Less obvious details from the unveiling

Less obvious details from the unveiling

Door handles - one car has Model S style handles, while another had a new style. Both flush.
Single large display. No instrument panel, but a large 17"? center display for all information
Has a Frunk and Trunk
Has a center console with two cup-holders
LED headlights
Battery in the floor like the S and X, so flat floor for rear seat passengers


Door handles - appear to be flush, but manually opened
AWD option will be available (and prototype are AWD)
Not a hatchback, but has a trunk lid with deep opening

hateToShift | 01/04/2016

'16 Volt holds a 10' surfboard. Longboarders have a tough decision to make here.

nadler.ryan | 01/04/2016

I watched a test ride video and after the acceleration part a passenger asked if it was single or dual motor. The Tesla driver stated that the model they were in was DUAL motor, which will be a option. SINGLE motor will be base.

Seannyb | 01/04/2016

These prototypes are NOT hatchbacks/lift backs like Model S. There is a video on YouTube by teslamotorsclub that shows the trunk open after the test ride. Trunk lifts up and around the glass.

JAD | 01/04/2016

Interesting no parking sensor warts. I wonder if they are just not on prototype or using Model X door sensor technology?

Tropopause | 01/04/2016

Trunk is nice and simple. Gonna have to learn to surf.

danCE | 01/04/2016

Definitely a hatchback and definitely no sunroof option. Elon spoke about a panoramic glass roof. Also, the structural mockup showed a single frame strut across the middle of the cabin. So we can conclude that there's one piece of glass forming the windshield and up to this framing piece. The rear is also a single piece of glass as part of the hatchback and hinged on the rear edge of the framing piece.

JeffreyR | 01/04/2016

I posted some pictures in my M≡ Unveiled Post. Pictures are of features I found interesting. They are taken from paused videos from the Event. Pictures include:

- Manual Recessed Door Handles
- Back/Top Glass Roof
- Trunk Being Opened
- Opened Trunk

finman100 | 01/04/2016

Aaaacckkkk! not a hatch? How are the dogs supposed to load up and ride? Elon, I need a hatch. liftback. something. That small (not very tall) trunk opening is questionable. This coming from a hatch/liftback driver for the past 13 years (Prius/Leaf). Maybe if those seats fold it can be doable...hmmmm. so much more to think about.

Haggy | 01/04/2016

It might be that some of them are hatches and that Tesla is still deciding. There was a video of one opening that's definitely not a hatch, but when a person commented about the size of the trunk, the Tesla rep said something about having another one with a bigger trunk. I doubt the prototypes are consistent. The red one on stage definitely was not a hatch, but for all I know that one could have been made out of clay. There were others that appeared to have a break in the glass that would be needed for a hatch.

Ross1 | 01/04/2016

Does it have folding second row seats?

And will it tow?

danCE | 01/04/2016

After my post above, I found the video on YouTube where the trunk was opened and it was definitely NOT a hatchback. I hope they reconsider this, or even make it an option.

But either way, it looks pretty definite that there will not be an operable sunroof.

JeffreyR | 01/04/2016

Check out this GIF posted over at TMC "Just Pictures of Model ≡ section:

bravosarah | 01/04/2016

+1 for a hatchback. I would imagine that the rear seats fold down too, to fit the surfboard. :)

I'd like to see a break in the windshield. I've been through 3 windshields in 8 years with my Jeep. (A lot of highway driving)

danCE | 01/04/2016

If that really is one piece of glass from the windshield over the roof and all the way to the back, I'd hate to get a rock or chip in it and need to get the whole thing replaced. If cost and ease of manufacture are the major concerns, wouldn't two pieces with a break in the middle make more sense?

nelscharli1970 | 01/04/2016

Agree, there's gotta be a seam at the top of the windshield so that you don't need to replace the whole roof if you get a rock strike...

Dithermaster | 01/04/2016

> definitely no sunroof option
In one of the test drive videos the Tesla driver said there would be a sunroof option.

PBEndo | 02/04/2016

I am surprised they went with a trunk over a hatchback .
Perhaps they chose the trunk design and all glass roof to improve rear-view mirror visibility. Anybody that has driven an S knows the view out the back is very restricted.

jordanrichard | 02/04/2016

JeffreyR, thank you for the video. It was driving me mad trying to find that particular video.

So, this should settle the whole hatchback question.

As for the roof, there is a seam at the top of the windshield like the MS and then there is another one about the cross bar at the B-pillar. Since there appears to be no external track for the front section to slide back like in the MS, perhaps they developed another way to do it. Though from a cost standpoint, a sunroof may not be in the cards. However, it is still too early to make final conclusions.

For those still wanting a hatchback, I don't see that happening until they reveal the CUV version. They made a point of how much room there is in back, due to there not being a cross member above one's head. That rules out a hatchback. Structurally, what you see is what you will get. Rims, bumpers, door handles, etc. those can all be changed with relative no expense.

Redmiata98 | 02/04/2016

If the video shown trunk survives into production you should not need to cut the surfboard in half to get it into the car. ;-)