Self-Parking Worries?

Self-Parking Worries?

I saw the video where the guy gets out of the Tesla at work and the car finds it's own parking space. Is anyone else a little concerned about the car reading or not reading "No Parking" signs, timed parking signs, color coded curbs indicating limited parking, fire hydrants, etc., etc.?
If your car gets towed from one of the spaces, A. How do you know?, B. What does the car do when you summon it from impound?

jamilworm | 28/10/2016

I had similar questions, although I am sure they aren't answered yet. Some of my questions:
What if the sign says one thing but there is a sawhorse type sign on the sidewalk with a temporary closure?
Will it only park in spots with signs or will it park on normal white curbs?
Since the cameras appear to be black and white, can it tell the difference between a white curb and a blue or green or yellow curb? Or even harder, between an unpainted curb (ok to park) and a painted white curb (loading zone)?
If it get's a ticket, does the owner have to pay (probably).

topher | 29/10/2016

Not sure that understanding parking signs is possible for an AI. I KNOW it isn't possible for humans.

Thank you kindly.

jamilworm | 29/10/2016

Yeah, that's why I was surprised when Elon said it reads the signs. Before that I assumed it would hold some sort of electronic map or database provided by the city that would define parking regulations.

Badbot | 29/10/2016

It can read signs at highway speed!
The front facing camera is color.

Red Sage ca us | 29/10/2016

topher: +21! (smileyfacegrin)

Haggy | 30/10/2016

It might not be able to read 100% of signs, but "drivers" should have a general idea whether it would be a problem in a given parking lot. If you are familiar with the lot, and know that all spaces are fine except those marked with blue signs that the car understands, then you are fine. If you know there's something quirky about the lot, you might prefer to be cautious, or perhaps report to Tesla if it overlooks something. The worst case scenario is that you drive to a space yourself, put the car in reverse when you are in position, and touch the screen to have the car park at that location.

Also, don't expect Tesla to release all functionality at the same time. Tesla will start off with perfecting the current autopilot features for the new hardware. Then they will add features such as recognizing stop signs and traffic lights, turning when a driver signals, intelligent lane changes, and other things not necessarily in that order, before they build up to the point where you can simply tap the screen and have it make a start to finish trip and park itself.

Self parking might be the last thing on the list simply because having the car drive on its own unattended will be unlikely to happen without some sort of regulatory approval.

jamilworm | 30/10/2016

@Haggy I am more concerned about the car parking itself legally after dropping me off, when I wouldn't be there to override a bad decision. Then the worst case scenario is the car getting towed and very costly bill.

makobill | 31/10/2016

Just being creative here, but I would like it if the car sent a text/message to your phone with a picture of the proposed parking spot that allows you to 'approve it' via the onboard cameras. Just a random thought on a Monday...

lilbean | 31/10/2016

I'd be more worried about this:

chasecorpus | 31/10/2016

@lilbean this video was before 8.0 software and 2.0 hardware. if i remember correctly the new software and hardware should eliminate this problem.

electricky | 31/10/2016

I think standardized signs should be easy to read (handicap, no parking from time-time) but the issue comes when a store or event creates their own signs to deter parking. Hopefully this will push a more rigorous processes of posting and standardizing signs.

lilbean | 31/10/2016

@chasecorpus, thank you. I hope so. :-)

jamilworm | 31/10/2016

@makobill That is a neat idea.

Red Sage ca us | 31/10/2016

What? Me, worry?

topher | 01/11/2016

"I think standardized signs should be easy to read (handicap, no parking from time-time)"

I do too, I just don't think that actually occurs.

I once got a ticket parking in a spot that the sign said "2 hour parking 6am - 8pm except Sundays" on a Sunday. You figure that out.

dsvick | 01/11/2016

@topher - "I once got a ticket parking in a spot that the sign said "2 hour parking 6am - 8pm except Sundays" on a Sunday"

Obviuosly you are allowed to park there for two hours at time between 6am and 8pm, except for Sundays; when you're not allowed to park there at all. :)

lilbean | 01/11/2016

@topher, Sounds like LA.

jamilworm | 01/11/2016

@topher, that sucks. I would have thought it meant 2 hour parking except on Sundays when there is no time limit.

ftm3 | 01/11/2016

I want to see how it handles a sign like this https://tribktla.files.wordpressDOTcom/2014/08/image1.jpeg?quality=85&st... a real sign in Culver City, CA

Red Sage ca us | 02/11/2016

I once got a parking ticket on an early morning because of street sweeping -- and there was no street because it had been torn up for construction.

tedirelan | 03/11/2016

I look at the issue this way: Facebook has had facial recognition software that can recognize a person slightly better than an actual human for about 5 years now. If the software is out there to read/distinguish minuet features on a face that well, than reading a sign should be incredibly simplistic. Not to mention, an on board computer making as many calculations per second as Tesla has claimed is will be able to make, knowing what to do with the information the vehicle reads will be simple as well. But I'm 30, so I'm very optimistic of the capabilities of technology.