Trying to do the preorder form...

Trying to do the preorder form...

I have two question i am hoping someone can help answer. 1) With the premium package I noticed there is no way to opt out of the perforated seats as I want the white and feel like the holes will end up soaking up any spills. 2) Does the destination fee and Doc calculate the out the door price with state tax etc? If not when or how can we factor the "out the door price".

lilbean | 21/11/2016

The holes makenthenseats harder to clean. I didn't see the out the door price until I was just out the door.

PenHam | 22/11/2016

1. You're correct: if you order the premium package it comes with the perforated seats. In my opinion, that package is pretty useless. The self-presenting door feature doesn't work well, and most people I know turn that feature off. The bioweapon defense mode is a joke (Tesla's just using a couple HEPA filters with increased air pressure. The car is far from sealed, even with increased internal air pressure. Again, Tesla's marketing got the best of them. So we just skipped that option package and haven't looked back.

2. You'll need to know what your county's sale tax rate is in order to calculate it. As well as, your state's DMV registration and documentation fees. Lastly, Tesla does not add the destination fee into the final price (as seen from the website). I know, it's pretty scammy. Maybe it's changed now.

jajabor | 22/11/2016

I would add 10% to the price (cash price + $1200 destination) to get approximate out the door price.

Redmiata98 | 24/11/2016

Check with your state DMV website. It should tell you what the sales tax and registration fees are. If you are lucky enough to be living in a state where Tesla can collect the sales tax, license fee, title fee and electrical vehicle fee it will all be detailed in something called your Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement. It runs about 3 or 4 pages and you should get it about the saame time they give you the estimated delivery date.

When we got our S, I had to pick up the car in Maryland and process all the Virginia DMV paperwork myself. Tesla provided all of the forms that were mostly filled out.
When we got our X, Tesla did all of the paperwork processesing for me, I signed the required papers at the Virginia delivery store and my permanent plates came in the mail.

zubinanary | 25/11/2016

For California when I purchased my S it was as follows

Total Cash Price
Cash price of the car (for me, this included the $1200 Destination Fee)
Subtract referral credit of $1000
Calculate sales tax of the vehicle (after the referral discount taken off)
This is called the Total Cash Price

Government Fees
Vehicle License Fee
Add Registration/Transfer/Titling Fee
Add Tire Fee
This is now called Total Government Fees

Add Total Cash Price + Total Government Fees together
Subtract your $2500 deposit from this

This is the balance you own them when you pick up your Tesla.