2nd row middle seat "cargo mode"

2nd row middle seat "cargo mode"

Hey folks,
Today I found myself without my trailer hitch & bike rack and had to load a bike into the X. I'd never actually done this. So I moved all the seats full forward and was surprised...the middle seat on the middle row really doesn't move much. The outboard seats both go way forward and lean up. The middle seat just moves forward a couple inches and that's it. Is it supposed to move further than that? Or is that it? Generally I've felt good about cargo capacity, but I admit that I also assumed the middle seat would move at least close to as far forward as the side ones.


lilbean | 20/05/2016

@speyerj: you are so right! The Model S is a better SUV than the Model X. I hauled a platform in the Model S and there was plenty of room, not so with the Model X. So interesting.

Triggerplz | 20/05/2016

When I have to haul something I will just use my Tundra it may not go 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds but it can pull a 292.000 pound space shuttle :)

ken | 21/05/2016

You guys are correct, I first learned of this when I went to pickup a small piece of furniture and couldn't get it in because of the middle seat. BTW there is some additional room for the middle seat to move forward before coming into contact with the middle console. From time to time it makes me wish that I had gotten the six seat configuration. I think that I could use the middle seat area more often than I need the seventh seat. I have wondered if there was any easy way to remove the middle row second seat when not in use. Clearly not a good design. Wonderful car but poor design with the middle row seats.

Remnant | 21/05/2016

@ ken (May 21, 2016)

<< Wonderful car but poor design with the middle row seats. >>

I've got to say what I said from the moment I saw Tesla abandoned the 2nd row design of the prototype, in favor of this strangely hybridized pattern it offers now. As it has never offered an explanation of this change, we must infer that the reason belongs with the need for additional battery space that occupied the previous flat-fold space of the 2nd row seats.

The least Tesla could do to regain some of 2nd row seat comfort is to offer a wider seat plus inboard (center) armrest option for the 2nd row, in the 6-seat configuration. Yet, I still hope that, at some future point, an MX-2.0 might recover its lost flat-fold space under the 2nd row seats, perhaps around the time when it becomes mirrorless.

dortor | 21/05/2016

the thickness of the FWD's take about 4" of left to right space out of the cabin vs. the Model S - this 4" is huge from a space/comfort point of view - this is one of the many "costs" associated with the FWD's and one I"m still not personally comfortable with…

the 2nd Row in the X is a compromise and it's lack of folding seats compromises the X's ability to be considered a worthwhile SUV. | 21/05/2016

I am sure that the second row can be designed to fold without compromising safety. They would, however, have to do away with the traveling seat design. The FW doors have pros and cons but are water over the dam, as far as I am concerned. I would like to see them offer a design with folding seats. Too late for me as I am picking up my 7 seater next week.

Triggerplz | 21/05/2016

@Georgehawkey Congrats on your pickup.. Enjoy

Triggerplz | 21/05/2016

Oops "hawley" spell check got me again

dortor | 21/05/2016

congrats on your pickup - it's a great car.

ernie | 21/05/2016

Enjoy it @geoetc.... It has been a long wait.

grommet | 21/05/2016

Elon tweeted recently there will be firmware update that'll improve the seat control. Let's hope this will allow the center seat to move forward to an unlocked "nobody can sit there" position, just like the side seats can when using the top access switches. Please, Tesla, there needs to be a "cargo mode"... it's bad enough that the seats can't fold, but it's even worse than the middle seat can't get out of the way.

(FYI: Early X firmware had some seat control functions on the front UI... but they were removed.)

Redmiata98 | 22/05/2016

Grommet, if you have the source or exact words from Elon, pleases share them here. Thanks.

Remnant | 22/05/2016

@ grommet (May 21, 2016)

<< Elon tweeted recently there will be firmware update that'll improve the seat control. >>

He'd better. MX, for now, is more like a glorified 2-seater.

Note that the cargo space is really smaller than in MS.

lilbean | 22/05/2016

@remnant: LOL. Maybe there should be a 3 seat configuration where the second row is one huge seat as suggested by Triggerplz :)

socalsam | 22/05/2016

So glad I got the 6 seater. :)

Remnant | 22/05/2016

@ lilbean (May 22, 2016)

<< LOL ... Maybe there should be a 3 seat configuration where the second row is one huge seat as suggested by Triggerplz :) >>

LOL ... That's it: a bench! There used to be a bench back there, at some point in history. Then one can even recline across it and doze off. No need for armrests.

lilbean | 22/05/2016

@remnant: LOL! That's genius! A bench that reclines to a bed! Sweet!

