Trailer brake controller suggestions

Trailer brake controller suggestions

Has anyone had a trailer brake controller installed, and if so, which one did you select, and how did the installation look when complete? Bonus points for photos please! :)


cstull | 13/05/2016

The Tekonsha Prodigh RF is the only way to go. You install the box on the trailer and use a wireless remote control. That eliminates all wiring on the car and you can go from car to car by just taking the remote control with you.

Red Sage ca us | 13/05/2016

Uhm... When you order the tow kit, doesn't it come with the wiring harness anyway?

aesculus | 13/05/2016


raging.dragonfly | 13/05/2016

Ours did.

danej | 14/05/2016

Thanks much for the suggestions!

cstull | 14/05/2016

Yes it does, but I believe you still need to buy a brake controller to connect the wiring harness. A hardwired brake controller is not as cool as a wireless remote that doesn't require attaching to the dash and you can move from car to car. It doesn't make sense to put the controller in the car when you can install it on the trailer.

s.grot | 25/04/2017

So the MX comes with a wire harness that connects a brake controller to the dash. Then the communication to the trailer brakes goes through the round 7 pin trailer wiring harness; I think anyone know for sure

MhoPower | 26/04/2017

If the round 7-pin wiring plug provides a brake control signal on pin 4 (user's manual page 74) then why does one need to connect a separate brake control connection at the dash? Is the purpose of the prodigy control to allow for adjustments to the brake signal?

yonak | 26/04/2017

Most brake controllers have two adjustments one is the gain so you can set how much brake activates .The other adjustment determines how soon the trailer brakes activate . You want them activating before the Tesla brakes so the trailer is never pushing you.

lastra | 09/05/2018

I had a Tekonsha Prodigy RF brake controller installed and am having problems with it. It will not pair when the trailer-side unit is plugged into the MX. It does pair when the unit is plugged into a car battery, so the problem seems to be that the Tesla is not providing a high enough voltage. Or perhaps the car isn't keeping the 12v line continuously on. I'll start a new topic to see if anyone has ideas but right now I can't recommend that unit.

pilotjcf | 15/10/2019

Has anyone tried the echo mobile trailer brake controller?

gary | 12/06/2020

I just got a 19’ flat bed trailer to haul a small car. The trailer is twin axel and electric proportional brakes and the trailer has the pigtail for the brake controller from the vehicle ... I have a 2020 Model X. WHat is recommended to use for the controler>