Texas Supercharger locations & Buc-ees

Texas Supercharger locations & Buc-ees

For God's anyone at Tesla talking to Buc-ees?

The Collin Street Bakery supercharger locations off interstates 45 and 35 are excellent. But the interstate 10 supercharger location in Columbus, Texas (between Houston and San Antonio) is really pitiful. We stopped there this past weekend and there was no toilet paper in the restrooms, no soap, and no paper towels. What was once a nice, new Comfort Inn Suites is really going downhill quickly.

What we need are Superchargers at Buc-ees! The Luling, Texas Buc-ees location would be great!

Does anyone have a contact in the executive offices at Buc-ees to help Tesla?

DTsea | 09/08/2016

What is a buc-ee

kwellmey | 09/08/2016

Enormous gas station and store with dozens of restrooms, hot meals, bakery, etc. Just google image Buc-ees.

mirio | 09/08/2016

@DTsea Buc-ee's refined the Gas Station experience, very clean (including restrooms, cleaned several times per day) all fresh products, bakery, excellent charcuterie! they make money hand over fist.

IMO these two brands (tesla & buc-ee's) are a perfect match.

vperl | 09/08/2016

Interstate 10 from San Antonio to Phoenix needs six Superchargers or so....

DTsea | 09/08/2016

Sounds like a nice truck stop i guess?

Anyway i dont want to charge at a gas station, myself.

vperl | 09/08/2016

Tesla puts Superchargers where ever in U S I am happy to plug in, if need be.

Red Sage ca us | 09/08/2016

It seems that their locations in Texas are in the same Great Triangle area that Superchargers already exist...?

MSMD | 09/08/2016

I'm a Tesla owner in Texas as well. I would LOVE to see superchargers at Buccees. This was my former must pit stop when driving my former ICE car. Love all of the different types of jerky there too. VERY clean and huge restrooms.

vperl | 09/08/2016

None of those stations west of San Antonio on Interstate 10.

JeffreyR | 09/08/2016

The parking lot is CRAZY full most of the time. But, I agree they have many useful traits too. Bathrooms and kitsch are epic.

Did I mention In-N-Out already? Oh yeah I did. Won't help much on the 10 from TX to AZ too. And in case you are wondering, yes I have taken the 10 all the way under Lincoln to when it turns into PCH. Which is why I refer to the 10 and not "I-10" instead.

Red Sage ca us | 10/08/2016

Family members here in Los Angeles were surprised when I pointed out that all they have to do to drive to New Orleans is get on the 10 FWY and drive East.

djhanna17 | 01/09/2019

Buc-ees stations are huge with plenty of room to place charging stations. Buc-ees also has clean restrooms, and great snacks for the road. I know stopping at a gas station with a Tesla, for some, is like an oxymoron, but don't we have to stop for a restroom and snacks from time to time? I stop at Buc-ees all the time, to buy snacks and use the facilities, and I don't purchase fuel.

Placing Tesla charging stations at Buc-ees would also be a good way to get Tesla owners and non-Tesla owners together to talk about the vehicles, and help those non-Tesla owners to think outside the box, and it could help sell Telsa's. You have those few people that think that Tesla's are only for those that don't travel, but this would change their mind.

Yodrak. | 02/09/2019

Where are Bus-ees stations? I presume there are some located near where you live or on your travel routes, but I've never seen one.

El Mirio | 03/09/2019

@Yodark its a beloved gas station chain in Texas, very clean great food with a lot of different choices. Some would go out there just to go buy jerky which they are famous for.

The fan base is huge as the fan photos show.

El Mirio | 03/09/2019

They are all about the experience which would line up nicely with Tesla, other than them selling fuel.

bp | 03/09/2019

Especially some of the early supercharger stations in Texas aren't in ideal locations. Driving west and north from Houston, the nearest superchargers are located at hotels (one is pretty run down, with nothing else nearby). Plus, the parking lots at those locations limit the number of charging stalls to 6 at each location.

The Colin Street Bakery locations in Corsicana and Waco are better - but the bakery has limited hours - we've stopped when they've been closed.

Buc-ees is open 24 hours, has huge parking lots (providing plenty of space for superchargers) and provides clean bathrooms, food court and retail for use during charging.

Now that Tesla is selling more vehicles (outselling Porsche), that should be a large enough market segment for Tesla to start making partnerships with companies that have more resources already at the chargers, rather than having to hunt for restaurants, small gas stations or hotels - which have more limited support (and limited hours). | 03/09/2019

Tesla is already partnering with WaWa and Sheetz on the east coast. Just a matter of time for other companies in other areas.

Earl and Nagin ... | 03/09/2019

Wouldn't/won't it be great if/when the huge convenience store/gas station chains quit selling gasoline because of the high costs of maintaining equipment and only provide DC Fast charging and convenience stores?
I agree that Buc-ee's locations would be great candidates for Supercharger. They would be a win-win-win for everyone except for maybe those who eat to many "Beaver Nuggets" :-) !!

Yodrak. | 03/09/2019

"its [Buc-ees] a beloved gas station chain in Texas"

Thanks for explaining Buc-ees for those of us who are not familiar with Texas. I see that some other posters agree with you.

I wonder - since it takes two to tango, or to partner, is the reason that there are no Tesla superchargers at Buc-ees locations due to Tesla not approaching Buc-ees, or is it due to Buc-ees rebuffing Tesla? Or is it due to antipathy of the state of Texas and the auto dealers association in Texas towards Tesla?

bp | 04/09/2019

More likely that Tesla has been such a small portion of the market that it wouldn't provide much value to Buc-ee's to add Tesla charging. In our area, Tesla is partnering with Rudy's which has BBQ restaurants, and in a few places those also include a gas station.

Buc-ee's is interesting because they typically have huge parking lots and 80-120 gas pumps, so they should have adequate space for EV fast charging.

And now that Tesla is outselling Porsche, wouldn't be surprised for Tesla to partner with Buc-ee's or one of their competitors with large gas stations along the major highways.

Tesla2018 | 05/09/2019

What about Pilot/Flying J truck stops? They seem to be all over the country.

bp | 05/09/2019

Makes more sense to pick the major truck stops for superchargers than hotels or restaurants, that aren't open 24x7.

nwfan | 06/09/2019

In Texas we are starting to see SC located at truck stops.
Recently open Fort Stockton TX SC at FlyingJ.
Flatonia TX at service station.
Perry OK at service station and next door to McD's.
Cisco TX at FlyingJ.
Junction TX at Chevron station.
Italy, TX at Love station.
Under construction SC in Henrietta TX at Service Station and Steak and Shake fast food joint.
Under construction SC in Burleson TX at Shell station.

IMHO urban locations located at Malls and Hotels. Along interstates trend to install
at 24 hr service stations.

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gorillasooner | 05/12/2019

Don’t forget Quick Trips for those both of Texas too.

gorillasooner | 05/12/2019

North of Texas. Both both of Texas. Autocorrect....