndhurst, OH 5
Saint Louis, MO 5
Dallas, TX 4
Park Meadows/Denver, CO 4
Scottsdale, AZ Gallery 3
Toronto - Lawrence Ave., Canada 3
Washington Square, Portland, OR 3
Charlotte-Matthews, NC 2
Dedham, MA 2
Las Vegas, NV 2
Santa Barbara, CA 2
Santa Monica, CA 2

Currently, the hottest place is Canada with hundreds of reservation holders are committed to camp out in 2 subfreezing nights. One person already committed to camp out 4 nights in advance.

Second runner up are: Cleveland also called Lyndhurst, OH and Saint Louis, MO.

Congratulations everyone!

solard532 | 21/03/2016

Am I really the only one going to the Ssan Jose store at 10A?

Tâm | 24/03/2016

I hope those who are going to reserve a Model ≡ on the 31st would sign up the worksheet:

It's a spreadsheet so you can see easily how busy a location is.

It's a good way to prevent long lines by signing up to another one in an area.

It's a good way to negotiate your way even before you get there.

Some people offer to buy you coffee, doughnuts, lunch and in exchange you would keep them a spot in line.
You can call that bribery, but actually, it's a division of labor: some do the shopping, other raising the tents...

So, what are you waiting for? The worksheet is there for your advantage!

PhillyGal | 24/03/2016

@Tam - This spreadsheet is awesome. I'll definitely be thinking about you all while I'm traveling to LA that day. I bet the stores will have a great energy that day!

Hi_Tech | 24/03/2016

@Tam - Maybe update this to add the people going to the event as well.
I'm going to my local store in MA only. :-(

alistair | 24/03/2016

Can't seem to update this?

alistair | 24/03/2016

Working now.

Tâm | 24/03/2016

It could be because there have been so many spectators participating in the worksheet.

They may not all actively but there are others fixing the charts, stats and FAQ sheets.

There have been as high as almost 100 spectators at any given time today.

Most of them just move their mouse around and park their cursors everywhere on every sheets!

Good thing that's there have been no parking collisions!

kesschris | 28/03/2016

Bumping this up. Spreadsheets are just to fun!

Even though it looks like I'll have a short wait in MN, I plan on making my reservation asap on 3/31.

flight505 | 28/03/2016

Great work Tam.

Many people want options like AWD, Auto Pilot, and Ludicrous.

Bluesday Afternoon | 28/03/2016


Two minor comments on the spreadsheet:
1. Seaside, CA and Monterey, Ca, are the same store
2. Fashion Island, Newport, CA and Newport Beach, CA, are the same store

Thanks for putting this together.

flight505 | 28/03/2016

The spreadsheet's heading of projected version you'll purchase - base battery, bigger battery, PxxD?

Perhaps a little on the speculative side at this time?

Tâm | 28/03/2016

@Simply Red

Thanks so much for pointing those out. You have saved spaces for the very crowded charts that are populated with so many locations!!!!

Tâm | 28/03/2016


You are correct.

We are counting down for the last 3 days, so we can dream can we while waiting can't we :)

flight505 | 28/03/2016

Yes, dream - maybe let people know filling out chart which part is for speculation and dreaming?

Tâm | 28/03/2016



Title is changed: "Dreamed Version that You want? (Base Battery, Bigger Battery, PXXD)"

Tâm | 28/03/2016
flight505 | 28/03/2016

Heard each person in line can reserve up to 8 cars for 8 different people, just carry checks with them from each person.

Tâm | 28/03/2016


Please confirm locally and make sure you got the name who approves the practice.

White Plains, NY is very clear that only 2 per person maximum.

And it wants credit card.

dannieboiz | 28/03/2016

I just put my name the spreadsheet. Planning on reserving 1 but might end of with 2 reservation one for the wife. Can i reserved 2 vehicle but at the time of purchase have 1 register to me and the other to the wife?

Tâm | 28/03/2016


In a rush, the easiest and fastest for processing is 2 cars in the same name of a depositor (or 2 co-owners) as a rule.

Because of the rush, Tesla may not have time to make an exception on that day.

