How do we prevent rodents from getting into our Teslas?

steve NM

blog4756 | 09/01/2017

I have purchased a Tesla Model S p85. Love it. But we have lots of rodents (mice) where I live. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to keep the little critters from getting into our Teslas ?

VA Tesla | 09/01/2017

Secretly store all your cheese in you neighbor's ICE car.

Silver2K | 09/01/2017

Dryer sheets?

Silver2K | 09/01/2017

Nice one VA!! Also leave an open jar of peanut butter in their ICE :)

Pricee2 | 09/01/2017

Don't leave it parked. A P85 is faster than most rodents.

renwo S alset | 09/01/2017


blog4756 | 09/01/2017

From these responses I will assume nobody has had issues with mice. That's good news to me.

El Mirio | 09/01/2017

Don't know that Mice damage cars, however we had issues with Marten's chewing up rubber parts, we fixed it by smearing sriracha sauce on those rubber parts.

Silver2K | 09/01/2017

No way I'm asking!!

Haggy | 09/01/2017

I never had issues with mice with other cars, and am curious what attracts them. I can say that the Tesla doesn't have a warm hood for cats to sleep on, or a warm engine for them to sleep under.

GHammer | 09/01/2017

There have been a few posts about mice in the frunk but I haven't seen any post since they redesigned the frunk.

I too live amongst the forest fauna and I couldn't keep them out of two of them, a Toyota and a Jeep but they have never gotten into my Mazda, Audi or MS. I don't why the difference.

Silver2K | 09/01/2017

El Mirio | January 9, 2017



rxlawdude | 09/01/2017

I smell a rat with this post.

Silver2K | 09/01/2017


The punmaster!

barrykmd | 09/01/2017

Get a cat

rxlawdude | 09/01/2017

How about a decoy of peanut butter along the walls of the garage?

@barry, you ever seen a NYC rat? They're so big they can eat a cat. On the other hand, they are too big to squeeze into a Tesla.

redacted | 09/01/2017

I recommend magnetically suspending the car, or parking on glue traps.

El Mirio | 09/01/2017

here some advise referring to mice.

thranx | 09/01/2017

We had terrible problems with roof rats and other rodents chewing up wires and insulation. They'd always make a nest in the engine compartment. The Tesla is in the same garage as the old Aurora the rats loved to nest in. In 4 years, they haven't touched the Tesla.

barrykmd | 09/01/2017

Rx - yes. That's why NYC should import some mountain lions.

drron | 09/01/2017

Just spent $1600 on repairs due to rat chewing wires in front part of my new P100D. Insurance covered $1100. I had left it parked outside and uncovered for two nights. I live in Florida in the Tampa area. Solution....kill rats or buy a no kill baited trap and place it under your car then remove captured rat to far away place and hope rats spread the word. Hard to get at the wires to wrap in pepper soaked tape that is available. Other solution is to make my wife park her Ford C max outside. I was able to hang some rat bait in her much more accessible engine compartment but no action there yet as I guess the rats prefer the fairly closed spaces offered by the Model S

drron | 09/01/2017

I thought it would be nice to have some kind of electrified grid to unroll under the vehicle that would only give a mild shock but did not see anything like it available. Saw these little tennis racket things for zapping mosquito so I guess I could put 20 of those under my car....

rxlawdude | 09/01/2017

Slip one of these under your Tesla. It also is battery operated. :-)
Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap RZC001

Uncle Paul | 09/01/2017

There is an electrical grid to repel rats. The Scat-mat that is designed to keep pets off the furniture should do the trick. | 09/01/2017
blog4756 | 09/01/2017

Thank you El Mirio. Very helpful

carlk | 09/01/2017

Some say peppermint essential oil can chase mice away. At least that makes the car smell nice.

rxlawdude | 09/01/2017

@carl, but that solution costs a mint.

drron | 09/01/2017

Phawker1, thanks for the information. It's available on Amazon but my question is do you think the contact wires are close enough to shock a small lightweight rat? I couldn't tell by the photo on Amazon. I like the non lethal concept.

dborn | 09/01/2017

Peppermint oil will give you a freshly minted car! With all the current bells and whistles?

