Mollom Fighter (IGNORE)

Mollom Fighter (IGNORE)

Sometimes I try to post things and Mollom blocks them for no apparent reason. I've started this thread as another place to post things that didn't go through. I want to see if they will get past Mollom in another thread.

Red Sage ca us | 17/04/2016

Oh, well. First attempt failed.

yongliangzhu68 | 17/04/2016

Test, I tried posting and get redirected to

Red Sage ca us | 17/04/2016

I've been redirected to that page plenty of times since February. Seeing it less often now... But still get the message that I have been Blocked far too often.

Red Sage ca us | 17/04/2016

Mass Market vehicle not possible by 2020

It is NOT possible... Or is it?

Shesmyne2 | 17/04/2016


Still Grinning;-)

JeffreyR | 17/04/2016

@Red Sage
I've been trying to find that Mass Market post recently. Thanks for digging it up.

One thing you may consider is creating several posts w/ a lot of original text. As long as other don't flag you, the scales may be tilted in your direction. You and I suffer from the same HTML/URL heavy posts as we like them to look good and take advantage of the hyper-text medium we are using. I find that if I have not been "caught" spamming in a while, I am much more likely to be able to post HTML and links. It seems that your trick of removing the protocol from the links helps get them through.

Did you see my question about posting to Mollom's Twitter feed when we are blocked? What do you think?

Red Sage ca us | 18/04/2016

JeffreyR: My official stance on Twitter is that the only reason I would ever have an official Twitter account is to state that I officially have nothing whatsoever to contribute to Twitter.


Mollom simply hates me. It doesn't matter what I post. Sometimes I can post things with actual cuss words in it, and it will go through fine. Sometimes I write things with no cuss words, no slurs, not even anything that could be identified as containing a single syllable from any offensive content, and it won't go through. Sometimes I can write a three word post and it goes through. Other times, a three word post won't go through. Sometimes I can post photos. Other times no photos can be posted. Sometimes I can post straight URLs... Sometimes I can post linked text. Rarely I can post a linked image. But most of the time I just get the 'YOU ARE BLOCKED' notice from Mollom. Sometimes I can post whole paragraphs that are in caps lock. Other times I can't post even a single word or phrase in caps lock. Did I mention that Mollom hates me?

JeffreyR | 18/04/2016

@Red Sage
I bet you are getting flagged by some folks that don't appreciate your views too. I am sure that does not help. I for one nominated you as a speaker at the last Tesla Connect. Would love to have a round table w/ you and some of the other old timers. I've reached out to Mollom directly, but was mostly put off. I wonder what they do w/ the data from people that click "I'm getting incorrectly blocked" link? It does not seem to help here! | 18/04/2016

Mollom does seem to get a bit better over time. The first week it wouldn't allow the word "test". I complained via that link and less than a week later it started to work. The pain is trying to find what it is complaining about.