So, it is best for you to call first and get the approval for the arrangement that you described.

dannieboiz | 28/03/2016

Thanks Tam, I'll call tomorrow and find out.

dannieboiz | 29/03/2016

here's an update on my original question in case someone else is in the same situation....

For Husband and Wife only one person needs to be there. Make one reservation for you with your credit card, the other under her name with her credit card. They suggest using one email address so you can track it easier but both person does not need to be there.

Tâm | 29/03/2016


This info is very handy for many.

Thanks for sharing.

JohnJSS | 29/03/2016

Looking forward to meeting people at the Buena Park, Ca store. | 29/03/2016

Hope I didn't blunder and destroy the spreadsheet.

I was told two reservations max. for owners: one personal and one for relative.

Tâm | 29/03/2016


I'll be there by 8AM.
You'll be there at 6AM
Scott S. will be there at 5AM
mickificki will be there at 3AM

2 more days to go!

Tâm | 29/03/2016

Looks like we got the first for the continent of America:

Vancouver, Canada

Hi_Tech | 29/03/2016

hmmmmm... better invest in a good adult diaper!

Tâm | 29/03/2016

The first for the whole East Coast time zone goes to:

Montreal branch.

Complete with Model ≡ logo for the chair.



Hi_Tech | 29/03/2016

I just talked to my local center in Dedham, MA. The manager told me he already has a tent up in his lot. I'm guessing there are people all over the world that have already started, but haven't posted in the forums yet.

The good news is that they plan on making the reservation about a 2 minute process. I warned him that he shouldn't expect to see people leave right after... I've hung out quite a bit at local stores in the past, and this time it's bound to be far more fun.

Enjoy everyone!

Tâm | 29/03/2016


Great report!

Love it!

Tâm | 29/03/2016

What tent?

Ohhhhh! You mean:

Model ≡ Reserve Habitation Module for the next 2 night at Montreal Branch.

Tâm | 29/03/2016

Vancouver is gaining more people:

Tâm | 29/03/2016

Total of 4 people has shown up to Montreal branch tonight.

And it's freeeeeeeeezing cold over there!

Subfreezing camping is for the brave!

NKYTA | 29/03/2016


Tâm | 30/03/2016

Finally, Pasadena, CA has confirmation that a line has started since last night with the lady. It is now increased to 2 this morning.

Credit: RubberToe

dsvick | 30/03/2016

I just called and no line yet at the Cleveland store. Although, the person I spoke to also said they weren't taking reservations until 1PM ... I'll call back later and double check that one.

Tâm | 30/03/2016

Bostonian tent tent at Dedham, MA Tesla store. Credit: Instantgram

Tâm | 30/03/2016


Cleveland should accept reservations starting tomorrow Thursday, 3/31/2016 at normal store hours 10AM in the morning.

1 PM was California-centric time 10 PDT that was no longer enforced.

The only California-centric time that is still enforced is 8:30 PM PDT for online worldwide.

dsvick | 30/03/2016

That's why I'm calling back later, I figure someone didn't get the word :)

dsvick | 30/03/2016

Ok, I called them back and got the same person and he said the same thing. I asked him to double check the time and he came back and said it is 10AM, and there is still no line there yet.

Tâm | 30/03/2016


Thanks for your persistence to make things right.

That's what good about Tesla: Customers know best!

Tâm | 30/03/2016

Line status as of now with 2 more hours to go before door opening for Australia at 8AM local time (2PM PDT:)

Vancouver, Canada
Montreal, Canda
Pasadena, CA
Dedham (Boston), MA
Atlanta-Decatur, GA
Tysons Corner-Tyco Road Service & Store, VA

No reports from Japan, China, Europe

JohnJSS | 30/03/2016

I am out for Buena Park tomorrow. I have had a sick baby girl (4 months). If she is well enough, she and I will try and hit Fashion Island in Newport Beach as it is closer to our home. Sorry I will miss you guys!

Tâm | 30/03/2016


Hmmm! Which baby would I choose? Model ≡ or .... baby girl????

Thanks for the update and hope baby girl feels better!

Tâm | 30/03/2016

Please report your waiting line info:

Then you'll be able to see the results in US and Canada:

Courtesy of rnelsonee