My Wish think the M3 will deliver?

My Wish think the M3 will deliver?

I have a very simple wishlist for the M3 and I hope Tesla will deliver

Very high on the list is a smooth ride with little to no wind noise. It it drives anything like a MB C-Class I'd hate it.
Panoramic Roof option
Keep it looking like the Model S. I'd be happy if it looks exactly like the model S but compact, 20% of the size as some has noted
A cool large LCD tablet display

is that too much to ask?

Darryl | 29/03/2016

I can tell you the $160k Model X P90D I got several weeks ago is the noisiest luxury car I have ever owned. I have taken it back to the Servicr Center on two occasions and their only comment is "it is within specifications." It is a combination of wind noise and tire noise.

I doubt it will have a panoramic roof even though I am sure there will be an option for a sun/move roof.

It will probably have a 15" screen, it will look big since the car will be 20% smaller than the S. I doubt if it will look like the "S" but Tesla has said it will have it's own unique design.

You may want to consider a Model S CPO then you would be guaranteed of getting two of your three wish list.

dannieboiz | 30/03/2016

I actually start with the option you mentioned when I threw the M3 into the mix. I'm going to put in my reservation tomorrow and if I see a decent deal on a Model S I may end up with it instead

Red Sage ca us | 30/03/2016

- Wind makes noise.

- It will drive like a Tesla.

- I expect a Panoramic Windshield.

- It will be a beautiful car, easily identifiable as a Tesla Motors product, but will be Midsize -- not Compact.

- I expect the same displays seen in Model S and Model X.