Trunk doesn't close

Trunk doesn't close

This has happened to me on 7-8 diffent occasions now and I was wondering if anybody else has been having this problem. Sometimes when I try closing the trunk, it will stop just a couple inches shy of latching, make a couple beeping noises and then open again, as if it is detecting an obstacle. This happens even when the trunk is empty, so I have no clue what the heck is happening. I have to try closing it 3-4 times before it finally works. Today even that didn't work, so I had to manually slam it shut as soon as it beeped. Faulty sensor, or something else?

Vawlkus | 18/11/2016

could just be mis-aligned

hami05 | 18/11/2016

It's not. Anybody else know?

PenHam | 18/11/2016

Who knows. Mine started not opening all the way yesterday. Of course, considering all the other issues our X has, that's about the least of our concerns.

Redmiata98 | 18/11/2016

Mis-aligned or damaged pinch strip?

inconel | 18/11/2016

@hami05 Take it to service center

@PenHam it seems likely that someone has set the auto-opening height to a lower position

Triggerplz | 18/11/2016

@Penham my trunk wasn't opening all the way at my house, I opened the FWD which also didnt go all the way up, I hit the screen again and the FWD opened all the way and my trunk was then able to open all the way

lilbean | 18/11/2016

Don't you just open all the way and then hold the button to set it at that height?

Triggerplz | 19/11/2016

I tried that with tech support on the phone it didn't work for me,

lilbean | 19/11/2016

Hmmm. My DS did it for me.

PenHam | 22/11/2016

@ inconel

Yes, and thank you. It was like that since we got it back from the service center. The falcon doors opened all the way. It was just the trunk.

PenHam | 22/11/2016

@ lilbean

Yes! That solved it! I can't thank you enough! :)

No more hitting my head taking groceries out.

lilbean | 22/11/2016

@penham, Yay!!! I'm so happy to hear that. :) mine is set low. I almost knocked myself unconscious once.

eddiemoy | 22/11/2016

there is no pinch strip on the trunk. bad struts?

Redmiata98 | 22/11/2016

Eddie, there IS a pinch strip on the trunk that is why mine would not close by itself or from the button.

eddiemoy | 22/11/2016

@redmiata98, almost got tricked by you. no there isn't. do you know what a pinch sensor strip looks like? take a look at your front door and falcon wing door. it is about 1/4" bead striping that clicks when you touch it. the only thing in the trunk is the weather stripping which has no sensors. the trunk works via resistive sensors in the motors just like how the falcon wing doors now work upon closing since they took away the inductive sensors.

J.T. | 23/11/2016

@hami05 I don't own an X but on the S trunk there are two adjustable conical contacts on either side of the opening that you can adjust. If they are too high the trunk will read them as an obstruction.

Not sure if the X has these but if it does it could be the problem.

Redmiata98 | 24/11/2016

Eddie, my X is due to go in for "repair/replacement of trunk pinchstrip" in December. I'll let you know what the repair part(s) were when I get it back. You may be correct, but my Service Center guy gave that as the reason why I must manually shut my trunk until the part comes in and they fix it.

RonaldA | 25/11/2016

You can override most if not all non-closing issues with the key fob which is probably a better option than slamming it quickly while its still beeping. Its all in the manual and online videos. Have a look!

Redmiata98 | 25/11/2016

Ron, I looked at the guide and the videos and could not find any reference to the fob being able to override the obstacle detection. I also went outside and just tried to override with the fob. Either you do not understand the problem or I do not understand your solution. Please give me a reference page as the only override to the obstacle detection mode that works for me is pulling the trunk closed.

RonaldA | 26/11/2016

If the trunk stops closing hold down the trunk part of the fob continuously and the car will beep and close the trunk. The same applies to the fwds.

RonaldA | 26/11/2016

Correction hold the roof button down and the trunk button. I think that will do the trick it's better than having to run and slam it while the thing is beeping. It does work for the fwds not 100 percent on the trunk but worth a try. Good luck

Redmiata98 | 30/11/2016

...sorry, could not get it to work, do you have a reference page in the owner guide?

eddiemoy | 30/11/2016

did you find the pinch sensors? did you try pushing on the rubber to see if it would stop like in the doors? front and falcon?

Redmiata98 | 01/12/2016

Eddie, here is the diagnosis
"Concern: Customer states: After body shop service, rear lift gate will not close. It detects objects that aren't there.
Corrections: Liftgate General Diagnosis
Confirmed customer concern, found the left pinch strip is need to be replaced. Corrections: Trim - Liftgate - Side - LH
Trim - Liftgate - Side - LH Part on order, "
I am scheduled to drop it off for repair Tuesday.

Redmiata98 | 16/12/2016

Got my vehicle back and it is now closing properly. The "pinch sensors" are a long narrow black rubber strip that go up inside both sides of the hatch above the lights and at the top. It looks like three separate pieces of rubber gasket or weatherstripping. If you squeeze them while the hatch is closing, the hatch does not close. Did not even notice them before but they ARE there. If you can't find them based on above, let me know and I will attempt to post a picture.

lilbean | 16/12/2016

Interesting. Thanks. :)

Redmiata98 | 19/12/2016

Bump for eddiemoy.