M3 Autonomous capable

M3 Autonomous capable

I would expect the Model 3 to come equipped with hardware/firmware (aside from how/when it is enabled) for autonomous driving. As such - I would think the final cockpit design will reflect that sort of intent - with the driver expected to "monitor" as opposed to "engaging" -- or at least take a significant evolutionary step in that direction. In 10 years will full-sized, traditional steering controls be an "option" when you order a car?

mos6507 | 04/04/2016

I don't see the rationale for physically removing steering wheels outside of some sort of Total Recall style automated cab. If you own your own car you should always have the freedom of driving it rather than just acting as a passive passenger.

dsvick | 04/04/2016

Yes, it was stated in the reveal that they will all come equipped with the auto pilot hardware and that the related safety features will all be included. The implication is that "full auto-pilot" will be an option.

Haggy | 04/04/2016

Chances are that Tesla is already working on future generations of autopilot, which will use newer generations of processors and additional hardware so Tesla can sense objects further back. Whether it's practical to introduce these in the Model 3 is a different question. At minimum, it will have a hardware suite comparable to what's in the Model S.

inconel | 04/04/2016

I hope it will come with the next gen suite of hardware for full autonomous. You know the one that EM went to see at Mobileye in Israel a few weeks ago...