Grille visible in video

Grille visible in video

At the end of the unveiling, on the big screens behind the cars, at about minute 21:42, you can see model 3s with grilles. Might be an add on option.

adamgreen | 01/04/2016

One of the three cars on stage was an older prototype with updates (note the Model S door handles.)
The car in the middle is the latest version. It's all subject to change, no mention of actual seat hardware, etc.
Things like portrait/landscape swing for the (removable) tablet, door hinges, all kinds of surprises to be leaked over the course of 2017.

Patkemp01 | 01/04/2016

I think that video was showing all 3 models. I believe that was a Model X grille that flashed by at that point of the video.

Ankit Mishra | 01/04/2016

It's a very bad strategy to offer options for the defining parameters of a product. There won't be any options IMHO. Grill has no place in an EV.

RFloyd | 01/04/2016

Ah, they moved so fast, thought they were 3s. I think the grill on an EV is a visual feature like wheels or spoilers and is up to the purchaser to configure as they please. A plastic grill is certainly not a defining parameter and historically, Tesla puts the plastic grill on there, so I don't think it'd be crazy if offered as an option.

carlk | 01/04/2016

Grill? Not a chance! Do you still want keypad on your iPhone?

Frank.B.Smith | 01/04/2016

IMO. The front end would look nicer in a two tone paint. If from the Lip down was a different color than the rest of the car it might be more visibly appealing. This is based on how they looked to me when the lighting was above and made the front look almost two toned.

carlk | 01/04/2016


I see what you're saying but natural lights and shadows will do the trick. Just take a look at the Model X and see how nice it looks in person.

Ankit Mishra | 01/04/2016

Tesla did that to allow people to move away from remnants of ICE cars at a comfortable pace. They allowed grills in roadster and Model S to avoid shock and alienating people. But, they have given more than enough time. Even, the Model X launched 6 months back doesn't have any grill. They can't wait for everyone.

Lexveen | 07/04/2016

For an EV car a grille is not necessary, but you can also look at it from an esthetic viewpoint as Tesla did to many other aspects of their cars. Nobody will deny esthetics are not important. Cars are emotion and even for a car that is meant for masses, a nice design is a mayor selling point. It is of course a matter of personal taste and many cars I consider as good looking have a face, consisting of eyes and mouth: lamps and grille. IMO the model S looks wonderfull and is not boring, even after several years. The model 3 is not, it is faceless. It looks like the VW 412 and several EV cars which look weird. Give the car a proper and good proportioned face and I will buy it. | 07/04/2016

Funny! Grill is required on all EVs. How else do you get the cooling for AC? Now it can be a small grill lower to the ground, but every EV has one. Better EVs also have cooling for the battery. The Model S has three radiators so it can keep the cabin cool and batteries within the optimum temperature even in 120F heat.

jordanrichard | 07/04/2016

TeslaTap +1. The MX is the same. the outer lower grills have louvers that open as needed to cool the battery pack down. Which brings up a good point, where is the additional cooling radiators for the M≡? Though the pack will be smaller than a MS and MX, it would still be subjected to the same cooling needs......

Lexveen | 07/04/2016

Great, so the grille would be functional as well! Then there is reason at all to drive around in a faceless car. I can imagine the grille has to be designed in a proper way so it will not increase drag, but the Tesla designers have done tougher jobs.

Haggy | 07/04/2016

From the pictures, I would assume that the Model 3 has a grille already at the bottom center under the flat part.

mos6507 | 07/04/2016

"Tesla did that to allow people to move away from remnants of ICE cars at a comfortable pace. "

Do you have any actual proof why Tesla designed the front-ends the way they did? Sure, it kind of points towards this, but when has Musk ever said it was intention to "wean" people off of grills?

Tropopause | 07/04/2016

Now you got that song in my head, "You be grillin', grillin'..."

Red Sage ca us | 08/04/2016

Since they started making them of plastic instead of chromed steel, most grilles have been fake anyway.

I will say that though I would not want an electric version of a Corvette to sport a grille, I would not mind the vestigial 'fake' grille being in place on a Cadillac or Buick.