A tip for non-US residents doing instore reservations

A tip for non-US residents doing instore reservations

When I made my reservation this morning in Sydney, the first attempt did not work, the only message returned on the online form was "something went wrong". The sales rep re-entered my credit card details and same result. Then I suddenly remembered that I block my credit card by default for international online payments - and of course everything Tesla goes through USA. I unblocked my card and my reservation then went through. The sales rep said he would never have thought of that as being the cause.

So if anyone out there has this kind of block on their card, remember to unblock it before going instore. The same will probably apply for online reservations, even though you are connected to the online Tesla store for your country, the payment will be via USA.

Red Sage ca us | 31/03/2016

bj: +1! A very good point. Some people have credit cards that have a rather vicious level of Fraud Check running in the background. So, if they used the card to buy groceries or a restaurant meal in their home State... But then make an online purchase attempt that goes through servers in another State, the fraud protection will kick in and stop the transaction.