Seven Rules of Tesla Forum

Seven Rules of Tesla Forum

Rule #1: Enjoy your new car
Rule #2: Grin
Rule #3: Grin Harder
Rule #4: Always plug in when a plug is available
Rule #5: Do not ask why no coat hooks, cup holders, or lift handles
Rule #6: Do not ask if you should cancel your order
Rule #7: Do not try to leave

Am I trapped in Idaho?

renwo S alset | 24/08/2016

You are trapped with Bh in an endless loop.

SbMD | 24/08/2016

It's like Fight Club...

Ross1 | 24/08/2016

Rule #8: Every 2 weeks ensure there is a post about free energy and powering your Tesla from its own momentum.

Rule #9: Propose a bet if you do not agree with an adversary.

Rule #10: Do not question Model X 2nd row folding seats. | 24/08/2016

Time to modify rule #5 on cupholders - All cars come with at least 6 cupholders - 4 in front and two for the rear in the Model S, and an additional 2 in the Model X 3rd row.

Rule #11: Every three weeks - explain your new idea about solar cells on the roof (which might yield a hundred feet of additional range if left in the sun all day, but adds an extra $1K+ to the cost of the car). Also, solar roof may reduce rollover safety significantly, but who cares about that.

renwo S alset | 24/08/2016

Rule #12 Post lots of sexual innuendo.

jjs | 24/08/2016

Let's skip rule 13 and go straight to 14. Safer that way.

PaceyWhitter | 24/08/2016

Don't ask how long something will take. It will happen soon.

KP in NPT | 24/08/2016

Rule #14 do not post your grand scheme for supercharging pay models for the Model 3.

SO | 24/08/2016

Rule #15 - regardless if you are a believer or denier in man made climate change, remember we are all friends here bathing in the awesomeness of Tesla!

Rocky_H | 24/08/2016

Oh, you scared me with this thread title. I thought it was the zombie resurrection of "What is a Tesla Forum?"

Bighorn | 24/08/2016

Rule 16: Legitimate your grievance by announcing how much you paid for the car including sales tax.

trixiew | 24/08/2016

Rule 17-don't post your real name. There are stalkers here.

trixiew | 24/08/2016

@BH you might want to amend that to include paying "good money".

buchholtz3 | 24/08/2016

Rule 18: Don't fret about different seats. Enjoy the ones you have.

Kramseydmd | 24/08/2016

Rule 19: keep it real.

Ross1 | 24/08/2016

Rule 20: Worship St. Elon

Ross1 | 24/08/2016

Rule 20: No pics, it didn't happen.

Ross1 | 24/08/2016

Actually 21.

Ross1 | 24/08/2016

Rule 22: Don't even try to edit uyour posteitwont hapen.

lar_lef | 24/08/2016

Rule 23 Rules are made to be broken. (Best I could come up with, haven't had morning coffee).

Ross1 | 25/08/2016

Rule 24
Wait for coffee before posting, or at least be drunk. | 25/08/2016

Rule 25: Once a week observe that your Model S has "lost" a rated mile and bemoan the "degradation".

Silver2K | 25/08/2016

26. Don't try to respond to trixiew's one liners, it never turns out well

Silver2K | 25/08/2016

27. JT is very old and be gentle with him

Silver2K | 25/08/2016

28. Don't ask for the + after your p85 moniker on your dash or cluster, only a handful of very special b people can have it.

Correction for 27. And = so

Silver2K | 25/08/2016

29. "Don't get mad, get glad"

Silver2K | 25/08/2016

29 can be used in the kitchen also.

-Gman- | 25/08/2016

30. know when to quit

PhillyGal | 25/08/2016

31. Complain/ask about a retrofit when a new feature gets announced.

JeffreyR | 25/08/2016

32. Search before posting yet another thread on [insert zombie topic here]

See Tips and Tricks, OMC, and "the" Google for searching instructions

-Gman- | 25/08/2016

Ooooo, phillygal & jeffreyr... See #30!

danCE | 25/08/2016

#33 - learn how to enter the Model ☰ character symbol. (See the half dozen threads already on this topic.)

Silver2K | 25/08/2016

#34. Correct the spelling in the OP by clicking on edit, correct the spelling and save...

Silver2K | 25/08/2016

#35. If you double post a thread, for goodness sakes delete one of them!

GHammer | 25/08/2016

#36 Dont ask what's in every little software update, It isn't version 8

KP in NPT | 25/08/2016

#37 Make all negative threads regarding your car private, or be shamed.

renwo S alset | 25/08/2016

#37. Argue with and shame PD for whatever he posts.

Pleasanton_Ca | 25/08/2016

#37 (the first one), +!

Silver2K | 25/08/2016

#38 don't use the shadow option, it confuses people

SamO | 25/08/2016

#39 if you can afford it, get more range and stop worrying, someone will soon have more

PeterPlt | 25/08/2016

#40 make a wild speculation... and jump back to avoid the splash!

Bighorn | 25/08/2016

Before you buy the car, be sure to ask what color you should get.

renwo S alset | 25/08/2016

#42 If you live in Armpit Arizona, be sure to ask if anyone knows a good electrician.

renwo S alset | 25/08/2016

#43 Every 2 weeks ask if Opti-Coat is worth it

KP in NPT | 25/08/2016

#44 ask which dash cam to get.

Ross1 | 25/08/2016

#45: Don't spend more than 8 hrs a day on the forum. You need to sleep and play too.

Silver2K | 25/08/2016

#44 had me laughing..

Silver2K | 25/08/2016

#46. there are more than "Seven Rules" to follow

Millionmilesorbust | 25/08/2016

#45, I admit i took off work today and instead of cleaning the apt I've been on there all day :( My GF is starting to get annoyed how often I'm on here and I don't even have a tesla yet.

Silver2K | 25/08/2016

#47. don't stare!