$121 ticket in SF for no front plate

$121 ticket in SF for no front plate

I got the $121 ticket parked on the Embarcadero for no front plate. Trying to decide if I should not install the plate and pay the ticket; or put it on, get that signed off by CHP and pay just a $10 fine.
Are others getting frequent no front plate tickets?
Will Tesla Service Center install the plate?

jwh8000 | 22/08/2016

My state doesn't require a front plate just a bucket full of money for the annual registration.

Big T | 22/08/2016

I installed The Law bracket as discussed here previously. No drilling. Took less than 10 minutes. Pays for itself by avoiding one ticket.

Clublon | 22/08/2016

I lived in Minnesota a state that requires a front plate. A few years back I purchased a used Lexus SC400. No real place for a plate. It was a MN car but did not have a front plate. Dealership said previous owner just risked the tickets. I was going to do the same. That is until about the third week when I got stopped two days in a row for no front plate. I put the plate on. As for my X, I am registering it in Florida that does not require a front plate. :)

Triggerplz | 22/08/2016

SC installed my front plate and put the wheel locks on doing delivery, they also put my temp tag in the front window and I got pulled over from not having a tag in the rear no ticket was given, so i put it in the rear then I got pulled over again because the police couldn't see the temp tag in the rear no ticket was given, then I got over by the police just to tell me how much they liked the car..Now I have my personalize tags on the front and rear and I have not been pulled over again

Triggerplz | 22/08/2016

"for not having a tag in the rear"

Redmiata98 | 22/08/2016

Thanks for following the law in your state that requires a front plate. It sets a good example to have the front plate on the front of the car and not ignore the law.

jestah | 22/08/2016

Aesthetically and aerodynamically front license plates suck, few better examples than Model X

States should allow/offer reflective sticker or similar for front numbers, I am considering my options on my future X

I live in SF and have gotten that ticket, get it signed off at any sub station or even ask a cop outside of Starbucks they have to and don't mind and you mail $10.-

As far as not getting another one in SF never park on the street again. The meters are all as expensive as parking garages, and you won't get a ticket in there.

In other SF news, I just visited the brand new Tesla showroom on 999 Van Ness (formerly Bentleys and Lambos ) it's huge and they did a stunning remodel in historical building and there were at least 12 MXs there

carlk | 22/08/2016

Don't park at a meter and you'll be OK. Cops got better things to do than ticket cars without front plate or windows tinted too dark which you see them everywhere. I've never got pulled over in ten years driving cars without a front plate. Once got pulled over by CHP for speeding in San Jose but he never mentioned the missing front plate. BTW do you have any favorite garages to park your S in the city? I hate to bring my Tesla there with all those tiny parking slots.

Gayatrikr | 24/08/2016

Nj got anticket for not putting on fromt plates he said i had it for a yr even tho it was transferred plates 6 mnths ago but he didnt want to listen
$74 no sign offs had to pay the whole amnt diff ppl diff considerations

siliconhammer | 24/08/2016

There is a previous discussion thread where a guy took a picture of his plate and had a vinyl decal made from it which he applied to his front bumper. If your car has a protectant like XPEL I think this is a good alternative to installing the bracket. When he ordered the decal there was a minimum order quantity, so if he had any issues he had plenty of spares to reapply. BTW, when I took delivery of my X they told me the SC would install the front plate for free.

siliconhammer | 24/08/2016

I went and located the earlier thread which talks about this issue. Go look at the recommendation from @davediep, I'm going to do this too.

This site could sure use a search function, finding the old thread took some time. So much good advice has been dispensed on this forum. Now that my X is delivered I'm going to be searching like crazy for those pearls of wisdom.

Remnant | 25/08/2016

@ siliconhammer (August 24, 2016)

<< [Someone] took a picture of his plate and had a vinyl decal made from it which he applied to his front bumper. >>

This is ingenious; most consistent with the aerodynamic requirements of the fascia.

