2017 X VINs

2017 X VINs

Does anyone know if the X line is assembled in batches according to model, and/or seat config, and/or other factors for efficiency?

Just curious who has a 2017 VIN, model type, seat config, & confirmation date?

vperl | 25/11/2016


nhuynle | 26/11/2016

Is there a reason why you're interested in a 2017 VIN? Tesla does not use model year for describing their vehicles. You get a Model S or X and then different trim levels with your selectable options and that's all (very simple an easy).

BTW, Our new Model X received a VIN this morning, and when I ran the VIN against the decoder, it still shows as a 2016 assigned VIN. That's just the year that the VIN was assigned to it. When you decode the VIN, it does not describe options beyond the following:

Body Type
Restraint System
Battery Type
Motor/Drive Unit
Check Character
Model Year
Location of Manufacture
Serial #

Take a look at this site:

joe_jet | 26/11/2016

Yea saw the decoders. What are the last 2 letters of your vin before the 5 digit number. Looks like the letter befire the F shiukd be a G 2016 or possibly H for 2017.

Darryl | 22/12/2016

Tesla switches over to a new year on cars roughly the 1st of January even though the Model X's which were made the last two weeks of last year were 2016 cars. Where it may not matter to many including Tesla the Model year it does mean something if you are trying to sell a Tesla to anyone but Tesla.

PedanticOne | 22/12/2016

Yes, people are getting 2017 VINs. Plenty of them over at TMC. Some people's VINs are changing from G to H. And who knows how they decide what to build first. But I do assume they try to batch as much as possible.

But there are a couple of people who have been 'in production' for up to 50 days, yet some people are getting their cars built in 2-3 days. I don't understand any of that whole business.

Saxman | 23/12/2016

I'm with you Pedantic, not understanding how production works. I am grateful that my production seemed to only be that 2-4 days until I took delivery yesterday. Very excited and very please , so far.

aesculus | 23/12/2016

"even though the Model X's which were made the last two weeks of last year were 2016 cars."

ALL the Model X cars from last year were 2016 cars, including the first Founders made back in September 2015.

Darryl | 29/12/2016

Between September and the First week of December there were only six cars made. They were made by hand and didn't go through the normal production process.

Darryl | 31/12/2016

I think they are still pushing fully loaded cars ahead of non-loaded cars.

PedanticOne | 01/01/2017

Just got mine this morning. 35XXX.

carlk | 01/01/2017


Not necessarily true. A friend picked up an inventory 75D a week ago produced in in the same month. I think Tesla has a lot of capacity at this moment to satisfy everyone's need. Demand from X and S tracking looks very strong too.