Bosch takes Tesla body and develops AP 10 years better

Bosch takes Tesla body and develops AP 10 years better

AUS does it again, first test this week in Melbourne, AUS, Bosch claims it is 10 years better than existing tech

So they say..

Ross1 | 05/10/2016 DOT net DOT au/news/2016-10-05/aussie-self-driving-car-unveiled/7904602

More info in this article.
It is one of five, and going out for testing by hundreds of Joe Publics this weekend
60 additional components, 2 km of cabling, 6 radars, 6 LIDARS, GPS, stereo video camera..

Ross1 | 05/10/2016

It looks like the AUS government is to use this tech which has been thrown all the tech into one car without regard to cost, in order to develop the road laws.

And there is a link to Obama's comments in the previous post above

Ross1 | 05/10/2016

Electrek says it interfaces to know and study which driver is in the drivers seat.. | 05/10/2016

"10 years better". Is a qualitative metric made up by Gavin Smith, if you choose to believe him. Anybody that makes a statement like that is blowing smoke. Autonomous driving has yet to be defined because there is a countably infinite number of conditions that can foil an autonomous driving system, if not accounted for somehow. Until some subset of these conditions is ordained to be sufficient to define autonomy, no one knows what autonomous driving really is.

1. Encountering a road with missing or heavily worn lane markings.
n. Temporary road contruction marked by plastic barrels, some of which have been knocked out of place.

Red Sage ca us | 05/10/2016

Ross: That's 'President Obama', if you will. Thanks.

Ross1 | 05/10/2016

OK, Mr Red.

Ross1 | 05/10/2016

All these people poised to say 'Vaporware vaporware".
BUT it is going out for the public to drive this weekend.

I used to work in Clayton.. | 06/10/2016

Driving directly into the sun

No longer valid destination address

Big pothole

Black ice

Highway patrolman signaling you from side of road to stop

Kangaroo hopping toward your lane from the left side of the road

Step ladder falling off of pick-up truck in front of you. | 06/10/2016

No reason to knock Bosch - they make the radar in the current Teslas and working with Tesla the two have added significant capability that was previously unavailable in any car. Glad they are pushing the boundaries, but as others have pointed out, we are still quite a way from fully autonomous cars in all driving conditions in a commercially available vehicle.

Ross1 | 06/10/2016

Camouflaged alligator dives in the pano roof | 06/10/2016

Now you are being silly.

Road covered with two inches of standing water

At stoplight car in front of you goes into reverse and starts backing up.

Front tire blows out.

Mattress carried on roof comes loose and slides off the back end (of your car or the car ahead of you.)

I have encountered all of the above except the kangaroo and the alligator.

Got run into by a deer one time.

Had a stepladder slide out of a pickup trip in my lane at 70+ mph.

Trip to a strip mall address. Car must find parking space.

School zone special speed limit during certain hours of the day.

School crossing guard signals for traffic to stop.

Pedestrian crossing

Round-about with approaching traffic

Ross1 | 06/10/2016

If you live long enough, everything will happen.

I think what Bosch may be doing is to throw the whole bin of parts at it and work backwards?

Ross1 | 06/10/2016

If we had opportunity we could set up that whole scenario for the Bosch test drive.

You forgot:
Car is forced to collide with one of two buses. Which one to choose, the full one or the empty one?
Or kill its own passengers?

Ross1 | 06/10/2016

Incidentally, kangaroos are the biggest hazard where I drive.

kevin | 06/10/2016

Today jurisdictions look at the roads and set speed limits based on a number of factors. I think a reasonable next step would be for jurisdiction to look at roads and determine whether they are safe for autonomous driving. With that approach legal autonomous driving could start sooner.

Red Sage ca us | 06/10/2016

Time exists so that everything doesn't happen all at once.

Ross1 | 07/10/2016

@ Red: you sound more intelligent as Dorothy in The Play

brando | 09/10/2016

Data will be the proof of safety. Tesla cars gathering more every day. How close to 4 billion miles?

brando | 22/10/2016

small notes to Ross -
Mr. Sage to you. ;-}
As out US empire spirals down we loose more civility.
And we loose our constitutional rights.
I guess I'd better stop before I start to rant.

Ross1 | 23/10/2016

And you LOOSE the ability to spell, Mr Brando.

Red Sage ca us | 23/10/2016

Ross: I'm pretty sure I put forth a quote attributed to Albert Einstein. I think he was a bit smarter than your version of Dorothy.

lilbean | 23/10/2016

@george, my friend was killed at age 30 when a fire captain swerved to avoid a dolly on the highway :-(

Ross1 | 23/10/2016

I wonder if the Bosch version is so far ahead now?
Or will it be 10 years before AP2 is on the roads?