How Much to Replace Model S Windshield?

How Much to Replace Model S Windshield?

Got a big rock slung at my car yesterday. Loud noise and a nice little bulls-eye mark on my windshield. BTW- I was two lanes over from the truck at quite a distance and angle from him but still got whacked.

I had it repaired by Safelite but it is still quite noticeable. After the fact, they told me Tesla (and other "high-end" vehicles) use an anti-ultraviolet film on their windshields which block all the radiation but are not easily repairable (wish they'd told me this prior to repair.) The repair is strong and will not crack further but is only slightly less noticeable than before.

I called Tesla SvC for a quote on a new windshield but they did not answer, maybe closed on Saturday?

Anybody know approximately how much for a new windshield on a 2014 Model S?

lilbean | 03/12/2016

Oops that was for model X. I was trying to find out for you.

Silver2K | 03/12/2016

Trop doesn't your insurance have free glass coverage included? Well, not free but you know what I mean. In NY it's included worth no deductible

Silver2K | 03/12/2016


MilesMD88 | 03/12/2016

$1572 this past summer at Tesla service center. I paid Geico my $200 glass deductible, they picked up the rest no problem. Did take a month to get the windshield in though.

MilesMD88 | 03/12/2016

$1572 this past summer at Tesla service center. I paid Geico my $200 glass deductible, they picked up the rest no problem. Did take a month to get the windshield in though.

DLebryk | 03/12/2016

$1,145.02 at Highland Park, IL - just had windshield replaced Oct. 31, 2016. That includes tax and labor - all in. 2014 85 - same car.

Comprehensive covered it with no deductible.

DLebryk | 03/12/2016

They had the windshield in stock and did the work a week after I called.

MilesMD88 | 03/12/2016

Maybe the difference is an autopilot car vs non autopilot. I remember seeing on the invoice something about the camera.

Tâm | 03/12/2016

Some places have law to require insurance to pay the whole cost of windshield even though your policy says some deductibles like $200.

Tâm | 04/12/2016

Are the prices right for Model S windshield replacement $1,145.02 $1,572 to $1,145.02?

@lilbean cited the above link for $880 for Model X windshield replacement which has more glass than Model S does!

Run4Waffles | 04/12/2016

That really stinks @Tropopause. :-(

We just had a windshield replaced on the ICE. The insurance company asked several times about the size of the crack. It seems if it's less the the length of a dollar bill, they want to repair it and not replace it.

Pungoteague_Dave | 05/12/2016

Tesla quoted me about $1,500 two months ago to replace the windshield on our 12/14 P85D. State Farm negotiated directly with them to do t for $1,100 and they agreed to take the State Farm number. I had to pay a $200 deductible, and they billed State Farm for the balance.

TesPath | 05/12/2016

I paid $1,298 in April of 2016, at Buena Park, CA. Insurance paid me minus deductible.

SUN 2 DRV | 05/12/2016

Mine was around $1200, but they said it might have been $200-300 more if they damaged the mirror mount when removing it from the old windshield. Sometimes they can reuse the old mirror assembly and sometimes they can't. Customer pays for the new part if required...

delsjunk | 22/03/2019

I just had my 2016 S windshield replaced. My Progressive insurances sends windshield claims to Safelight and they said it would be $728 and could come to my house to do it. I wanted Tesla to be responsible so I had them do it and it was $1407. Tesla would not accept payment from insurance so I paid and requested reimbursement from Progressive/Safelight and got a check in full in about a week. It was a huge hassle that took hours on the phone but Tesla was good to deal with and did a perfect job. I think Telsa just took it to Safelight as the car was driven 18 miles. Tesla also sort of fixed my dead web browser with a map file wipe software reset.