Key Fob in Washing Machine

Key Fob in Washing Machine

My wife ran her key fob through the washing machine the other night. Doesn't work now. Anyone know if there's any hope of salvaging it (making it work again)?

eric.zucker | 14/10/2016

You can try opening it, take the battery out, put in in a closed container with a silica gel bag or uncooked rice, and leave it in a warm, dry place for a week. Then put a new battery in and try it.

I'd give this a 10% chance of success.

WSE51 | 14/10/2016

Mine also went through the washing machine, and I left it in a sealed plastic bag of rice for several days. I was lucky, the key fob worked normally once I removed it from the bag. If you are not lucky, at least Tesla keys are substantially less expensive than Mercedes, BMW or Audi keys..

wilkin_ho | 15/10/2016

Try placing it in a plastic bag with those dry silcon paks that come with everything packaged these days. They are absorb moisture.

Ross1 | 15/10/2016

Put it through the drier on Fast Spin Cycle.
When it is finished, wrap it in paper and put it in the microwave for 10 minutes.
Following that leave it in the sun for 24 hours straight without interruption.
Then kiss it goodbye, and throw it in the river.

Ross1 | 15/10/2016

A friend went swimming in the sea here fully clothed, with her GM Holden remote tucked into her belt.
I found it several hours later after the tide went out.
It still works. :)

elguapo | 15/10/2016

It's not that expensive to get a new one. I agree, try covering it in rice in a bag. If that doesn't work, I believe a new one is $150.

snlnk | 15/10/2016

@Ross, I've put it thru the drier on fast spin, and now it's in the microwave on high. Much faster than the rice-in-a-bag technique. Thx for the tip ;-)

Ross1 | 15/10/2016

The trick is the next one: How are you going to keep it in the sun for 24 hrs straight?

papaeus | 16/10/2016

Take a trip above the Arctic Circle?

lilbean | 16/10/2016

@snInk, It should be really clean now. ;-)

poloX | 16/10/2016

Actually, I would have to be Antartica. Arctic is dark all the time now.

Triggerplz | 16/10/2016

You put it in the bra of a big bosom woman, button up the blouse wait 20 minutes then remove with your teeth :-) PS no motor boating doing the removal

lilbean | 16/10/2016

Omg! Spot cleaning with a Costco wipe works nicely.

Silver2K | 02/09/2019

Washed my fob today. The bad news is my tile is no longer working, but my fob works like a charm

pleaving | 18/09/2019

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