Tri-State Area Model X

Tri-State Area Model X

I was in the market for a new SUV and was getting rid of my BMW X5. I wanted something with more features/Technology, so I looked into the Volvo XC90 T8(Hybrid).
The test drive went great but i was left with a bit dissatisfaction when I used the pure electric mode. 11 miles just didn't make sense. I decided before pulling the trigger to take a test drive in a model S.
I was blown away by the tech and features, plus the electric range..ahh amazing! The SC didn't have a model X to test drive at the time but knowing that the MX was based from the MS, I was convinced the MX would be my next SUV/crossover/spacecar ect...I have VIN# 70XX, looking at mid June for delivery as per my DS. Model X owners in NYC share your experiences/delivery dates ect.....

Madatgascar | 12/05/2016

NYC, congratulations! First thing you'll have to know is that Tesla's delivery dates need to be taken with a grain of salt. Make sure your BMW will last you another 3-4 months, my guess. But I bet you'll love it when it arrives. Where will you charge it?

Gayatrikr | 13/05/2016

U will love it, u will realize its not just about electric this man reinvented the concept of what a car shud b
I reserved 70 5 seater a year ago no vin yet:-(

Prev 60 current 70 ap rwd awaiting mx70 5 seater and 2 model 3s for our fam of 4

madodel | 13/05/2016

I'm in the Poconos which is about an hour and a half from NYC, does that count? ;-)

Can't speak about the production schedule since mine is a Signature I had to wait 2.5 years for, but believe me it is worth the wait. Picked up my X in Springfield NJ in February. The DS spent over 2 hours going over the car with me but i was so excited I never even looked at the delivery checklist I had printed off from TMC.

The biggest problem I have is a dread of when I won't have it available to drive. Just had a Model S loaner for 3 days while my X was getting new third row seats and a new FW door gasket. The S drives similar but getting into and out of the S was tough because it is so much lower. The S is a beauty, sleeker than my X, but that was a long 3 days.

Best of luck with your Model X. It will be an amazing ride.

frankpinc | 13/05/2016

@tbouquet- It hasn't been long yet but I feel the pain(just waiting for the model x). I actually will be charging it in my driveway and garage(one of the benefits of living in BK).

frankpinc | 13/05/2016

@Gayatrikr- Man!! I hope to fill-up my garage and driveway with just MX,MS and M3 someday. The good news is that it's a 75D now and with hopefully a lot more features and hardware upgrades but a whole year is lot to wait for.

frankpinc | 13/05/2016

@madodel- Wow!! Signature!! From ready your post, I can tell the wait is worth it! I totally agree with you, when your used to the height and feel of the MX, its hard to get into a MS and feel the same way. I'm glad you got your MX back. Can't wait..I don't know if I should immediately have the Xpel put on the MX when I get it? Did you do anything like that? And yeah its cool Poconos is NY.

madodel | 13/05/2016

@frankpinc Funny you should mention EXPEL. I was going to have it done shortly after getting my X but I kept scheduling things where I needed the X (trips and events) and when I had a few days to be without the car the installer couldn't do it. So I'm supposed to be dropping it off Tuesday for paint correction, EXPEL Ultimate wrap on the front, all doors, the bumpers, mirrors and the spoiler, then CQuartz ceramic coating as I am away for a week starting Wednesday. I've been very careful and so far no visible chips or scratches. Hopefully it stays that way through Tuesday. Get a ceramic coating if you can. I was advised by my DS to never take the X through a car wash and there is at least one thread here about a spoiler being ripped off an X in a car wash. The ceramic coating will keep the paint looking cleaner and easier to hand wash.

frankpinc | 13/05/2016

@madodel- So the Expel is for scatches and such but does not help when hand washing?

aesculus | 13/05/2016

My car was ceramic coated on top of xpel and where it was not applied. Not sure how valuable it is on the xpel but today when I washed it I did not notice any difference of the parts that had Xpel +opti and where it was just Opti. Did not use any soap but my car was mostly just dirty and not greasy. Some bugs up from but I gently eased them off the car :-)

frankpinc | 14/05/2016

@aesculus -So Xpel could be seen as a paint guard from mild-hairline type scratches and ceramic will keep the debris flowing off easy with just a simple wash.? I'm sure Xpel will be on my list of to-dos, I'm just not sure if it will be the entire body or just the front bumper-hood and side mirrors. Thanks aesculus and madodel for the info.

aesculus | 14/05/2016


madodel | 14/05/2016

What I have been told is pretty much what @aesculus says. EXPEL to protect from light abrasions, scratches and chips in vulnerable areas, ceramic coating over all painted parts including EXPEL covered areas to keep dirt off and make it easier to clean. The EXPEL should last for years if it is applied correctly. The ceramic coating only a couple years.

michael | 14/05/2016

If you can afford it, get a Tesla. I was very sceptical, very. What a long wait! However, I am so unexpectedly, overwhelmingly impressed.

I really though I'd miss the growl of the V8, but when you are pinned to the back of your seat and the beautiful blond next to you hair is pointing straight back into the rear seats, well, you get over not hearing the V8 sound pretty quick.

One note, If you are in NYC, in the winter you can lose a good 10% range running the heater on those cold days. With my limited experience, the heater seems to drain a whole lot more than the a/c. (Can any of you cold weather owners confirm or deny this?).

frankpinc | 14/05/2016

@michael- Fortunately my everyday commute is only 22 miles total. I'am wooried about the cold because batteries are known to be weaker during the cold months.

frankpinc | 14/05/2016

@michael- Fortunately my everyday commute is only 22 miles total. I'am wooried about the cold because batteries are known to be weaker during the cold months.

frankpinc | 16/05/2016

Does anyone have any Model X pics to Share?

skarletknite | 16/05/2016

fwiw, i ordered in sep and expecting early june delivery. if you just ordered, i personally would not plan on a june delivery. im in nyc also

frankpinc | 17/05/2016


Did you order the P90D 7 seater?

skarletknite | 20/05/2016

p90d 6 seat

frankpinc | 21/05/2016

@gorm01, I was just hoping that they would try and put as much like delivery areas on the same train/16 wheeler as possible.

skarletknite | 22/05/2016

i hear you. and i hope you're right. but most waiting for their model X will likely tell you: take the over on delivery estimate. i'm cool with it, understand it is what it is. but if trading in or selling your current car, you need to be careful getting rid of your current car too quickly. i almost did that and my delivery was then delayed 2 months, at least. would have been a real headache and expense for me had i done that... | 22/05/2016

I reserved mine back in 2013. My DS estimates my X will arrive early June. I can't frickin' wait! The anticipation is driving me insane. I'll update everyone when mine actually arrives. I'm in Long Island.
Ps. Did anyone do the gradient tent from the headliner on the windshield? Most reviews seemed to suggest getting that done.

frankpinc | 23/05/2016

@gorm01, I have the X5 for now but after test driving the MX....I feel the X5 drives in

frankpinc | 23/05/2016, Did you get a chance to test drive the X? The windshield seems to have a very dark tint at the headliner.

koivan | 23/05/2016

my vin 0057xx still waiting. no word from the DS. Queens NY

frankpinc | 24/05/2016

@Koivan, Does your webpage say "In the Production queue"?

frankpinc | 28/05/2016

Vin #0070XX, Just waiting to see if there are new scheduled east deliveries.

frankpinc | 30/05/2016

Vin #0070XX
P90D, Midnight Silver
22" silver, Active Spoiler,

frankpinc | 04/06/2016

Got some info from SC and, It looks like late June, mid July. Hope it happens.
P90D vin#7041