Red states love auto dealers

Red states love auto dealers

While nothing suprises me anymore, it does seem a little odd that a map showing Red states corresponds almost exactly with states banning Tesla sales. I'm an Independent but would love to hear a member of the GOP explain the rationale. My personal stake is that I'm a recent Model S purchaser and wonder how long it will be before bright Red Arizona kicks out Tesla, which currently seems to be here based on a loophole in Arizona laws.

SO | 25/11/2016

I live in Michigan and have the same issue. I too consider myself an independent but lean left. I find it kind of hypocritical that a Republican governor and house/senate is doing their best to block Tesla's business model. I would expect this sort of behavior from the democrats (which I would highly disagree with in this matter). But republicans who are supposed to keep government out of the way of business? It just shows that money talks and overrides all ideals.

SCCRENDO | 25/11/2016

I guess its part of the all out war against EVs and alternate fuels. Republicans are very strong supporters of business and free enterprise when it is the businesses that they like.

carlk | 25/11/2016

Yes you would think GOP is the one that would promote free enterprise and reduce restrictive regulations. Pure hypocrisy. And they are against green energy for the reason that it takes government subsides but no one criticized Trump when he said he will revive the coal mining industry. How could one help the highly non-competitive coal (to natural gas) industry without a lot of government assistance?

flight505 | 25/11/2016

Precisely. GOP claims to be anti regulation and pro free enterprise.

Silver2K | 25/11/2016

isn't Connecticut a blue state?

Mel. | 25/11/2016

Warren Buffet has been using his wealth against Tesla for years.. he is one of the biggest auto dealers, yes in red states and blue. He owns the power company in Nevada that has been successful in stopping Solar City.
His financial contribution go to which party?

SO | 25/11/2016

@Mel - You are missing the point completely . Again....we shouldn't be surprised that democrats would oppose the Tesla model. But when republicans have one of their core foundations built on keeping government out of the way of business and do just the opposite, that's what is hypocritical.

SCCRENDO | 25/11/2016

@Soudman +1
@Mel. Not that we don't believe you but do you have a link. You have been known from time to time to misinterpret.

Azred50 | 25/11/2016

I wonder if Tesla would be having this same problem if they had located their company somewhere in the Red Wall/farm belt states instead of California? Probably not though as I recall no promises were made to allow direct sales in AZ when we were a finalist for the battery factory.

codyb12889 | 25/11/2016

Free market means that anyone that lines their pockets are free to request whatever laws they would like to have passed. In this particular case you see auto dealers and their lobbyists going against something that disrupts their business model.

Mel. | 25/11/2016

You should learn how to google. Even an idiot like you should be able to do that

jordanrichard | 25/11/2016

Silver, yes CT is a blue state and Hillary won CT.

If I may ask, why are we making this a yet another political thread. Politicians listen to dealers.

I can tell you that we almost got things to go Tesla's way in our legislature, but IMHO they got cocky and screwed up with their tactics to win over the legislators. The senator that was sponsoring the bull for a vote actually pulled it form consideration, because of the perceived game the reps for Tesla were playing.

Mel. | 25/11/2016

You are right . They are hypocritical.

SCCRENDO | 25/11/2016

Mel. LOL. I guess I don't have to prove my googling abilities to you. The point is whether it is worth the time even googling the crap you post. I actually have placed you half a step above the usual suspects here because occasionally you make sense but you do have problem of regressing from time to time. Unfortunately your credibility is not at the level that I can take all your statements at face value

carlk | 25/11/2016


Warren Buffet was never against Tesla just like he was never against any of those technology companies. He doesn't invest in them because he does not invest in anything he does not understand and he admits he does not understand technology. He only invests in traditional industries like auto, rail, utilities and consumer goods that he knows well and is good at running them. To him Tesla, as well as Google, Apple and Facebook are just not type of companies he is good at and wants to be involved with. He's totally a 20th century investor which of course has nothing wrong with that.

Mel. | 25/11/2016

So that is why he invests in Chinese electric cars ?

Why he backs bills to stop rooftop solar?

Also why he is trying to stop Tesla from selling cars in Michigan?

Mel. | 25/11/2016

Google. Musk. Vs. Buffett, the billionaire battle to own the sun for a tiny look at the fight

SCCRENDO | 25/11/2016

Mel. So I spent a minute googling Warren Buffet. And I agree he is no environmentalist but he is liberal and a smart businessman. So what is your point anyway besides attempting a useless cheap shot at me?

Remnant | 25/11/2016

@Mel. (November 25, 2016)

<< You should learn how to google. Even an idiot like you should be able to do that >>

Your message is an expletive. You could have just provided the link, or decline to do it.

It occurred to me that we shouldn't emulate Romney's base "never Trump" campaign, against anyone.

By the way, he should not become Secretary of State, IMHO.

SCCRENDO | 25/11/2016

@Remnant. Thank you very much. Spot on. Although I do disagree with you. I think that Romney would make a better Secretary of State. I think Trump probably thinks so as well but may bow to pressure and appoint Giuliani. Guiliani is a distaster and has no credibility among non-Republicans.

Mel. | 26/11/2016

There is no one link that I could provide .. there is a history of links covering the past 10 years. Some about power companies. Some on Chinese investments. Some about auto dealerships. Others on various battles between Buffett and Musk.
I did not and do not believe SCCRENDO was serious when he requested a link. He will ask the same question over and over when the answer does not agree with his philosophy.
Romney is another Neo-con. Hope he does not get the State position

Mike83 | 26/11/2016
Dofpic | 26/11/2016

Not the case in Ohio republican house and senate and governor and has three great tesla stores. Texas, georgia, florida, Arizona also have a bunch. Statistically not valid. It seems much more based on population centers than anything else.

SO | 26/11/2016

@dofpic- tell that to Michigan.

SO | 26/11/2016

It isn't that I am saying ALL republicans do this. It's good to know there are several that do live up to their core. But in the case of Michigan, it is hypocritical. Maybe one day Michigan will wise up.

SCCRENDO | 26/11/2016

@Mel. What are you talking about? You make no sense at all.

carlgo2 | 27/11/2016

Red State dealers are often local, family owned, been there for generations. They are part of the community and generally are not unfair to their customers, with local labor rates and service and sales managers.

Blue Staters usually deal with huge ownership groups, nasty and rapacious at the core. "Produce" (rip off) or get fired.

So, yes perhaps Red Staters would tend to be more protective of their local dealers and would view an of town company like Tesla as being in some ways threatening to their comfort level.

SO | 27/11/2016

@carlgo2 - if the dealerships provide that much value to the local community and their customers realize that, then the dealerships have nothing to worry about.

Regardless, they need to get out of the way of Tesla and that sales model.

SCCRENDO | 27/11/2016

I would suggest that they have more suspicion of EVs in red states. But i definitely agree that car dealers are hostile places in California. Before getting my Tesla i drove multiple Lexuses for decades. In order to avoid the dealer model i found a dealer that offered no haggle fleet prices and I could order my custom colors features etc. Definitely softened the experience. But was still paying a commission to the middle man which Tesla has got rid of