Is it possible to cartop on Model 3?

Is it possible to cartop on Model 3?

I am wondering if it's possible to cartop on model 3. I own a kayak, hobbie tandem island, it weights around 80kg. As I have heard, model 3 has enhanced glass roof. I doubt if it can endure that weight. Even I don't have any idea if it has the parts for roof racks.

Anyone knows about it? Please let me know.

BTW, I apologize someone who might be bothered with my grammar.

NKYTA | 05/04/2016

Unknown as yet. The Model S required a pano roof to be able to add roof racks, we'll have to wait and see what solutions they can engineer for the 3.

jmpark6 | 05/04/2016

@NKYTA Thanks at least I'm imformed there is a posibility. I didn't know Model S has it.

jordanrichard | 06/04/2016

Only the MS with the panoroof has the fittings to mount a roof rack. It remains to be seen if they do the same with the M≡. From all the pictures I have seen of the Model ≡'s roof, there appears to be no accommodation for a roof rack.

PhillyGal | 06/04/2016

The prototypes we saw last week were solid glass roofs but some reports claim there will be three options - solid, all glass, and opening. If that is true, I'm sure at least one will be able to accommodate roof racks. If not, it's already been disclosed via twitter that a tow hitch will be optional so perhaps some kind of rear mounted rack or small trailer will do the trick for you.

stevenmaifert | 06/04/2016

I watched a test ride on youtube yesterday and the driver said the roof would come in a choice of metal (solid), all glass, and opening.

Brian H | 06/04/2016

Aha! So privacy and shade ARE possible!

mikesafh | 13/04/2016

I don't think there would be a problem with weight on the roof, just how to attach something securely (ignoring the whole drag coefficient issue). Also important for putting kayaks on the roof is adequate bow/stern tie-down connection points. I'm assuming that a roof rack will be possible, but without the ability to put tie-downs on, that's not going to help (both my kayaks are around the 18' size). My current car has one place in front and two in the back, only because I was able to use what was already there (mostly).

jordanrichard | 13/04/2016

I think when the driver said "solid roof" he meant the part over the 2 front seats, as odd as that might look. To make the whole roof metal, they would need a cross support across the back, negating the gained/acclaimed head room for the back seats.