tbouquet finally gets his Model X

tbouquet finally gets his Model X

Love it love it! 90D, blue with 6 ultra white seats, VIN 81xx, all the options. It's totally perfect in every way so far, drives like a dream, and the delivery experience was fast and pleasant. Communications were good throughout.

I should not say "finally"... I ordered on May 26 and picked up July 7, so it was pretty quick! Just making fun of that other thread. I have no sexy pictures so probably won't get so many responses. But I'm pleased to report that we have flapped the wings and cycled the front doors on all kinds of slopes and it all just works beautifully so far. Thank you early adopters!!!

PXChanel | 14/07/2016

At least there is a 3 year 50% buy back guarantee after 3 years, so for those of us who didn't lease it, we can still get that value back if we wish to sell so soon. BTW, Buy back guarantee program ended July 1st. I read it on Seeking Alpha yesterday, since it was not announced by Tesla.

lilbean | 14/07/2016

Ha. @teslagiddy +100
Funny you want a California made car when you hate California and Californians. Karma is a beautiful thing.

Remnant | 14/07/2016

@ tbouquet (July 14, 2016)

<< When AP pushed out OTA to my Model S, I spent hours reading the release notes and months gradually experimenting with its use until I determined how much I could trust it. >>

It would be prudentially savvy on Tesla's part to design a Learning Mode and corresponding quizzes, advising the owner to defer the full-power, full-feature engagement of the car till their quiz scores are consistently in the 100% range.

This might preempt much of the criticism leveled at the company with regard to the maturity or safety of the more daring innovations and breakthrough features, such as the AP.

lilbean | 14/07/2016

Need to clarify: vper wants a California car when he hates California.

jon | 14/07/2016

@PXChanel you may want to read the fine print on your guarantee buyback, as it just disappeared on July 1, 2016. Dunno if you can be grandfathered with your paper, or if TM made that disappear. Also thought that applied only to Model S, as no one could confirm it exists for Model X...just sayin'

Madatgascar | 15/07/2016
Madatgascar | 15/07/2016

Sorry, trying to post a pic. Let's try that again:

Madatgascar | 15/07/2016

There she is! A LOT bigger than the Model S huh?

aesculus | 16/07/2016

Yeah it is. But that wide angle lens does not help either. Switch positions and let's talk. :-)

Madatgascar | 16/07/2016

Aesculus, that's not a wide angle lens. I took that photo with my iPhone with no attachment, pano mode. It makes her look fat because she IS fat.
I had to knock out a garage side wall so the driver door could open.

Madatgascar | 16/07/2016

I stand corrected - pano mode is basically the same as using a wide angle lens. Duh.

Ankit Mishra | 16/07/2016


elguapo | 16/07/2016

Love the blue! That's what I have. Looks fantastic...when clean!

aesculus | 17/07/2016

@tbouquet: Even without pano (which is really wide angle) the iPhone 6 and it's variants (that's what I assume you are using), is still a wide angle lens. It has a 31mm effective focal length.

A DSLR with a 50 mm lens has a flat image. Anything less than 50mm is considered wide angle and anything more zoom.

Madatgascar | 30/07/2016

OK check out this side by side comparison:

Parking both in that garage is a real challenge. Even Summon says "Oh hell naw"

Madatgascar | 30/07/2016
Madatgascar | 30/07/2016

Why is this so hard

Triggerplz | 30/07/2016

( tbouquet | July 30, 2016
OK check out this side by side comparison:

Parking both in that garage is a real challenge. Even Summon says "Oh hell naw" ) @tbouquet LMAO @ Oh Hell Naw I've heard that somewhere :). Your car looking really nice I'm looking forward to the side by side comparison You about to post and That's amazing you got your car from order to pickup in 6 weeks while the 5 seaters wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait :-)

raging.dragonfly | 30/07/2016

@tbouquet, I found that the little square that showed up instead of the picture is actually a link to the picture, at least in Android: just touch and hold it, and a window is generated with four options listed, one of which is "Open image". Touch that and your photo begins to load. She's very pretty - we have the same, blue w/6 Ultrawhite seats, and we love her! :-)