Why with all the referrals codes?

Why with all the referrals codes?

Do people get some sort of prize for people using their $1000 off an order code?

hami05 | 22/07/2016

Yeah the referral program has some reward for 2 referrals, 3 referrals, 5 referrals, and 10 referrals. Ohio and Virginia residents aren't eligible.

hami05 | 22/07/2016

Just to clarify, Ohio and Virginia residents aren't eligible to receive awards due to some bizarre laws. They are still qualified to use the $1000 credit off a purchase though.

Triggerplz | 22/07/2016

Wow referral thread number 7

Civilpe | 22/07/2016

If you need a referral, here is mine:

Triggerplz | 23/07/2016


james | 23/07/2016

My referral for Florida


socalsam | 23/07/2016

You can use my referral code as well

hami05 | 23/07/2016

Lol Sam +1

Triggerplz | 23/07/2016

Use my referral code

Realure | 24/07/2016

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