Another aerodynamic possibility would be to design a plate-size portion of the fascia as a rear-projection screen and project the image of the real plate on it. When turned off, the screen would resume the looks of the fascia surrounding it.

carlgo2 | 25/08/2016

Rear plates are about as bad but the manufacturers make efforts to design around them. They ignore the front and that is not helpful. I like Remnant's idea combined with an auto pilot feature that would spot police cars and activate the front plate.

Big T | 25/08/2016

"There is a previous discussion thread where a guy took a picture of his plate and had a vinyl decal made from it which he applied to his front bumper."

This is illegal in most states because the decal will not have the mandated reflective qualities of the real plate. This makes license plates easier for law enforcement officials to read by the light of headlights or flashlights, and it is more effective as a safety device on the highway. The plate is also a target for lasers used in traffic enforcement.

I don't see how the decal would get you out of a ticket for no front license plate.

lhanspal | 25/08/2016

Honestly - not sure what the fuss is about the front plate. I wanted my front plate installed - it made my X look like a normal car... :-) ...

earlyretirement | 25/08/2016

I've gotten a few tickets in Santa Monica as well. They are HORRIBLE there about front license plates while parking at a meter.

Does anyone know if it's enough to simply stick the license plate in the window dashboard and can they still ticket you?

lilbean | 25/08/2016

Yes, you can stillbe ticketed for improper display of front plate.

carlk | 25/08/2016


More power to you but I din't want my X to look like a normal car.

lhanspal | 25/08/2016


Dont mistake the reference to "normal" as a plain vanilla car... the MX holds it's own - front plate or not...

Most videos/photos of MX are without the front plate - so i can understand why folks prefer that look... but now we are talking about personal tastes... if there is a rule - follow it...

rossRallen | 25/08/2016

In some of my more obsessive moments, I've counted about 10% of high-end and performance cars in approaching traffic without front plates in NorCal.

Darryl | 25/08/2016

A few years ago late one night my neighbor knocked on my door and told me they had accidentally hit my car and the only damage was they had broken my front license plate bracket. They handed my my license plate and broken bracket. Since I was parked on the street I decided to put the license plate and bracket in my windshield until I could get it fixed. The next morning I went out to the car to go get a bracket and there was a ticket on the car for not properly displaying the front licensee plate. I decided to fight it without any luck. According to the judge by leaving the car on a city street without the plate attached to the front bumper I had broken the law. Luckily I now live in a state that doesn't require a front plate.

vperl | 26/08/2016

Very easy to not get ticket of any type.

Obey the law.

Need explanation, just ask.

carlk | 26/08/2016


It is indeed depending on type of the car. I would say more than 25% of BMW, mostly higher performance models, I see on the street are without a front plate and less than 25% of any models of Porsche have one. My unscientific observation is no more than a third of Model S I see has one. There are too few Model X yet but I can imagine there will be many of them without the front plate too. I'm not saying one needs to do it either way of course. Just what you're comfortable with doing.

Out4aDuck | 26/08/2016

There goes a month's worth of fuel cost savings.

cmbarclay | 26/08/2016

IMO the X gets a lot of attention and probably from Meter maids & Police too. I have had several police officers closely inspect my car because they think it's cool. If I didn't have my front plate on they might have to write ticket because now they notice it doesn't have a front plate. They probably don't notice BMW's or MB's because in LA they are everywhere.

lilbean | 26/08/2016

The Jag has a busy grill with lots of chrome so it's not as obvious it is missing a front plate. The Tesla stands out from other cars and the front end is clean. It's more obvious when there isn't a front plate, in my opinion.

eddiemoy | 02/09/2016

I've been going on almost 3 months without a front license plate. *knock on wood*

keith | 17/11/2016

I took Big T's advice and installed the Law from Forklift Central. Easy install. It is removable, but i just left it on once I got the ticket cleared and the look does not bother me.

EternalChampion | 17/11/2016

I have the Law on both my S and X. Couldn't be happier. And now I don't have to sweat whenever I meet a cop. I felt I was pushing my luck going nearly 1.5 years without a front plate on my S.

Silver2K | 18/11/2016

$125 for a plate holder? i'd drill the nose in a split second

lilbean | 18/11/2016


Silver2K | 18/11/2016


that nose never had a chance at that price.