Windshield cracked, 3 week (minimum) wait

Windshield cracked, 3 week (minimum) wait

I noticed a large crack in my window a couple days ago. Called to schedule a replacement and they said it would be at the very minimum 3 weeks because it needs to be special ordered. Any other ideas as to whether I can get it faster somewhere else? Does any company keep them in stock?

tes-s | 18/08/2016

I got mine replaced same day in Milford CT service center.

Ruby110 | 18/08/2016

Who said 3 weeks?

eye.surgeon | 18/08/2016

It's not urgent.

SUN 2 DRV | 18/08/2016

Mine took 3 weeks at the Fremont service center.... mostly to get an appointment and because they subcontract to a 3rd party installer who had to be scheduled in.

GHammer | 18/08/2016

I got my mine same day Portland OR service center.

Pack Mule | 18/08/2016

I coordinated through Minneapolis, MN service center and got same day install from a third party installer.

Jj | 18/08/2016

My Mercedes SL took over 3 months to get the windshield and a full day to install.

MilesMD88 | 18/08/2016

3 weeks in Atlanta. $1372...

feverdoc | 19/08/2016

I had a rock hit my windshield. Called service the next day. They checked and had the windshield in stock. They saved it for me and I had it done in a couple of days later. No complaints from me.

Haggy | 20/08/2016

I had glass replaced in Fremont and was told to come in the same day, but it wasn't a windshield. The last time there was a thread like this, it had more to do with the age of the car. For pre-AP cars, it might be more of a concern. For current cars, windshields are ordered regularly and there are far more on the road. For older ones, it's not as if they are used for any other purpose.

My windshield isn't the same as the one currently in production, but the current one will work with my car. Once AP 2.0 comes out, that might change, and it might be a matter of needing a replacement windshield that's a type needed only for replacements.

I actually did have my windshield replaced by Tesla once, but it was before I picked up my car. The day before I was scheduled for delivery, I got a call that they found a crack and had to change it. That delayed my pickup by a few days, and it was the third scheduled delivery date for me at that point. Apparently they were able to change it the same day, but needed it to sit there for a day for things to harden.

alnrench2 | 20/08/2016

Did you call Safelite Auto ?

TesPath | 20/08/2016

It took 3 weeks for me in OC. SC suggested contacting Tesla approved body shop for faster repair.

bob | 20/08/2016

Caught a rock on my way from walnut creek to mountain view. Stopped in Fremont. Service got me a loaner and back on the road in less than 20 min. Took 2 days to replace windshield since they didn't have one in stock, also of note: insurance carrier required OEM windshield.