Triggerplz | 22/05/2016

And with a bench seat dortor might be able to fit that 55 inch flat screen TV from Costco into his neighbors MX. :-)

dortor | 22/05/2016

all I want is an EV SUV that carry actual cargo…

elguapo | 22/05/2016

Okay, so now we're talking about Model X conversion van? I am SO in!

Triggerplz | 22/05/2016

They could even make the bench seat ventilated :-)

Remnant | 22/05/2016

@ speyerj (May 18, 2016)

<< I just rewatched the X reveal video. At 15:50 into the video Elan hops into the 3rd row and the middle seat moves forward the same distance as the left outboard! ... it's different than what our cars are ACTUALLY DOING. >>

Whether the middle seat can move or not, its assigned room is smaller, partly due to mid-line FWD ridge in the ceiling, and partly due to the width reduction caused by the thickness of the FWDs. In addition, it seems to obstruct the mirror rearview, at least for the abbreviated remainder of that mirror's life expectancy (by the way, I've driven the MX with the rearview camera on and I experienced no need for a mirror).

So, the standard should be a 6-seat configuration, with some additional width and armrests assigned to the outboard seats of the 2nd row. You don't need another seat between them, but a console might prove to be useful. Hence, the realistic choice is between 4 and 6 seat configs, rather than 5,6,7.

bak_phy | 23/05/2016

It's interesting that in the reveal back in 2012 pictures of the X with the 2nd and 3rd row seats folded flat are shown but we don't see them get folded down.

With the third row folded how much room is there in the back relative to a model S with and without the S's 2nd row folded? With the six seat version can you bring 6 people shopping and have enough trunk and frunk space for a weeks worth of groceries? How about going to airport with luggage? I'd hate to replace my S with an X just to find that it down't have any more usable space.

dortor | 23/05/2016

groceries are _NO_ problem due to the very deep and very useful "well" behind the 3rd row - also luggage is no problem - the S is superior to the X in terms of an ability to carry large/bulky items that are long or simply big (long items from ikea, large TV's or bikes don't fit well into the X - but can often fit in to the S with the 2nd row folded).

speyerj | 24/05/2016

A week's worth? Probably. Maybe? It depends on how you shop and what sort of things you can put where or stack on top of each other. You could put groceries between the two 2nd row seats, you could put groceries in the frunk and in the hidden rear trunk and then behind the 3rd row. So that's about 7-10 grocery bags which is plenty of storage.

But you might also consider that you might not want to open up a trunk, a frunk, a FWD and a shelf to load your groceries. If your goal is to pop the trunk, toss your bags in behind the 3rd row seat, and go...then no, you could not hold a week's worth of groceries behind the 3rd row (at least we wouldn't be able to most weeks).

My wife just had the same experience I had...but a week later. Had lunch with a friend and offered them a lift home...only to discover they had a bike. Had to take out our daughter's car seat, move the seats forward, take the bike's tire off, lower the bike's seat post, angle the fork of the bike around the middle 2nd row seat and pull out the dog blanket from the frunk so that the bike wasn't scratching up the leather on the 2nd row. Amusingly she thought I was overreacting to the 2nd row middle seat not moving. She doesn't think I'm overreacting anymore.

socalsam | 24/05/2016

I just played with the seats at the Scottsdale showroom- they have a 7 seater as a display. the middle seat moves only a little to the front-

This is an epic fail. What were they thinking.

bak_phy | 24/05/2016

@speyerj Thanks. Would moving the middle seat forward have made putting the bike in easy? I'm thinking that I'll hold off on making any decision until I see where this whole seat thing goes. Who knows.... There might be new sensors as well in years time.

speyerj | 24/05/2016

Yes. If the middle seat moved identically to the side seats, it would be far easier to put a bike in the back of the car. We're talking about well over 5-6" of additional space that would be created. I could measure it...perhaps I'm wrong and it would give more room but still not enough to fit the bike. But I am pretty confident that if the middle seat moved identically to the outboard seats that there would be plenty of room for at least a single bike.

socalsam | 24/05/2016

Easy solution. Dont buy a 7 seat configuration!