Silver2K | 09/01/2017

yes, but ap 2 will not be fully activated

jplasmd | 09/01/2017

My neighbor, a very old and wise physics professor that did some of the early work on fiber optics, keeps a bright light bulb constantly lit under his RV to keep the rodents away. This seems to work well for him in the desert of southern NM. I've tried baits and traps with only limited results.

High Plains Drifter | 10/01/2017

Predatorial scent like CAT urine!

Haggy | 10/01/2017

Tiger urine works even better. I once spent time looking into getting it, and it's more than an ordeal than it's worth, if you can get it at all. Plus, it leaves things smelling like tiger urine.

thranx | 10/01/2017

@rwlawdude: big grin

Standard electronic rodent repellers don't work on roof rats or pack rats. Neither does peppermint oil. You can buy fox urine, but it will also drive you away from your car.

pandav2 | 11/01/2017

Probably the most important move to keep rodents from getting into your car is to always keep the windows, trunk and frunck closed at all times when your car is parked, even if it is in your own garage. Until 12 months ago, I would routinely leave my windows open when I got home. I started to find mice droppings inside the car. Thereafter, I never left the window open again. However it was too late. Soon thereafter I began to smell a very unpleasant odor emanating from the front of the car. Then when I turned on the the climate control I would hear a clicking noise. I began to see ants running around inside the car. It was time to bring the car in to see what is going on. Before we brought our Model S in, we knew from the smell, there was probably a dead rodent in the car. It probably died trying to get out, but was wedged/trapped . Before brining in the car, we described what we had smelled in the car to the service advisor. He immediately asked me to call my insurance agent to describe what we had found. Because we had comprehensive coverage, our insurance did cover it with $100 deductible. The total cost of the damage and service cost was about $5000. They had the car for two weeks and had to dismantle the front to get to the area that was involved. It turned out that a rat was lodged into the area of the fan for climate control. The noise we heard apparently was the fan hitting the tail. The service took over two weeks for the whole process of getting to the area, removing the rat and reassembling the front dash. Getting rid of the odor was especially difficult. Now after many months, the older is no longer there.

On the bright side we enjoy our Model S tremendously and have no fear of rodents now :)). We had to change the drivetrain at 30,000 miles because of a milling noise. Since then, we have had no problems. We are at about 90,000 miles. We have lost slightly over 5% of our original charge range.

rxlawdude | 11/01/2017

See, no joke. pandav2 really DID smell a rat.

KP in NPT | 11/01/2017

Good lord Pandav2!

ram1901 | 11/01/2017

Just what I needed to read at 12:02 am ...right before turning in for the night.. rodent nightmares... yuk...

Victorg-90D | 11/01/2017

Biodegradable, soy-based wiring insulation in some cars appealing to rodents, causing trouble.

Newampster | 11/01/2017

I thought my sister was a packrat, but when we became AZ snowbirds from NH, I learned there are rodents that love to find odd season vehicles, especially German, that have tasty insulalation around their wires and no one to request them to leave. One neighbor in Scottsdale had his pride and joy SL destroyed over his summer get away. I had 2 nests in my BMW 535 eaten and had to trade it. I protecf d my wife's X3 with 2 rid-a-rat,com units, and a fluorescent light underneath. I did cross country trips to get away from the AZ heat and the pack rats. It was great to see that it worked to prevent damage. Frankly, I would not want to leave a Tesla in the desert unattendedfornthe summer.s

dgibson2 | 09/12/2018

This morning I found a big pile of yellow insulation in the frunk, along with mice droppings, wasn't there yesterday. I guess I have a mice problem in my MS. I bought some mice bait and a couple of mouse traps for the immediate problem. According to others on the Forum, dryer strips work well for prevention in the future. I don't want any chewed wiring on this car.

Yodrak. | 09/12/2018

"I don't want any chewed wiring on this car."

But you've already "found a big pile of yellow insulation in the frunk". What wiring has yellow insulation, i wonder? You might want to get what's already happened checked out.

dgibson2 | 09/12/2018

thanks for your comment, it is from the underside of the hood, does not appear to be wiring insulation.

dborn | 10/12/2018

A cat or two maybe?

dborn | 10/12/2018

A cat or two maybe?

rxlawdude | 10/12/2018

Rat Zapper. Works well.