Didn't receive the gift for ordering on Day 1

Didn't receive the gift for ordering on Day 1

Trying to figure out how to contact Tesla to let them know that I still haven't received the free gift for ordering my Model 3 in person on the first day of reservations. None of the in-store sales associates can help, and I tried calling the sales line (888-518-3752) but keep getting disconnected before actually talking to a human. Is anyone else still waiting as well? Ultimately i just want to make sure that there is nothing wrong with my order.

Aldo Grech | 28/11/2016

I have not received anything either!

Danakazam | 28/11/2016

It wasn't that thrilling; just a small poster of the Model 3, essentially.

skygraff | 28/11/2016

In the same boat as a before-the-reveal reservation holder (even if the letter they sent to everyone says thank you for your "order") but no drawing. On the plus side, there's a pretty picture of "My Tesla" above a nice paragraph reflecting my date of reservation and when I can expect "deliveries" to begin.

Figure, as long as they still expect to sell me a car based on that reservation date, I can keep waiting for the drawing and whatever else they may deign to bequeath upon those of us who stood in line.

Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

dsvick | 29/11/2016

Send an email to, I sent them an email and received my note and drawing in two days via Fed Ex.

Include your name, reservation number, and mailing address to make it easier on them.

gregmoran | 29/11/2016

@skygraff, That's what i was thinking. I would just feel better to confirm those details somehow with someone at Tesla. I just didn't want to assume anything.

jdanielp_uk | 03/12/2016

I might try the email approach next. I used the Contact form on the Tesla website in late September/early October to point out that I was yet to receive a sketch, despite having stood in line pre-launch, and received a quick and helpful reply from a Customer Services agent who had a replacement sketch despatched for me within days... A couple of weeks after that I received a letter from FedEx confirming the Customs clearance of my 'shipment' from Tesla. That was nearly two months ago now so it seems increasingly likely that the second sketch has been lost by Royal Mail. I suppose I could frame the FedEx letter and put that on my wall, saving Tesla another 5 dollars or so on the airmail.

Tcloutier5890 | 04/12/2016

I too contacted Tesla on their site. Had my drawing in two days.