speyerj | 24/05/2016

Well sure...if we hadn't been shown a 7-seat Model X at the Reveal that had a moveable middle seat...we might have chosen a 6-seat version!

socalsam | 24/05/2016

I know- sorry- didnt mean to rub that in. I agree- deceptive on their part.

bak_phy | 24/05/2016

@socalsam I have 3 kids so if I get the 6 seat configuration I can't fold down 3rd row if extra space is needed. Do the 3rd row seats fold individually?
I really seems to me that way to much effort has gone into trying to make the 2nd row seats comfortable at the cost of flexibility. Unless you are a chauffeur it's most likely that it is kids who are going to be back there and they really don't care that much. In most if not all cases they probably don't deserve seats that nice either.

socalsam | 24/05/2016

3rd row seats do fold individually. 6 seat option is the best one. Trust me on this. Do not get 7 seat. It severely limits you in so many ways.

speyerj | 24/05/2016

Yes, the 3rd row seats fold individually. You could seat three children and have one 3rd row seat still folded down in the 6-Seat version. If you are transporting 3 children and two adults, you are going to need to do creative packing to utilize the remainder of the trunk, the frunk and floor space to hold the luggage, soccer balls, baseball bats, etc for those folks.

The 2nd row seats sacrifice functionality for...something. In some sense they're gaining some additional functionality, but it doesn't really seem to be functionality that serves the purpose of the vehicle. Perhaps it serves a select population, but it does not serve others. If there is a reason why the 2nd row HAD to be this way, Tesla has stayed relatively quiet on the justification.

socalsam | 24/05/2016

Agree with speyerj. Im scratching my head why they made the second and third row seats the way that they did. On the second row - no arm rests either. WTF???

lilbean | 24/05/2016

We went on an overnight trip to Palm Springs and packed super light for a family of 4. We could have used more room.

aesculus | 24/05/2016

Really? With the 3rd row folded down and the frunk you were still lacking space? Of course one person's light is another's burden, but still.

lilbean | 24/05/2016

I don't use my frunk because I have a hard time closing it. I'm short. Lol :) I can load up the frunk no problem in the Model S.

aesculus | 25/05/2016

Do you have your car set to one of the low settings when parked? I am tall but still keep my car at the second lowest setting.

lilbean | 25/05/2016

Haha, I forget to do that. It is set on high to clear the driveway.

bak_phy | 25/05/2016

@lilbean just how much did you need to bring for one night? :0

So far I'm hearing that the X is like the S but with nicer seats, a better view and less room for baggage.

I was going to test drive it 2 weekends ago but Tesla rescheduled three times on me and then finally canceled. I'll try again in a few weeks when I have time.

lilbean | 25/05/2016

@bak_phy: haha. My hubby wanted to bring bedding so we wouldn't have to do laundry there. I pretty much just wore the same thing the next day. I travel light. Honestly, I didn't want luggage to touch the sides of the trunk because I didn't want it to scratch the interior. Yes, I know I'm a freak haha.

aesculus | 25/05/2016

One person early on tested roller bags vertically in the trunk with the shelf on the lower setting and stated they got two inside with the 3rd row of seats up. These were the size you could put in an overhead bin on an airplane. Not the size you need to check.

ernie | 26/05/2016

@Trigger.....I just picked out two 60" TV's at Costco ... drove there in the X. Went back to the office and picked up the old Tahoe and went back to PICK UP the TV's. Oh well!

dortor | 27/05/2016

ROFL - Model X is the SUV uncompromised.

That's why you had to get the Tahoe to haul things.

dortor | 27/05/2016

The model S would've handled those TV's just fine...I've done it.

ernie | 27/05/2016

@dortor...since I measured the boxes, the combined packing material meant no fit. We needed to save the packaging as we ship them out in their original boxes around the country to trade shows. The two would have damaged the side speakers.

ernie | 27/05/2016 said "S"...undoubtedly you are correct. Fortunately we are a family of two and if we need extra space we have a REAL SUV to fall back on. Not happily, but could.

thevangoghs | 27/05/2016

Yup...6 seater is the way to go....

dortor | 27/05/2016

doubt the 6 seater could handle it - you'd have to stand them up - and the heavily slopped rear hatch won't have a enough clearance - the X is a wonderful car - but it misses the mark as an SUV.