Quiet factor with walkers?

Quiet factor with walkers?

A car enthusiast person I've known for years told me on neighborhood streets he had a problem with walkers because a Caddy hybrid loaner he drove was silent. Numerous times walkers walked in front of him and almost got run over.

I think he made up this story to discredit my Tesla. (Said he hated the Caddy - missed the sound of an ICE.)

Never had a problem with walkers on neighborhood streets, as tires make ample noise.

croman | 07/11/2016

I don't get the hate for leafs. Owning a Tesla should give you the self confidence to stop being a hater. Leafs make noise <17mph for pedestrians (especially the blind) to avoid this exact issue.

Even legal drugs are drugs. If you take an opioid (somehow they are schedule B or C and therefore legal under certain circumstances) and drive, you are committing a crime. Weed is no different (except is FAR SAFER). Keep in mind that marijuana is illegal federally and state laws that conflict with federal laws will lose (see Supremacy Clause of US Constitution).

Haggy | 07/11/2016

The proposition doesn't prohibit drug testing nor does it prevent employers from firing you based on a positive drug test. It does not allow children to buy pot or smoke pot. They still need a prescription for that.

I think the 65 pages or so that I had to read through for that initiative is a new record. It's complex and there are a number of provisions that I don't like, but it's better than the alternative. I also see benefits, such as medical use, that aren't available now for people who wouldn't want to discuss it with their doctor or have a written record of their use on file.

Silver2K | 07/11/2016


in a p85+ :)

lowflyer | 08/11/2016

I had a valet at a Fairmont hotel in Whistler, BC tell me that they called any Tesla "silent death" because pedestrians didn't hear them approaching.

lilbean | 08/11/2016

Pedestrians need to be aware, eyes open and no headphones. I saw a guy crossing the street today, looking down at his phone and had headphones on, completely oblivious to everything around him. I have a blind cousin who can "see" better than sighted people. He is an attorney and works for the government in DC, protecting civil rights.

barrykmd | 09/11/2016

I read somewhere that there are more injuries from distracted pedestrians than from distracted drivers.

lilbean | 09/11/2016

Sounds right to me, @barrykmd. I remember when I was a child, there were commercials teaching children how to cross the street. " Look left, look right, look left again and cross if it's clear." There are no commercials like that anymore.

croman | 09/11/2016

I highly doubt that distracted pedestrians cause more accidents than distracted drivers.

rxlawdude | 09/11/2016

@Silver, it's all too true that, given the imminent wall Canada will be building to keep us out, the only escape is being hotboxed in a dingo-ball-decorated MS.