'Something special' for March 31st reservation holders

'Something special' for March 31st reservation holders

We finally have confirmation of there being 'something special' for those of us who waited in line on March 31st, above and beyond the sketch, thanks to Ryan McCaffery's Twitter question (if you don't listen yet, try his excellent Ride the Lightning podcast):

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nadurse | 21/11/2016

A lot of good ideas on here, and yes to me by all accounts this 'something special' will be for people who physically went into the store and reserved the car sight unseen. If I recall they didnt do online ordering until after the reveal and the number prior to the reveal was 115k or so. The value of this item I think will depend on its its physical or not.. if its a physical item id say the value would probably be $10 or less which would amount to a little over $1M cost to Tesla, pretty small potatoes in the grand scheme especially when you consider the time and money we saved them by giving them a $1000 advance on a car not built for another year and a half. If its a non physical item I think they could be much more generous similar to easter eggs they have put out in the past.

The something specials I could see happening are:

Special vehicle badge or variation of a badge
Special license plate frame
Trinket of some kind: toy car, shirt, coffee mug, etc

Special greeting or UI feature that shows acknowledges Day 1 reservation
Discounted activation fee of hardware already built into the car, like AP
Extra supercharger credits

akgolf | 21/11/2016

@nadurse - I reserved online about an hour before the reveal sight unseen. Living in Alaska at the time I had no opportunity to wait in line. In Elon's response he just mentioned something special for those that reserved on the 31st, not just those that waited in line. He might have intended it to be only those at the store, but not quite fair to those that couldn't.

That being said, I'll be thrilled when I get it either way.

mjm6 | 21/11/2016

You guys got something in the mail??? Hmmm... I never got anything in the mail, but I am in the system. Who do I need to contact to make sure I'm on the list as a first-day order person?

akgolf | 21/11/2016

@mjm6 - On your My Tesla page it will show the date you reserved.

akgolf | 21/11/2016


Your Model 3 was reserved on 3/31/2016. Deliveries will begin in late 2017. You'll be invited to configure based on the date of your reservation. If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ. We invite you to submit suggestions or feedback within our forums. Engage with other future owners to share your excitement or ideas. To withdraw your reservation, you may request a cancellation.

Frank99 | 21/11/2016

The "My Tesla" page lists your order date.

Most pre-reveal reservations got a mailed glossy cover with an 8x10 white card of Model 3 sketches and renders, and a separate "Thank You" card. Some people reported being overlooked and called in to get one. I'm not sure that it's worth that...

robbarros | 22/11/2016

Signature Red.

Plain, pure and beautiful.

PhillyGal | 22/11/2016

@ddmicsol -
Only 115k will get this freebie.

1 - Don't know if there will be a freebie.
2 - If there is, don't know where they'd cap it
3 - It sure as shit probably won't be free dual motors.


akgolf | 22/11/2016

Are some of these posters seriously thinking they'll get something like dual motors free?

Why not just give them the car, that'll generate a lot of press. LOL.

I'll be happy with what I order, if they throw in something small and inexpensive great.

Frank99 | 22/11/2016

I was OK with the poster and thank-you card - I thought it was a nice touch.

I was really hoping for a 1/32 scale metal model that I could run back and forth on my desk making "whoosh, whoosh" noises on those bad days at work....

Bluesday Afternoon | 22/11/2016

It's officially unofficial that in recognition of the enthusiasm I displayed while standing in line 5 hours before the Tesla Store opening in the Brea Mall on March 31, 2016, my new Model 3 will come with tires fully inflated. Also, in recognition for being a current Tesla owner I will receive air in my suspension, at least one mirror, two key fobs and the opportunity to enhance an autopilot option.

For those that reserved after me, tough luck! :o )

dsvick | 22/11/2016

jsimpsonalaska - "Are some of these posters seriously thinking they'll get something like dual motors free?"

No, or at least not all of them, some of them think they'll get AP unlocked for free or a larger battery for free. The sense of entitlement is staggering.

Bluesday Afternoon | 22/11/2016


I'm entitled to the air.

dsvick | 22/11/2016

@Simply Red - "I'm entitled to the air"

Yes. Yes you are. And, if you're lucky, it might even be clean :)

bj | 22/11/2016

I'm entitled to get my car upon payment of the purchase price. Anything else is a bonus :)

mjm6 | 22/11/2016

OK, thanks for the info... I was hoping it was a T-shirt or something. I'm not going to concern myself with a photo at all, but I have to say that I don't really consider that much of a thank-you gift. That seems odd in exchange for an interest-free loan for 18 months or so.

Looking forward to getting into a Model 3 next year though!

topher | 23/11/2016

Interest rate of savings account 0.15%. Interest on $1,000 for 18 months. $2.25 Sounds like Tesla got the short end of that stick.

Thank you kindly.

Badbot | 23/11/2016

What is all this dual motors for free????
since you do not know as far as I can tell no one can get dual motors for free or as an option !

BUT ! ,

you can get a front motor added to help out the already included rear motor.

PhillyGal | 23/11/2016

I'm entitled to windshield washer fluid in my Model 3 upon deliver unlike my Model S, which I was a little peeved about being empty.


I was a dumbdumb and just wasn't using the stalk correctly to make the fluid spray. ;)

Red Sage ca us | 08/12/2016

I'd be fine with a 1:18 scale Maisto diecast model of the car...

dd.micsol | 09/12/2016

phillygal must be blond to even post that-at least she admits being wrong-but you didn't have to tell us anyways. WOW.

dd.micsol | 09/12/2016

As for freebee-no Red I don't want a matchbox of the car I will have-complete waste of steel, time, money, shipping, etc. I'll bury it just like my thank you note. No one has found it yet-checked yesterday and it is still in excellent shape around a high volume of people coming and going walking right past it.

SamO | 09/12/2016

I sold my thank you note for $1,000 on eBay and made another Model 3 reservations.


efodix | 09/12/2016

1000$?? Seriously?

SamO | 09/12/2016

Nope. Just trolling the trolls.

Bluesday Afternoon | 09/12/2016


Another example of fake news. ;-)



SamO | 09/12/2016

I thought the "lulz" was the giveaway. Too subtle or too gullible?