How About a Coupe?

How About a Coupe?

I would love a coupe to go along with the upcoming sedan.

NKYTA | 03/04/2016

Roadster II, coming soon...

Stevenilg | 03/04/2016

I would be thrilled with a Model 3 coupe. The lines of the car are sexy, a coupe would be over the top.

NKYTA | 03/04/2016

But it has four doors... ;-)

purepwnage5000 | 03/04/2016

I want a 2 door.

Red Sage ca us | 04/04/2016

Tesla Motors is going for mass market sales. That means that everyone else must get what they want, before I can get what I want. Because, for whatever reason, Sedans are the best selling passenger car format, Coupes are often an afterthought.

There is an AUDI A4 Coupe (or is that an A5?), the BMW 3-Series Coupe has been replaced by the 4-Series it seems, the Cadillac ATS has a Coupe, the Lexus IS Coupe is called RC for some reason, I'm not sure if Infiniti or Acura have Coupes anymore at all, and there might be an extremely rare to find Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe, but who cares? The prevailing preponderance of presumption is that Coupes 'don't sell' in high enough quantities to be 'worth it'.

Still, I hold out hope that perhaps by 2019 or so, I can take delivery of a Tesla Model ☰ P135D Coupe with Falcon Wing Doors and a Liftback.

dd.micsol | 04/04/2016

ummm... why? Coupe is dumb overall. If for those that are single and don't have any friends.

Captain_Zap | 04/04/2016

I've always owned coupes and the Model S was my first sedan. I'm longing for a Tesla coupe too. | 04/04/2016

Coupe? Not very well aligned with the secret mission

Red Sage ca us | 04/04/2016

President georgehawley: Unfortunately, I am not a gozillionaire. If I were, I'd buy a $#!+-tonload of TSLA so that I could have an audience with Elon Musk. Then I'd make my pitch to have my own line of Coupes that were all Tesla Powered.

It wouldn't have to be an official Tesla Motors product, but could be serviced by Tesla Service Centers. I'd only offer Coupes, Two-Seaters, Convertibles, and Pocket Rockets... That way, Tesla Motors wouldn't have to bother with them and could stick to family cars and stuff. I'd be happy to just offer around 30,000 to 100,000 of them a year, and I'd subsidize them out of my own pocket, so that they could be had for a starting price of $25,000.

Their purpose? To make young, poor people happy. To embarrass the pants off of V8 behemoths. To boldly proceed to raceways around the world and show ICE owners everywhere that the END has come for their track dominance.

Man. Won't it be nice when the leaderboard spots from #1 through #25 at the Nürburgring are all held by electric cars? Ah.

Sparky | 04/04/2016

It won't happen until the battery energy density is increased four fold. The weight of BEV's make them difficult to set complex lap times which are competitive with ICE race cars. We'll have to settle for having the best road vehicles until the next quantum leap in battery technology comes along.

Red Sage ca us | 07/04/2016

A little less than 36 laps of the Nürburgring is 500 miles. If you can do each lap in under 7:00 minutes, you are likely to be in the top five. If you can do each lap in under 6:30 minutes, no one will ever catch you in anything else. So, that would be my ultimate goal... 36 laps at 6:30 or less each, 500+ miles in under four hours. Something of this sort WILL happen some day... with a fully electric car that is street legal. Might need really good tires, though...

carlk | 07/04/2016

Yes a coupe, a convertible, a CUV, a roadster and a pickup too. They will all come after Tesla filled the 300K+ orders with all resources it got.

martinmitchell | 07/04/2016

No coupe. Station wagon. Something practical, first.