Slacker cutting off songs with new update

Slacker cutting off songs with new update

Ever since the update to 8.0, Slacker will randomly cut off songs anywhere from 40-15 seconds left. It's not consistent with all songs, but it does this about 60% of the time. Anyone else experiencing this?

jjs | 03/10/2016

It is doing it in my car as well. However, the only time I have noticed it is when I park the car, regardless of how long, and then go again. I don't know if this will happen when just in park, with the drive train/car still on, or if it is triggered by just putting the car in park.

mbmiller429 - Is this happening as I described above or more often than that?

Silver2K | 03/10/2016

Happens to me also a lot while driving or parked.

mbmiller429 | 03/10/2016

For me, it is happening during normal driving. It's happened every day since the update, with no rhyme or reason as to which songs, or channel it happens.

miyamky | 03/10/2016

Happening to me as well...I can't see any pattern | 03/10/2016

I also see it, but after parked and return. The indicator that it is buffering the song is missing or it indicates it no longer buffers the song (which might explain the problem). Before I'd see an entire song downloaded in 10 seconds or so (it varied by signal) and it would then ensure clean playback for the rest of the song.

Ardoc | 03/10/2016

happens all the time

KP in NPT | 03/10/2016

Same here, randomly.

Made in CA | 03/10/2016

@teslatap +1

Jackman | 03/10/2016

Also happening to me. But only after a park and return and then its not every time. Not even most of the time.

Tomonken | 03/10/2016

It happens to me as well. I live on top of a ridge that has spotty cellular signal. It seems to cut off songs at the same spots that I drop calls. To me it seems consistent with a weak cellular signal. Since the update it cuts off the songs at the exact same spot every time I drive down the ridge. It never happened prior to 8

ST70 | 03/10/2016

noticed it more with the update as well

Chunky Jr. | 03/10/2016

happens to me as well

I'm also having problems getting music to play via bluetooth. when it works, it works, but to get it working first time I often have to play something through slacker first, then switch to the phone

GLangston | 03/10/2016

Seeing it occasionally - not 60%. Also seeing occasional reboots - as if I had pressed both buttons on the steering wheel.

sbeggs | 04/10/2016

Cant find Slacker anymore...just a search box where I have been inputting artist or song desired in the genre I like...Latin music.
What am I missing?
Classic S85 VIN 32723

UnshodBob | 04/10/2016

They renamed Slacker to Streaming.

sbeggs | 04/10/2016

Great, thanks!

jman | 04/10/2016

Here I was thinking it was just me. Think this will be fixed with another software update to work out kinks of new version??

Pungoteague_Dave | 04/10/2016

happens to me too, but carlk will just say it is user error or a new feature, so I guess that i'm wrong | 04/10/2016

Yep - new feature to skips the end of songs. It detects you're tired of listening to it before the end! The detection needs a little work though - sometimes I like to listen to the entire song.

cchouston | 04/10/2016

Yep - here, as well. For me, it happens during the end of the first song after parking the car.

trixiew | 04/10/2016

ditto here. Rare and random but daily.

Smrtasp | 04/10/2016

I was having this issue along with really slow moving between songs so I turned off the new DJ feature and this took care of most of my issues. It has still occasionally skipped a song after it starts up and was in the middle of a song when I parked it but since turning off the DJ feature its 1000% better.

teslaliving | 06/10/2016

This is the worst part of 8.0 and hard to believe it made it through any QA/Beta program without someone noticing. Happens every time I get back in the car. Anywhere from 60s to 20s of last part of song that was playing gets cut off near the end.

burdogg | 06/10/2016

It happens every time after I park and get out of the car (ie when the car shuts down). When you get back in, it continues playing the song but then cuts off the last 46 seconds usually, sometimes less but right in that 40 sec range. There is something they have done to cause this.

drabsence | 06/10/2016

The same thing is happening to me. I haven't been systematic enough to notice the pattern. But, I'm guessing it has to do with a smaller / shorter buffer being allocated to streaming.

Stiction | 06/10/2016

Not seeing this at all. Listen to 'streaming' aka slacker all the time.

2015P90DI | 06/10/2016

Happens to me every single time I get in the car. First song is always cut short. Quite annoying. Between this, all the extra steps to use Nav or menu features, cluttered music window, etc, etc, seriously wishing there was an uninstall option. Took me a while to get used to 7.0 and the things I initially didn't like. Each day, I got more used to them and had no major complaints. With 8.0 though, it gets worse with each day as I just keep discovering new things that are annoying or more complicated.

justinmk3 | 07/10/2016

Sign me up on the "me too" train.

sentabo | 07/10/2016

It happens often enough to me that I will use my USB exclusively for music until this bug is fixed.

TM21 | 07/10/2016

Yep, me too - much more often than before. For me, it has happened in the middle of a drive.

dj_the_blues_man | 07/10/2016

Same here.

Salute | 07/10/2016

I notice it happening to me when I leave the house and the car changes from wifi to 3G. I had it happen one other time but again I think it was trying to connect to another wifi spot.

inhocjp | 07/10/2016

Per Smrtasp's recommendation in this thread, I turned off the DJ feature. No more skipping songs.

sentabo | 07/10/2016

After reading the above I tried turning off the DJ feature. The first song played all the way through, but the next two cut off before conclusion. So no go for me.

reitermail | 07/10/2016

This happens to me also, and only since the recent update. I also now have a problem with no audio when I'm playing something through Bluetooth. It happens intermittently, and it's extremely frustrating.

ftwohy | 09/10/2016

Cutting off the end of a song is a regular occurrence for me too.

mjwellman | 09/10/2016

Same here.

NKYTA | 09/10/2016

Sigh, cmon Chilton!

AmineTx | 09/10/2016

What is DJ mode? and how do we turn it off?

UnshodBob | 10/10/2016

DJ mode appears to be part of slacker, now called streaming. The release notes shows a DJ button just below the pause icon. Look under Modern Media Player / Now Playing View in the release notes in the car.

kevin | 24/10/2016
KP in NPT | 24/10/2016

It happens to me and it's been happening even worse in the loaner I've had for the weekend. Hope they fix soon.

Ruby110 | 24/10/2016

@Kevin: but not songs are cut short. For me, it's only after restarting the car. It seems it doesn't happen if I pause the song and mute the sound before exiting the car.

EVRider | 24/10/2016

When I drove today, all the Slacker songs played completely. I've experienced the cutoff problem before (after upgrading to 8.0), so I don't know if the problem has been fixed, or it's based on signal strength or other factors.

drew | 24/10/2016

Yep notice it after parked, duration? | 24/10/2016

I like it; who wants to listen to an entire song?

tcandmm | 24/10/2016

Same problem as everyone else, very annoying. When do we expect to get a fix?

lilbean | 24/10/2016

I don't expect it will be fixed. It isn't even acknowledged as a problem.

MilesMD88 | 24/10/2016

Maybe if the thread grows enough...
Mine is doing it as well. Glad to know it's not just me because I thought it was just me.

KP in NPT | 24/10/2016

Has anyone noticed if it might have anything to do with the USB? When I unplugged it today, it caused the music to skip. I'll experiment on my drive to work tomorrow.