standing in line

standing in line

Last night on the way home there were 39 people in line outside the store which was open.
This morning there are over 100 people-couldn't count them all while waiting at the light and around the corner.
If this is the madness to come tomorrow-it'll be a madhouse at the store.

I'm looking to estimate over 200k 3 reservations in first 48 hrs.

Tesla Bahamas | 30/03/2016

Next time take some pictures and post.

Benz | 30/03/2016

Which store are you talking about?

Tstolz | 30/03/2016

Can someone post what's happening ... are lines for,ing, how big, where??

carlk | 30/03/2016

Yeah which store. Maybe you should change the thread tile to report store line here so we can get a better idea what's going on all over the world.

Dr. Toonhattan | 30/03/2016
PBEndo | 30/03/2016

Sounds fishy - I don't understand why the line there would be so much bigger than anywhere else. Are they giving away free bagels? Is there a Ticketmaster next door selling tix for the Led Zeppelin reunion?

NKYTA | 30/03/2016

Wait...there is a Zepplin reunion!?!

PBEndo | 30/03/2016

I am waiting in line for tickets right now!

Haggy | 30/03/2016

Count me out. My ears are still ringing from their late 70s tour.

SbMD | 30/03/2016

No such lines right now in the Boston area

TaoJones | 30/03/2016

My strategy is in place. We shall see how it pans out.

Meanwhile, yes - TTIUWP (this thread is useless without pictures).

PBEndo | 06/04/2016

You reported long lines 2 days before the Model ≡ reservations started. How do you reconcile this with the following.

1. This article (with photos!) telling of fewer people when the store opened than you described the day before. Did dozens of people wait overnight and then decide to go home before the event started?

2. The fact that I called all Boston locations and spoke to the sales staff that weren't aware of any significant lines early on the day before the event.