Elaine Chao for Sec of Transportation - any conflicts here?

Elaine Chao for Sec of Transportation - any conflicts here?

Was reading Wikipedia about this lady, Elaine Chao that Trump may pick for Secretary of Transportation.
Chao's family owns Foremost Shipping, specializing in shipping coal internationally? Is this right?
Foremost flags their vessels with African country Liberia where ships can be registered and they don’t have to comply with any labor regulations? And Chao was Secretary of Labor - under Bush administration the whole 8 years?
Married to Mitch McConnell - and Chao's family gave Mitch millions of dollars - read this on Wikipedia. Maybe as much as $25 million.
McConnell in the Senate - he is majority leader of the Senate. Conflict here too?
Read in Wikipedia about coal mines and Chao cutting more than 100 coal mine safety inspections back in 2005-06 time frame - then there were these mine disasters? Was there a connection? Was Chao favorable to coal cause her family ships it? Just asking. We need to check these things out, right? Or just don't read and ignore?
Do American voters just not keep up with government?
Do politicians in Washington laugh at us?
That's not what we need to abate climate change. We need green energy.
What's going on?
Are we going back 100 years?

SCCRENDO | 04/12/2016

@Dramsey. have you evaluated the evidence well enough to be unconvinced? Which part are you not convinced about?

Dramsey | 04/12/2016

Ah, an invitation to get into a detailed, down-and-dirty debate about AGW on the Tesla forums...

What, do I have "GIANT MORON" tattooed on my forehead or something?

Look at it this way: you know how the Catholics used to buy "indulgences" back in the Middle Ages? That is, they could basically pay the Church for sinning, with the payment reducing their punishments in the afterlife?

I've given Messiah Elon over $200,000 of my money. In my view, that buys me the indulgence of saying that I am as yet unconvinced.

SCCRENDO | 04/12/2016

@Dramsey. You are entitled to say what you like and believe what you like. And certainly are not forced or coerced to get into a debate. Although i am not sure that buying 2 Teslas gives you any more indulgences than a non buyer as regards expressing your opinion on climate change. But with that said most of us who are concerned about climate change thank you for purchasing Teslas and decreasing your carbon footprint.