United Kingdom Cost and Delivery

United Kingdom Cost and Delivery

Hi My first log into this forum

Just logged into My Tesla and found that the information has been changed and shows a nice Model 3 car!! The information has been changed saying Deliveries to begin late 2017. Does this include the UK? Are Tesla further ahead in production than we all think! Would be good if they were! Anybody have any ideas if our deliveries will be this date or not?, or will Tesla let us know more?

It would also be good if Tesla could give us costs in the UK and other countries instead of us all speculating.

nexsuperne101 | 22/05/2016

Mine has changed as well. I am also in the UK, but don't want mine for financial reasons until at least August 2018. I want to pay for it outright, and earlier than this will alter the amount I have saved.

sujchallenge | 22/05/2016

I think we'll be looking at mid 2018. My thinking is Tesla will slow down deliveries in the US in late 2017 and deliver other countries lhd vehicles before making a big push to increase deliveries in the US again from Jan 2018 to maximise the $7500 tax credit in the first qtr.

If we do get it sooner then that'll be a bonus. @nexsuperne101 either way I'll think you'll be fine, I'm sure once you are invited to configure, you'll have the option to select a delivery month.

afestini | 22/05/2016

Tesla might not even have any idea what the costs will be and it depends a lot on whether the extra factories in Europe and Asia will happen and if so, if they are ready in time.

tesla | 22/05/2016

It says RHD markets are the last market to have models delivered to them. I'm also UK based and hoping early 2018

tesla | 22/05/2016

WHOA.... I'm not TESLA... I have no idea why but my name has come up with tesla against it. I'm not Tesla in the slightest. I'm just a paying punter from the UK who wants to own a car. I'll just check my profile to work out why it says that.....

yat168 | 23/05/2016

Great to see a UK Model 3 thread on here!!

Would be good if we/early UK reservation holders can be with a chance to get the plug-in car grant up for review in March 2018

dc | 24/05/2016

If they ramp up production for LHD by late 2017 and fulfil orders for 1st and 2nd tier priority (employees and previous Roadster, Model S and X owners - although the latter number is supposed to be less than 5% of the 373K current order book if I recall from one article I read) it will account for most of their volume, so realistically to agree with somebody else don't think we'll see RHD cars ship until mid-2018.

I will also hazard a guess that test vehicles will also be LHD initially.

Also @nexsuperne101 it will depend on your chosen spec. I actually turned down a Model S a few years back because all they were offering were Signature vehicles, which while fully loaded, also pushed the price tag way past what I was comfortable paying for a car. I'd imagine they'll do a similar tactic, offer high-spec cars, which all you do is choose the colour initially.

I'm happy to wait for a custom build, once I see the options, e.g. price of super charging for life, glass roof, auto pilot, etc. Ironically my biggest concern is what side the steering wheel is on as I may have moved from the UK again, by 2018!

grange.est | 24/05/2016

Based on the fact Tesla said the model X deliveries to the UK would be 2nd quarter of this year..... And you still can't spec one and therefore delivery seems to be running 1 year after initial reports.

Educated guess: 1 year of production to fulfill USA and LHD Europe. I also believe they will be shipped to China/Asia (huge market) prior to making European RHD models.
Conclusion...... I estimate shipping to UK earliest 1st quarter of 2019. Expect price to be £35k min. The base price may be higher due to the 2019 allowable technology the car will have. Also supplier price rises will take effect over the coming years. My MS has had several small price hikes.

It would also be good to have a lot more superchargers in the UK by the time the M3 is shipped. I was at a tesla gathering a few weeks ago and was told the superchargers are to be doubled by the end of this year. That isn't doubling the number of locations, some new locations but mainly increasing the charger numbers at existing sites.

By the time the M3 arrives, the second hand market for the MS will be similarly priced and have updated functionality to equal or better that of the M3, with free charging and zero road tax. Therefore, either sit on a waiting list for the M3 with no assured delivery date, or buy a MS second hand with same tech and same running costs.

I love my MS so much, I've reserved 2 M3's. Can't imagine buying another ICE vehicle

accentcreate | 09/08/2017

We are in the same boat in Aus, also RHD. A bonus is we queued and put down our deposits a good ten hours ahead of the UK. I don't expect we will be given any credit for that however.
Just chewing my nails and waiting, waiting, waiting.